Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thursday October 13

Saying for the day:Winston Churchill: I am always willing to learn, however I do not always like to be taught.
-------Good night last night. In the morning I cleaned track. Betty went to the basement and brought up some plaster rolls for the layout. I went and changed the mouse on the computer. Bam, wow, bam, wow. My computer hasn't acted up since I changed the mouse. It may very well have been a mouse problem. I keep expecting it to go wild but it hasn't. After lunch I cleaned track. Betty started plastering the layout so you can't see the place where the top board is nailed on. She also cut a plastic road for the top. I helped where I could. With the plaster in place she started putting the houses back. We put in the wiring for the tobagan slide and the skating rink, and lights for three houses. It looks pretty sharp. Getting the houses to light was a bit of an adventure. When we ran the train it hit the edge of the tunnel so we had to move the platform back an inch. Then I cleaned track. I am using a dremel and the battery keeps needing to be recharged so it will be tomorrow befor i finish the track. Betty got ready to go to ELCW. They are watching the Luther movie tonight. I worked on the train home page. I soon will do a complete revision. Pat sent and E-mail and Lori put a note on the blog. Betty wants Pat to know that she forgot but she will take care of it. Tell Peter I have a wireless network card that came with the laptop but I am not sure how to install it. Then I have to fix the network in the house so it is on the internet. Now I need a breathing treatment.


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