Sunday, May 06, 2007

Stuff and more Stuff

Saying for the Day- Things will never make you happy in themselves.

In the time we have spent in this part of the duplex we have had very little. We have been happy, anyway. Now we are getting ready to move into our side of the duplex and there are piles and piles of boxes filled with our stuff. We own so much junk. We don’t need it. We have done well without it. But there they are , all those piles. We have started opening and sorting the boxes. This is a slow job at best. Friday we found a bottle opener. You know, the kind that old people use because they can’t twist the top off any more. It never worked so why did we save it ? There were things we couldn’t figure out what they were little alone why we kept them. We have come to the conclusion we are squirrels and our tree is full.
After years of grabbing and holding how do we learn to leave go?
Leaving without those things has helped to teach us we don’t need them.
But need and want are two different things.
How do we who claim to follow Jesus, who didn’t even have a home to call his own , begin to lead a simpler life ?
I am not sure. But I do know this we are going to work at it.
I have a whole list of things that Betty doesn’t need.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls-the little town in my garage where the trains still run, dragons fly, and strange things happen.– Saturday came and went and there was no group dream. It could be of course that the big festival last night had some so drunk they didn’t dream at all. That could be it.
Our dragon showed up at the Festival. He flew up and down main street .His flames provide a kind of fireworks look for the evening.
It was shortly after the dragon left that the odd things began to happen. There were a number of barrels of beer on the back of a truck that suddenly exploded. Fountains of beer cascaded into the air. It was kind of pretty. People rushed with their paper cups to save as much as possible. What would a festival be without beer? That’s when some kind of updraft caught the pile of paper cups and they floated around like little paper airplanes. It was kind of funny watching people try to catch them. Then one of the band members fell down the steps of the gazebo where they were playing. He swears he was pushed. But all the other members denied doing it. In the fall he broke his guitar. After that the loudspeaker system used by the band failed. Well, it didn’t really fail fail. It began making odd noises, all kinds of odd noises. The band’s technical person said it had never done that before. The noise or what ever it was attracted the pigeons and they all descended on t he gazebo. It was one weird sight. They had to pull the plug on the amplifier and chase the birds away.
All in all it was a Cinco de Mayo celebration that will long be remembered.

Today's Link-What am I still doing here- Much to do over a dove. Pleaseleave a Dr. John in the comment.
Went to Church this morning and it was wonderful. The children sang and they had a little orchestra with violins and a drom and fllutes. It was just great.In addition we had Communion and were blessed by the kids laying on hands as we left the altar. Wow what a morning. Then we went out to eat. In the afternoon it was back to sorting through boxes but we threw more away. Stuff that should have nbeen discarded long ago finally went. We found the r emote to the TV so now we can turn it on. Came back over to this part and played canasta and I won. Life is good. Now I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Janvangogh said...

Awake or asleep, seems Pigeon Falls is doomed for weirdness.

4:50 AM  
Anonymous quilly said...

I am preparing to move to Hawaii. Since I can't drive a U-Haul there and everything I ship will cost by both weight and volume, I am learning how much I don't need.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Kat said...

I learned that lesson moving from the big house to this apartment. Every day I'm amazed at how little I really need to get through the day. Less is easier, I will never be a pack rat again.

8:47 AM  
Blogger The Old Fart said...

I think we hold onto things for sentimental reasons. I have things I've brought from Nova Scotia in Boxes 11 years ago that I've still got to open up. I know if I go through the boxes I will be enveloped in memories from the past and it will make it much harder to throw away. This is why they are packed away and not opened.

Blessings to you and Betty for a wonderful Sunday

10:32 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Take the Amish for example. Can we blame them for global warming?

I admire them, especially to be able to ditch the world and it's material stuff and store their treasures in heaven. That, among many other characteristics.

I'm a bit too spoiled to follow suit, but by choice. However, moderation and simplicity is a good thing. It makes your home easy to clean, maintain and move around in.

If a Plumber has to make an emergency trip to your house. Then has to get to the pipes through the back wall of a hall closet.

It would be great if that Hall closet only had a few jackets and items. Too much work if it was chock full of unused stuff.

You have boxes. Have Betty put some "if stuff" in these boxes. Seal them and set a date 6 months from now. If she doesn't open or need to use anything in the box by the expiration date.... take it to the Salvation army and share stuff.

Jesus warned of putting stuff under a rock for safe keeping. There is no investment or interest returned.

Hope that helps.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

I have noticed how you rushed up to our house to grab the stuff you do not need. Even when you are here, you leave without taking it. You are making your stuff feel bad so maybe that is why you cannot find what you need...they are hiding it forcing you to look through every box.

Next time you want to go to church and help out, let us know because, we are not mind readers!!!!! I know, you could not find your phone....

This summer when the kids are out of school, I will come down with the kids and I will help Betty sort while the kids dogsit. I will not offer any advice and only do as told.

1:06 PM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

The hardest thing is to hold onto Happiness.

Like a child with short attention span, the minute he unwraps the 'present' - he moves on to the next thing. We never really grow up you know. The child inside us still seeks new experiences and toys - it is only our bodies 'Age'

And of course our tastes 'Mature'

3:31 PM  
Blogger Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Is Betty aware that she doesn't need all that stuff?

3:50 PM  
Blogger geosmythe said...

About two years ago I read a book about Feng Shui. Needless to say, I never got the whole concept but I did throw out everything I didn't need at the time. However, now I have a whole bunch of new things I probably don't need. Soon, I will "Feng Shui" this place again. Sorry, if I misspelled the Feng.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Alastair said...

Clearing out is one of the reasons I like moving! I have to say, I am the only person I've ever met that does like moving, though I have discovered how good it can be not to move too!

I always verge on the edge of unredeemable guilt about the amount of stuff i have acquired just in the past few years, and am determined to live more simply.

One day!?!???!

3:34 AM  

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