Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday October 20

Saying for the Day:John Barrymore:Happiness often sneaks through a door you didn't know you left open.
-------Had a bad night last night. Lots of indigestion, sleep interuptions, and muscle pain.In the morning I was tired and felt sick. We got up and discovered some guy in Oregon had taken our millions. We only had two numbers right. I continued to transfer old video tapes to DVD. Betty went to circle and bible study at the church. I called the church to tell the office that the church picnic pictures were now on their computer.My lionel cars came. I washed the cars for the Christmas train.When Betty came home she went back to wrapping gifts but she doesn't feel very good.Apria came and checked the C-pap machine. They also left three oxygen tanks. Betty cleaned the filters for the C-pap machine. Well I need a breathing treatment. (short day wasn't it)


Blogger Sister Chris said...

I'm sorry, we have decided that we are going to Green Bay for thanksgiving. In fact, I just got off the phone with my boss and she just confirmed that i will hav the time off.(wed. thru sat.) We will arrive late Wed night, and leave out early Sat, morning, but we will have 2 days to visit with everyone. Who all will be there?? Let me know! --Chris and George

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