Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday September 9

Saying for the Day:"To give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own."Anne Morrow Lindbergh
------ Pigeon Days this year was a huge success and now the town is looking forward to the October Fest celebration. Ever year the first week in October is designated as October Fest. This is strange because it is an old German custom and there are no more than three German background people in town. Pigeon Falls will celebrate almost anything that brings in tourists and adds a little life to the day to day happenings. At the center of the October Fest celebration is the big October Fest dance which is held on the main street. It is always held on the Saturday night of the week of October Fest. The town council decided to bring in The Fast Step Polka Band from Green Bay to play for the occasion. Some people will wear old country dance costumes or what they think look like old country dance costumes. There will be plenty of beer served by vendors on the street and of course it will be good German beer. The weeks activities will include a pumpkin judging contest, a beer can juggling contest, and lots of good fun. The M&CL railroad will run extra passenger cars that week and give a special rate. The trees will be at their most glorious and those who take advantage of the special will not be disappointed unless of course it snows. Mayor South said we'll plan a snowball throwing contest just in case. We know that the UP only has two seasons; bug swatting and snow shoveling. well I'll keep you informed.
----Hard night last night. I got to bed late and had a hard time getting to sleep. This morning I worked on the family website. Betty got the media center ready to give away. I went to work in the garage and finished the brick sauna. Betty came and painted the door and the windows. In the afternoon she moved the two sleighs to the front door , ready to go and out of the garage. Then we went grocery shopping. When we came home the people came for the media center and the sleighs. It was in the way and too big to move to the basement. The sleighs were also in the way. We offered them to whomever wants them on Free Cycle out of Marquette and we had five responses. We took the first one. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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