Monday, April 14, 2008

More of the 100

Saying for the day: All men are sculptors, constantly chipping away the unwanted parts of their lives, trying to create their idea of a masterpiece. ~Eddie Murphy, 1979

Lacking a new meme last week I started 100 things about me.These continue today with the next 25.
26. I went to school in a place called Diorite.
27. Each teacher taught two grades. Except the kindergarten teacher she also taught music and dyed her hair.
28. Every year we planted trees as a school project.
29. Now my sister lives in Diorite and every time we went to visit her I would point out the trees and say I helped plant those. After awhile ir became a standing joke.
30. I was so afraid of shots that I stayed home sick on the day they were given.
31. Many of my relatives had camps on lakes. There was Donald’s, Bessie’s, Doris’s and Jennie’s camp.
32. I really wanted a camp.
33. Every summer My Mother , Dawn, Aunt Viola, my two cousins and I spent a week at Aunt Jennie’s camp.
34. It was like heaven. We swam, we fished, and we explored. We drove our mothers nuts.
35.Every summer I rode my bike from the farm to my Grandmother’s in Negaunee. I stopped for pop at my Aunt’s drug store in Ishpeming.
36. My brother Robert was born in 1945. He was three months old when he died.
37. Because of Robert’s death and my mother’s pain I decided there was no God.
38. When I was ten my dad went to Hazleton because of a barbiturate addiction. We went to live with Grandma Mabel.
39. I had to go to school in Negaunee. I hated it. But loved being at Grandma Mabel’s.
40. Grandma Mabel had an upstairs boarder named Tom, with a wooden leg. Tom let me puff on his cigarette and taste his beer. I felt so old. ( Later he married Grandma Mabel)
41. I went to High School in Ishpeming.
42. I would have been an A– average student but my dad made me take shop. I took machine shop, metal shop, wood shop, and drafting. I got C in all of them.
43. The C’s were gifts because the instructors were friends of my father’s.
44. I joined the high school debate team. I loved debate.
45. My high school Freshman English teacher said I should never speak in public.
46. Debate changed all that. By the time I graduated I was one of three speakers at commencement. It was a wonderful day. Debbie , the genius and valedictorian goofed in her speech.
47. The summer I graduated I went to work at Bay Cliff Health Camp.
48. I started my college education at Michigan Tech which was then a college. Now it’s a University.
49. After two years I transferred to Northern Michigan. It was a college then but now it’s a University.
50. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in three and one half years. I stayed and worked on a Master’s because I was in love.

#### News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal. Pastor Joan had a powerful sermon yesterday. She talked about people living lives of scarcity. They had very little happiness, very little spiritual growth, they had very little of anything that was really important. She daid this was so sad because Jesus had come that we might have abundant life. God wanted them to have abundant lives. Jesus had dies for them to have abundant lives, Listen now for the voice of the One Shepherd and he will lead you to that life.
People were still talking about the sermon over lunch so you know it moved them.
Last night the dragon flew for the fifth day in a row. People are beginning to expect it to come. They might even be disappointed if it didn’t.
Pastor Joan, the local Priest, and the Methodist pastor have all turned down an invitation to do an exorcism at the museum . Pastor Joan said that her ELCA book of special services doesn’t have one for an Exorcism. So she wouldn’t know where to start. They don’t teach that in seminary.
The local priest said that he thought there was a priest in Milwaukee that had done an exorcism but he’s not sure.
The Museum Board said that it couldn’t hurt to have one done. It might even help.

Today's Link-A Bitch about Brittany- Something about a Sari.
Another rough day. In the morning I got the labels ready for the eBay stuff and Betty took it to the Post Office. One box even started off for Australia. My oxygen level was low and my stomach was upset so I spent most of the day watching television. Then I visited almost all my links. If my blog today made eve less sense than usual oxygen deprivation will do that to you. Now i need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Janvangogh said...

Pastor Joan could go on Google and find out how to do it --- tho I think she could also come up with something in the scriptures. With all that goes on in Pigeon Falls, it might not be a bad idea for her to add that to the list of services that she offers.

6:09 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

I wonder if Debbie still thinks about goofing her speech?

7:58 AM  
Blogger P.S. an after-thought said...

I am new to reading about Pigeon Falls, so please forgive me if I'm off base on my reaction and comments.

I'd like to know what Pastor Joan meant by lives of scarcity. Does that mean lack of basic necessities or lack of spiritual, emotional, and intellectual input? If it is the latter, then the comments fit somewhat, but if it is the former, the comments don't follow.

My husband has been to a number of countries working with poor people and the overwhelming response he has had is that the people are happy and generous. I have had one experience of traveling to Africa last November (links on my blog) and I was blown away by the generosity, joy, dignity, and Christian faith in action of the people I met.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous quilly said...

Most people drop (or flunk) out of college because they're in love!

9:30 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

It is amazing what one can learn about a person by simply reading 100 lines about them. I think I have learned a lot more than 25 things about you in your 25 points. You are an intersting person who made something of his life. You are a success story. Thanks for sharing! :-)

11:37 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

I really enjoy reading these things about you. I'm looking forward to the next batch. Perhaps you should start your own meme with this!

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the accordian pic!

4:16 PM  
Anonymous AtomiK Kitten said...

I love reading these about you! :) I wish I was as interesting!

I have over 900 posts...maybe I could do 100 favorite posts.

Did the kindergarten teacher stick with a regular hair color or was she one of the cool teachers with the purple hair? :)

4:55 PM  
Blogger Nea said...

It is very interesting learning about your life this way. Most people aren't this open,(nor as good at writing) so their blogs are a lot less interesting to me.

I guess somewhere between items 50 to 100 you found your way back to God. :) But I did find it interesting that at one point in your life you also felt there was no God.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a good experience to read the articles and contents on this site.,

1:35 AM  
Blogger tsduff said...

I enjoyed reading your meme. Some things I can relate to are:
- I play the accordion
- I love to go to camp
- I had a Grandma Mabel - I now live in her house
- I question God

6:09 AM  

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