Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday September 27

Saying for the Day: Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. (Malacky McCourt)
--------Nothing happened in Pigeon Falls today. Mrs. Trumble is home with the stomach flue or something like it and so she wasn't stirring up any white rabbit fervor. The white rabbit itself hasn't been seen since Mrs. Trumble saw it out of Nancy's window and some think that Klenex and the Wolf got it. Mrs. Bispola visits her husband in alcoholic rehabilitation almost every day and says he is doing well. That's one for the white rabbit. Nancy says that everything is quiet in town. There are no new family fights , nobody has been arrested for drunk driving, and no new divorces on the horizon. Tommy is still basking in the praise he got for his white rabbit story and so he hasn't done anything bad for some time. The tourists are still coming in as the fall color tour is in full swing . Plans continue for October Fest but no actions are being taken today. It was just one of those beautiful quite days. Esther from Kivi and Maki's said she wishes every day was as beautiful and peaceful as today. Toivo sold one of his old cars to a tourist for a truly exorbitant price and the tourist thought he got a bargain. Toivo is a master salesperson. Wink's Woods must have sold at least twenty five of the little white rabbit figures and I bet they wish the White Rabbit would show up again. Well , perhaps tomorrow will be more exciting. I'll keep you informed.
------ Had a good night. In the morning I finished the upgrade of the church web page and then went and worked in the garage. Betty worked on Bree's costume all morning. I started the mighty Mac train running. After lunch we went to Iron River as Betty had a prescription that needed to be filled. On the way we dropped off our cardboard and glossy magazines at the recycle station that only operates on the last Tuesday of the month. We stopped at the dollar store and spent $14.00 plus tax. Coming home I ran two trains at a time and discovered my LGB engine needs new track contacts or shoes. I checked with Trainworld and they are $5.99 a set so I think I'll buy them if I can figure out how to install them. While we were gone my sister stopped in and left a costume for Luke and a pasty for me as well as some kind of tomato concoction for Betty. Betty went back to working on Bree's costume. I stopped the two trains at about 5:30. Saturday it all comes down so I need to get as much running time in as possible. Peter called and he will be here with Bree, Luke, Pennie and the dog on Saturday to help take down the layout. Then on Monday we are going to Green Bay to baby sit his kids while he goes to Florida with Lori. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Patrick said...

Well play some cansta for me when your done pulling the layout down. Sad to hear the trains are coming down. :(



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