Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday September 17

Saying for the Day:"One kind word can warm three winter months."Japanese Proverb
----- Mayor Angela South announced today that she was not going to run for the Town Council again and so next year Pigeon Falls will be looking for a new mayor. She said she was tired of the job which pays nothing and gives her all kinds of grief. Anytime anything goes wrong they hold her responsible she said. Some people even blamed her for the drunken moose incident and then said she should have had some plan in place for such an event. She is tired of planing and pushing and trying hard to make everything go. She is planning on becoming just a normal housewife and business women. Pigeon Falls will lose a very effective leader when she quits but they won't know it until her leadership is no longer there. She said the Nancy Vanhala affair was the last straw as she felt it made her look like a villain on national television. Her husband is quite happy over her decision and said after she quits they might even be able to eat a few meals together as a family. A small town like Pigeon Falls can be very hard on its leaders and often provides them with little by way of reward. Mayor South said there are things she will miss. These include the annual Pigeon Days address and reading of the Pigeon story. It always made her feel in touch with her roots which are deep into the community. Nobody has come forward offering to run for her council seat. Well I'll keep you informed.
---- Very good night last night. In the morning I worked on the Lanyon part of the web page and should finish it tomorrow. Then Betty and I worked on the new building until Peter, Lorri, Breanna, Luke and Pennie came .We went out to lunch in Iron River and Pennie shared pictures and stories of her trip. Then we just enjoyed their company. Peter did a few chores for us that involved lifting and carrying. He tried to fix the problem with my computer and failed. We played a game of Canasta and Betty and I won. Betty and Bree went up to the Church and put out quilts for ELCW Sunday which is tomorrow. Then Luke wanted to run the train so we did that for awhile. We certainly did enjoy having them here. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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