Thursday, September 22, 2005

Thursday September 22

Saying for the Day:I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.Theodore Roosevelt
----- If Pigeon Falls had been in the old west Mrs. Tumble would have pulled together a posse and gone after the white rabbit. Since she saw the rabbit yesterday she has been telling everybody that something has to be done and done soon. "Did you know?" she said, "That it winked at me with a real evil look in its eye." I believe if she had the power she would have every house searched and every crawl space . Everybody else has seen the white rabbit as rather cute but Mrs. Trumble sees it as something out of a scientific horror movie. Her story could be called "The attack of the mutant rabbit." She thinks there may be more than one of them and she is sure it thinks just like a human. She has all of Pigeon Falls upset and some people just a little scared. People are now talking about the white rabbit as either bad or good with most of them coming down on the side of good. One supposes Pastor Marvel will use this in next Sunday's sermon.
In other Pigeon Falls news they continue to tear down the hospital and people are going at night and taking bricks for souvenirs of the old place. The new medical center is finished and the railroad ambulance has been garaged next door on its own siding. It hasn't been used yet. Tom Bispola ended up sleeping on his front doorstep last night as his wife locked him out when he came home drunk. He has a key of course but he was too drunk to use it. He is pretty stiff today but I don't think he needs an ambulance just a kind word or two. Based on past experience he is unlikely to get one of those from Mrs. Bispola. Tom maintains that while he was lying on the porch steps forty two white rabbits in pink sweaters went by. His testimony, however, can be discounted since last time he was in this condition he saw three flying horses. Well I'll keep you informed.
----- Good night last night. In the morning I bid on some toys on E-bay I wanted for Christmas gifts and I won. Then I worked on our web page updating the train part of it and it is almost ready. Betty cut pieces for Bree's Halloween costume. I worked in the garage. In the afternoon Betty went to the dentist and I worked in the garage. When Betty came home she continued working on Bree's costume. Life doesn't get much more exciting than this. In the evening it was back to E-Bay and I bought a laptop computer. I am becoming an e-bay addict. I have no idea what the cure is > Perhaps some kind of twelve step program. Well I need a breathing treatment and there's a train tunnel I need to bid on.


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