Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday September 14

Saying for the Day:The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary: Ashleigh (Ellwood) Brilliant
----- The merchant's association of Pigeon Falls met today to try to figure some way to undo the perceived damage of Nancy Vanhala on national television calling them tourist traps. The first thing they did was to change their name from "The Pigeon Falls Merchant Association" to the "Association of Vacation Enhancement Providers." Then they drew up a new symbol to put in their places of business it consists of the letter AVEP arranged in a green circle. Following this they prepared a mission statement for the organization which reads as follows:
This organization exists to enhance the experience of those who vacation in Pigeon Falls. To that end we will: 1. Cooperate with the community in the preparation of special events such as Pigeon Days, October Fest, street dances etc.
2. Either provide suitable lodging for vacationers or be able to tell where such lodging is available.
3. Provide memory enhancing objects (tiny white rabbits in pink sweaters, sweaters with Pigeon Falls slogans, little drunken Moose etc.) so that the vacation may be relived when the vacationer returns home.
4. Know and be prepared to tell the legends and stories unique to Pigeon Falls such as the story of the drunken moose.
5. Do everything possible to make this a memorable vacation for our guests.
Having finished the mission statement the AVEP discussed their participation in the October Fest celebration. Well I'll keep you informed.
----- Had a good night last night. In the morning I worked for an hour on the Lanyon family part of our web page. Then I went and ran trains where I had all kinds of track problems. Betty finished making her contest poster for Tops and then went to Tops. In the afternoon I continued to run trains but they ran much better. Some people from Chicago stopped and really liked the layout. Betty worked at painting loads for the train. Three car kits came and I put together two of them. We designed and cut out the pieces for another building. Betty is working on a Bible study she will give tomorrow morning. I continued to work on the Lanyon family and finished Donald and Dorothy. Pennie sent and E-mail from the boat saying she was having a wonderful time. I need a breathing treatment.


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