Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday September 19

Saying for the day:The shortest distance between two points is under construction. Alito Noelie
------ All of Pigeon Falls is talking about Mayor South's decision not to run for the Town Council again. People thought she would be Mayor forever and ever or at least for a few more years. She has been besieged by calls begging her not to quit but she seems to have made up her mind. Talk in town is turning to who they should elect to replace her and since there are no announced candidates that field of discussion is wide open. Esther Kivi's name comes up a lot in this discussion. She is very active in all the town activities and has a strong personality. The only problem with Esther is she has shown absolutely no interest in running for the Town Council. Several of her friends are trying to talk her into it but with no luck at this point. Another person being talked about as one that would make a good Mayor is Victoria Worsworth our school Superintendent and eighth grade teacher. She is a very good public speaker and keeps our school running very well. It doesn't seem that anyone has approached her on the subject so we don't know if she would be willing to run or not. Tommy , the undertakers son, said he would run but fortunately there is an age requirement in the town constitution so that rules him out. There simply is no leading candidate for the position at this time or to be more exact there is no candidate for the position. In other Pigeon Falls news, straight from Coffee with Nancy. Jack is thinking of closing the Sauna for the winter months and going to Florida. Just when we will need someplace to get warm he'll be closing the warmest place in town. Jack said he's tired of shoveling snow. Our funeral director is thinking of getting a substitute to run his business for a week and taking his wife on a cruise. The question there is who will baby sit Tommy? Well I'll keep you informed.
----- Good night last night. In the morning it was raining heavy so we decided to work at Christmas shopping . We spread out catalogues and went to web pages and got some shopping done. It was harder than expected because three or four times when I had finished the web order and before I could enter my shipping and billing information my computer problem closed the program and I had to start over. It was very frustrating. Late in the afternoon we went to the garage and worked on the last side and the roof for Nancy's Shop for the lay out. The roof turned out to be an inch too short. Anybody have a roof stretcher. My sister called and she's coming tomorrow with some rocks. I'll give her my Christmas want list. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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