Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bad pet care

Saying for the Day: Some people don't deserve to have a dog.

I was looking at another of the catalogues I got in the mail , you know snail mail spam. It was just for owners of pets . I don’t have any pets so I should have just thrown it away but I didn’t. I made the mistake of leafing through it. (Hey you need something to look at in the bathroom). Anyway I shouldn’t have looked because I discovered that when I had a pet I was a bad pet owner.
The first thing that struck my eye was an entire page on dog ear care. I guess it was for cats too but I never had a cat. The page had pads that dissolve waxy build up. Did you know your dogs ears are full of bacteria ?The page had a solution for that. Did you know there are little mites that crawl around in your dogs ears? The page had a miticide for that. Did you know that if your dogs ears are wet that a terrible yeast can grow there, The page had powder to prevent that. After looking at that page I felt so guilty. I never cleaned Bobo’s ears , not once. They must have been filled to overflowing with yeasty, waxy, bacteria loaded, ear mites. I bet those icky brown clumps we used to find on the floor weren't dirt the kids dragged in like we thought but were dog ear droppings. Ugh. No wonder the poor dog didn’t come when he was called. He probably couldn’t hear a thing.
The same catalogue had eight pages of dog beds, including their ever popular “Ultimate Classic Bed”. If you buy this bed you can get a matching collar. More guilt. I don’t know where our poor Bobo slept. He was supposed to sleep on a blanket on the hard floor (Hey we at least gave him a blanket). I suspect he slept on the couch but I never caught him because he always got off and went back on the blanket before I made it to the living room ( maybe he wasn’t as dumb as I thought). In any case I now know I should have bought him a bed. Do I ever feel guilty.( A good bed with a matching collar only costs $109.
There were two pages of arthritis medicines for dogs. Four different kinds depending on how bad the arthritis is. Bobo never had arthritis. He was just as fast when he died as he was as a puppy. He could still zoom out the front door and take off faster than a streak of greased lightning .In fact if he had arthritis he might have lived longer. We could have caught him before he found that lady dog and broke the blood vessel. Well that’s what the vet said happened any way. I didn’t say he was a moral dog. So I don’t have to feel guilty about that. But you know these dog medicines sound so good and my arthritis is so bad that maybe I’ll get some for me. I mean if it can help a dog it should be able to help me.
I closed the catalogue and put it in the recycle bin. I ‘ve had all the guilt I can take for today.

8000 spins without a prize. Well Old Hapless has reached another milestone. Eight thousand is a lot of spins on a slot machine. Eight thousand spins without hitting a single prize has got to be some kind of record. Old Hapless doesn't know if he should sit down and cry or have a celebration. He was going to have his big losers party at this point but has decided to hold off until 9000 which he now believes he can make. ( He is getting really good at losing). So he will confine his celebrating of this momentous day to having Mrs. Hapless get him some chocolate.
Well Uncle Wiggly lovers of old Hapless doesn't change his mind and throw a party to end all parties causing him to have such a headache in the morning he can't blog. We will be back tomorrow with another adventure of "As the World Spins".

Please note I have added another link to my list. These links are to blogs I enjoy reading and want to get to without a lot of typing. ( Note it does not mean I approve of everything written there or of the language used). If your interested in the debate over men having to pay for child care for a child they didn't want check out today's "Mind of Mimi" on the links. I put on real clothes today. Since my accident I have stayed in nightshirts until now. Betty went to Tops and I made my own lunch. I must be getting better. While she was gone I ordered some buildings she wanted for the HO layout ( a late birthday gift). UPS brought a gift from a kind person named Laurie . I only know her through the internet, She read my blog where I hobled to the kitchen to get the phone and she sent me a wirless phone. This shows that you need to be careful what you say on a blog because a kind person may read it. For all the evil people that are out there one can still find special, nice, kind people. Wow!!!Now I really do need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Catch said...

Oh Doctor John you should have ask me about the ears.....I had a cocker spaniel and her ears would get junk in them and yuck and I was never good at digging into their ears because it made me for dogs always had my

6:28 AM  
Anonymous TC said...

I suppose these are the same people who have prevented the invention of a dog with self-cleaning ears all these years - just so they can sell their fiendish products to the unsuspecting public!

There is also an American catalogue which sells "doggy ramps" which you can place on the floor up to the sofa so your dog doesn't have to jump up.

Dead easy that one! Don't let your dog on the sofa.

I must be a genius! Got to go now and invent the self-destructing catalogue.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Chana said...

i love animals but i knew early on that it was either alot of kids or pets-I chosed kids. So far they have had beds and meds. As for clean ears-most of the time.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Catch said...

Thank you Dr John....I also have great memories of my Grandma which is why I try to be a great one...I want these little boys to have great memories of being with their Grammie....and I enjoy them so much. A good Grandma or Grandpa is a great foundation for any youngster!Thanks for linking soon as I figure it out I would like to link you to!

8:02 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

Wow, if you are getting dressed I guess I should too!

Pets can be super expensive. And some dogs require more care than others. Did you know some dogs you have to take to the vet to get there anal glands squezzed on a regular basis? If you don't it is quite a mess I hear!

My dogs have a bed, a big king size one. They are kind enough to let us sleep on the edges.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

Isn't it something when we feel guilty about our pets but when I get a catalogue on say, cleanng supplies, I do not feel guilty about how dirty my house is?

10:14 AM  
Blogger Catch said...

thank you for the comments Dr John on my blog.....and I know what you mean about a "suprise" older ones were 2 boys so when I seen that little girl I was ecstatic!! I have never regretted it either. No opportunity for sex....Im not sure any place like that exists! lol

10:40 PM  
Anonymous tina said...

Laurie sounds like a gem. I have found that there are some super people in this journaling neighborhood. Tina

11:50 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

You got it already?!

I hope you like it :-)

Anyway, it sounds like Bobo probably lived a long and happy life - especially if he died the way that you say he did! LOL So don't get too down on yourself because he didn't have a color coordinated doggie wardrobe - he had love and a warm home, and that's all a dog really wants.

6:20 AM  
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