Sunday, October 02, 2005

Saturday October 1

Saying for the day:A theorist is a feller that dosen't work, but who has a lot of ideas that he thinks will.
---- Those of you who have read my blog from the start know that Pigeon Falls is a magical, mystical town that exists in my backyard. In the spring a fog descends and when it lifts there is Pigeon Falls. In the Fall a fog descends and when it lifts Pigeon Falls has disapeared. Today the fog came and Pigeon Falls has disapeared. There will therefore be no more Pigeon Falls stories until next Speing when the fog returns. The houses and people that made up Pigeon Falls now line the shelves of my garage. I will miss the town.
----- Good night last night. I spent the morning getting ready for Peter and family to come. Betty's train tunnel arrived as well as some more Christmas gifts. Peter and kids arrived and we went to lunch at Fob's. Then we began dismantaling the garden railroad layout. Bree and Luke carried in buildings and cars. Peter brought in the big and heavy stuff. Then we pulled up the main street which we will put down differently next year. First we will level the ground so it doesn't tilt. Peter then pulled the big lake shell and cleaned it out. We will use it to cover the little lake for the winter. Poor Peter when he finished doing that got to put together some bathroom shelving and then move furniture. I tried to fix my computer by using HP's system but it didn't work. We had such trouble that I couldn't put this blog out last night but had to wait for Peter to get it to the point where I could blog. Bree loved her costume and Luke can't wait to wear the costume Dawn left for him. The problem with the computer continues. There will be no blogs this coming week as Betty and I will be in Green Bay. Well its morning and I need a breathing treatment.


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