Saturday, August 05, 2006

Watch where you move your head.

Saying for the Day: Husbands watch your telephone book.

Every once in a while I come across a statement that may stand forever, or at least for a little while, as an illustration of the absurd nature of life.

One such statement was recently made in a Yorktown, New York Court.

The husband of novelist Emily Hanlon-Tarasov was trying to keep his wife from being arrested for spouse abuse after he was knocked unconscious by her.
He said "A few things began flying at the wall and one of them was a telephone book. And unfortunately, my head moved into the space that the book was flying (into)."

Now that’s a statement.
“My head moved into the space” .

It opens the door for statements like:
” she was just throwing her hand around when my nose got in the way.”
Or “She never intended to stab me. I slid in front of the knife”.

The court did not buy the argument and she was charged with assault.

I suppose a large telephone book could now be classified as a dangerous weapon.
They should carry a warning label like:
“Danger this book can lead to an unconscious state when hurled by an angry wife”.
Failure to attach this statement could leave the telephone company open to a lawsuit .

News from Pigeon Falls– The little town in my back yard where a stone man sits peacefully in his easy chair.– Eino finally got to talk to the manager in question but he denied that they had any experiments going on outside of Chicago. He also denied that they were working on teleportation. Poor Eino doesn’t have any idea of what to do next.
The White Rabbit showed up again last night without the dragon. It was seen over by the funeral home moving into the woods. Some kids were playing in the yard next door and saw it . Tommy says he wished he had been home and had seen it because he would have taken a picture with his new digital camera. That picture would be worth some money.
Nancy says that after the pasty eating contest Big Rudy was so sick they had to take him to the emergency room. There goes his prize money.
Some of the artists on the yellow brick road are complaining about the shape the road is in. It seems that a lot of bricks were pushed out by the winter frost and not replaced. Something needs to be done soon or a local landmark will be lost.
Nancy said that some people have been watching the Bergall residence hoping to see the White Rabbit coming for tea. But without any luck. It could just be he was just telling a story.
Young Bill Hammonen broke his leg trying to parachute off the top of the cow barn. He was using a parachute he made out of a bedroom sheet and it didn’t break his fall at all. He will be on crutches when school starts.
Robert should enter the Liar’s Club Contest with the story he is telling about the man who turned to stone. It’s a sure winner and as good a guess as anybody’s. He tells it on every tour.

Today's link is: New England Photos - remember to put the words Dr. John in your comment to get those higly prized but totally usless JCPOINTS. Check points HERE.
Yesterday we drew the name of Jafabrit. If we draw her name again today she wins what's in the prize box. Betty is drawing and the name is Catch. Sorry Jafabrit (why do I have this image of somebody sticking out their tongue?) To bad we didn't draw Catch yesterday. So close. Well good luck Catch.
Peter and Bree came today and loaded some more stuff to go to Green Bay. we went out to eat at Fob's. Otherwise it was a dull day. I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Chana said...

the saddest part of that story sir, is that i kinda understand why he might have tried to 'save' her butt..after he tried to run me over i didn't do a thing. but since it was a crowed parking lot in front of a bussling bank on Christmas eve day, so many others called the cops, they had written down the license sad is those state of minds and hearts that get so caught up in the agony and chaos and loose total sight of wrong/right, deserving of respect and instead even might feel guilt. as much as he needed some major 'help' so did i. thank the infinite Graces of God that i got out, safe and well, sane (well you know, lol)...
poor husband in that story! i will pray for him and all like him. i'm so glad that justice system didn't let another guilty person get away with it. i hope he finds help while she is gone and finds his way out..thank you for sharing this with us. i had no heard of it. we don't always get the juicy stories headlines from the US i guess..
what is Eino to do now? i can't imagine what his next step is, if that manager won't spill the beans?
maybe the great mystery solver Bree needs to be asked to come back to town..
i wish Tommy would get that pic he wants of the rabbit..i'm staring to wonder if the rabbit would turn out? don't they say somewhere that ghosts don't show in pic? spooky thoughts, now i'm scared, lol..
Big Rudy i betcha doesn't want to see another pie ever...poor guy..i have often wondered how people do after all those big eating the guy one day in the news, that ate an absurd amount of hot dogs and stuff...yikes, poor stomachs!
Robert is telling a story eh? wonder how it goes..when and if he goes to the judges with it, i hope they share it..unless it's so hussshh secret as it is a true one..
pigeon falls would certainly have clean houses with that remote and so many other 'issues' all of the sudden, he, would the rest of the world i guess...i would love my hands on one and i'm sure i wouldn't be the only one...all the mischief that can be gotten too...mothers can use them:no more crying babies (would get rather sad after a while though), husbands:clean, food and beer on command (the poor wives) and kids:mute button for their parents (yikes, no more control)...the world would go into chaos...Yeap,i should be the only one with it then, lol...
..i realize their was a movie that came out not too long ago called 'Click' maybe..i got to go see's the same concept,,a magical remote control..

hope you are enjoying your wknd. it's a long wknd here and it cooled down big time yesterday. it was dropped with the windshield factor to around the zero mark...they say that freaky epsidoe is done...i'll let you know..last night i slept with socks and gathered all the lights blankets in the house (kids are with dad)...heavy blanket are put away...oh well, that's Calgary for you, wherther can change so quickly...

hugs to Betty. take care and read you tomorrow..and good job in tallying the points..that was a huge job..

6:05 AM  
Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

That was quite a funny story for me. Imagine to be charged for assault because of a telephone book she threw. What a waste!
Thanks for dropping by. I don't see why it should be illegal to take photos of our money. It's all around isn't it? What harm can a photo do?

6:18 AM  
Blogger jafabrit said...

LOL! you are right and along with that I am saying "oh POO" I didn't get the prize :)

Those excuses really take the cake.

what was bill thinking eeek! did robert wink as he told his tall tale ;) What a mischievious village you have.

6:22 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

really enjoyed the New England Photos link and bookmarked it so I can find my way back.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

She peobably threw the book at him because he did not put it back after he used it....

8:16 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

I think he should sue the phone company. It must be their fault, eveything is always someone elses fault.

9:05 AM  
Blogger QuillDancer said...

I can tell you from experience it is all too easy to stay in an abusive relationship. The abuse begins gradually and subtly, and gradually and subtly self-worth and self-confidence erode. Often victims of spousal abuse cannot see what happened until they are free of it and looking back. In some tragic cases the victims never see the pattern and are doomed to repeat it in every relationship.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Stacy said...

One word....DUCK!

9:45 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

The wife is a noevelist so maybe the hubby likes the money and figures a knock to the head is worth it now and then.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Crazy Object B said...

Win somebody win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win win
O well maybe I'll be drawn keep trying I love todays blog I'd
Better put the phone book away.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Nea said...

when a policaman "throws the book" at you, they never get in trouble........maybe she got confused......

It seems such a silly object for real destruction.....most women use a frying pan in the cartoons......she must not have watched any cartoons....

Pidgeon Falls sounds like a wonderful place to be for adventure.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Bill said...

Dr. John - Thank you for making me your link of the day and thank you all that visited and left comments (even if it was for points). I hope the visitors looked past the painted horses and cow...I even have painted moose :-)

2:54 PM  
Blogger Catch said...

I am hanging in here Dr John, keeping my fingers and toes crossed! lol. Hope you and Betty are having a wonderful weekend. The story about the guy trying to save his wifes butt was funny! And sad....

3:43 PM  
Blogger Nea said...

I went to look at your trains and villages, they are really nice. I put up a Christmas village each year, but have never had a train. Now I want to include a train.......I think the gauge that I would need for my village would be that really tiny one, Ho? Not that familiar with the trains. My husband had one of the old Lionel's from 1940's, and his Mom gave it away while he was in the service. I sure wish he still had it.

3:58 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Wow, I never thought of the killer telephone directory! Hubby knows to duck and run out of the house when the cast iron fry pan comes out and we've already ate dinner!

Put a link up on my blog too Dr. John, it does save lots of typing and keeps my failing memory refreshed each day.

4:33 PM  
Blogger The Old Fart said...

Hi Dr John, my blogger friend Cindy invited me to visit your site. You have so much to look at. Please stop by my site if you get a chance.

God Bless

"The Old Fart"


7:57 PM  
Blogger butterflies said...

Although I dont believe in violence,it makes a change for it to be the woman inflicting it..if she really wanted to hurt him Im sure she would have.

8:21 PM  

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