Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday September 10

Saying for the Day:It is better to be patient, than it is to become one.
------ It has been several days since anyone has seen the white rabbit in the pink sweater and people are beginning to wonder if it is gone for good. Perhaps it is waiting for the excitement of October Fest before coming out again. Toivo and Eino are hoping to catch it next time it shows up and solve the mystery once and for all. Of course for them to do that it has to show up and the rabbit doesn't seem inclined to accommodate them. On the other mystery front we still have no further information on the Bubster person who should have shown up by now. Perhaps he is also waiting for October Fest. The Jupola family has finally gotten Saima to agree to spend some time in assisted living while her hip heals and she learns to walk again. She will go home for a week first and the wives will take turns staying with her at night until they move her to assisted living. It is good to see the family working together for the good of Saima.
Tomorrow is the all church picnic at Liars club park. All four churches , Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, and Baptist will come together for an afternoon of games and just plain fun followed by a potluck supper and hymn sing. It is so nice to see all the churches working together instead of fighting like they used to. Well I'll keep you informed.
-----Rough night last night. In the morning I finished the Linna family part of the family web page. It looks like it will work. Now I need to get family members to let us know what is happening. I need to work on the Mallmann section next. Betty washed clothes. In the afternoon she scraped the logs around the layout getting them ready to paint. Then she set up her sewing machine. I worked in the garage doing some cleaning and some finishing work on Jack's Sauna. Then we went to Church. Jack preached and did his usual fine job. I came home and worked on the family web page. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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Blogger Peter said...

this is breanna sorry i havent e-mailed you lately i can't wate to sea you hope they find the bunny
in the pink sweater i will keep an eye out breanna

10:14 AM  

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