Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday September 12

Saying for the Day:One of the great disadvantages of hurry is that it takes such a long time.Gilbert K. Chesterton
---- Yesterday was the big all church picnic in Pigeon Falls and it was a great success. This is the fifth year in a row that the town has had an all church picnic and they have already set up a committee to begin planning next years. The ladies in the churches out did themselves in bringing wonderful things to eat to the pot luck. The Methodist ladies brought tiny little pasties which were so popular they quickly ran out of them. There were the usual casseroles and jellos along with cakes and pies. The committee provided coffee and kool aid as well as hot dogs. It was a regular feast. A few people over feasted and looked a bit green by the middle of the afternoon. The big baseball game was held between the Catholics and the Lutherans with the Catholics winning for the third year in a row. Father Mike was very gracious in winning but you could tell he was really happy. Pastor Marvel did not look so happy but he was a good loser. There were of course a bunch of other contests and all in all the Lutherans won six events, the Catholics won six events, the Methodists won two events, and the Baptist won one. The picnic ended with a hymn sing that could be heard in downtown Pigeon Falls, what it lacked in harmony it made up in volume. Everybody was hopping the white rabbit would show up but it didn't. Well I'll keep you informed.
-----I had a rough night last night with a severe leg cramp early in the evening. I had to take off the breathing mask and get up and walk around. in the morning I finished the Mallmann and the Compher parts of the family web site , at least as far as I could with the information available. Betty cleaned house and did laundry. In the afternoon I sprayed Jack's Sauna and the transfer I hope to put on it later. Betty has gone to the committee meetings up at the church. I need a breathing treatment.


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