Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Monday October 3

Saying for the`Day:Almost doesn't count except in horseshoes. Packer Fan
--------Well I didn't expect to blog from Green Bay but Peter has set me up on his computer. Monday morning we packed and got everything ready for the trip. We had to take breathing treatment machine, night breathing machine, oxygen tanks, blow up bed and of course our suitcases. We`finally left around 11:00 and `we had breakfast/lunch at the Great Northern Steak House. We`got to Green Bay around 2:30 and were greated by our grandson Luke. When Peter and Bree came home they took us for a ride to show us the route to Luke's pre-school as we need to take him on Wednesday and Friday. Then we went and ate at Country Buffet. Then we set up the blow up bed and all of my breathing equipment. I went to bed and Betty and Peter watched the Packers lose. Well I need a breathing treatment.


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