Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday September 30

Saying for the Day: I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.
--------Toivo Jupola told a friend today that he thinks he has solved the mystery of the white rabbit. He wants to check a few last details before he tells the people of Pigeon Falls what he has discovered. His friend wasn't supposed to tell anyone what Toivo had said but he made the mistake of sharing the information with Nancy Vanhala who then shared it with everyone who came for coffee. It is not a very well kept secret. Now people are speculating on what it is that Toivo has discovered. Speculation runs from secret government papers to Toivo's finding the White Rabbit's hiding place. Toivo is keeping quiet despite the effort of a number of people including the Mayor to get him to tell what he has discovered. He also won't tell how long it will be before he is ready to share the information. He could do it as early as tomorrow or perhaps early next week. Mrs. Trumble said that Toivo better be sure to have a gun to protect himself because the rabbit is dangerous.
In other Pigeon Falls news, according to Nancy, Mr. Bispola will be coming home from Marquette in two or three weeks. According to his wife he is making fantastic progress and she expects a brand new husband when he comes home. One of the things he has to do when he returns is find some new friends since his old ones are all down to the bar most of the time. Donna Bergal's sister and husband have returned to Japan. They said they found Pigeon Falls to be a really enjoyable place to visit. Mrs. Morris's dog Klenex is recovering from his fight with the wolf or whatever it was but he doesn't venture far from home. Ralph down at the hardware store said he dreads the coming season because he will have to go Christmas shopping with his wife and that's a real ordeal. It seems that Ralph's wife like a lot of Pigeon Falls women is a slow shopper. In the grocery store, for example, Ralph is ready to check out and she is still deciding between the large and the small oranges. He is glad Christmas only comes once a year but says birthdays are almost as bad. Well I'll keep you informed.
----- Good night last night. This morning I worked in the garage and finished getting everything ready for tomorrow. I started the trains running at about 9:30 and they ran until after 7:00. It is the last day to run them with the village still up. In the afternoon Betty went to the Post Office to get them to hold our mail next week as we go and visit our children in Green Bay. I went to the church and arranged to get a bulletin update for the web page. I have the update but my computer won't let me put it on the web. Peter comes tomorrow and perhaps he can help. Betty worked all day on Bree's costume and I think it is done. I took pictures of the layout so we can remember what it looked like. I feel a little sad. Well I need a breathing treatment and I have to go stop the trains.


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I was talking to one of the moms at Luke's preschool and she overheard me talking about your garden railroad. She said her dad is really into it so I said I would get her your website to give to her dad. Thanks for the birthday wishes....Love, Lori

8:49 PM  
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