Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday September 15

Saying for the Day: Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
------ One thing leads to another and today a crew from the history channel came to interview Nancy Vanhala about her great grandfather, Emil Towner Vanhala. They spent a little time on his World War I service. He was a hospital corpsman who carried five of his fellow soldiers to safety despite a barrage of enemy fire. They spent most of their time talking about and examining some of his inventions. Nancy has an entire room filled with grandpa's inventions. He is most famous for the self adjusting suspenders which worked very well but were quite heavy. He also invented a people mover that could carry a person up to five hundred feet. The person sat in a chair and the chair moved down this long conveyer belt and stopped so the person could get off at the end. The chair then collapsed and was carried under the belt and back to the start. It seemed like it had real promise until it speeded up with Ester Jupola on it and then stopped short. It threw Ester right into the wall. She was very upset. He was very lucky he lived when he did because they weren't into suing in those days. All in all Emil had seventy six patents. The history channel took pictures of the historic Vanhala house, that's where Nancy lives and her little coffee shop "Coffee with Nancy". After they left the Town Council voted to make her house a historic building and to place a plaque in front of it. Nancy wasn't wild about the idea but she went along with it. Well I'll keep you informed.
----Good night last night but I woke up with every joint hurting. In the morning Betty went to Church to lead a Bible study. I worked on the family web page and have almost finished the Lanyons. In the afternoon Betty and I worked on Nancy's coffee house for the layout. She is trying a new technique for fake stone. She also created some real nice barrels for loads for the flatcars. After supper I went back to work on the web page. Betty is sorting through our unused clothes to send the best of them to the hurricane victims as a truck is going from Crystal Falls. I need a breathing treatment.


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