Monday, October 24, 2005

Nostelgia is an old sort of thing.

Saying for the Day:Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.
-----Good night last night. In the morning we ordered some outside holiday decorations. Got an E-mail from Pat and he has to work on Thanksgiving . That was a disapointment since we had hoped to see him and the boys. Droped him a note asking what weekends he would have the boys and then checked out some motels in the Madison area. Then Betty and I worked on the train cars. Our first attempts didn't work so we are trying something new. I transfered and old Forest Park Band Concert from VHS to DVD. Betty went back to wrapping gifts.Mail brought nine new catalogues including one from a company that promised not to send us anymore if we didn't order . We didn't but they must have forgiven us. We get catalogues like spam on E-mail. We also got some more of the Christmas gifts we ordered. In the afternoon I transfered some old video tapes to DVD. They had old home movies that I had transfered from Movie film to VHS. There was my Grandfather John, Grandma Mabel, My mother and Father, Chris at various ages. Movies of my time on the ore boats, our wedding, our kids when they were little, A Forest Park Band concert. It was like visiting my past. Betty ended up watching as well and got to see her mom and dad. her niece and nephew, our first apartment in Chicago. What a trip. Of course for the two hours nothing else got done. When that finished I made some new transfers for the train. Betty got ready and went to a Board meeting at the church. Well I need a breathing treatment though I won't get one till Betty gets home.


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