Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday -Leave a Comment

Saying for the day: The saddest words that one can say are " Blogger's down".

Its “Leave a Comment Monday”.
The day when good bloggers leave a comment at every blog they visit.
This is not the day to read and run .
Comments are the fuel that keep a blog going.
They make you want to keep blogging.

Again this last week I received some great comments from some great bloggers.
So many good comments that it is hard to pick the best one’s.
A job made even harder by blogger being down two nights in a row.
I went to copy the comments I wanted and couldn’t get to my blog .
But its free.
But its free.
But its free.
This is my new mantra, But its free.
It keeps you from being too upset with blogger.
But its free.
And you don’t have to say it too often.
But its free.
I have it under control.
I do.
It’s free you know.
I will not let it upset me.
It’s free.

Well I’ve pulled myself together before I hit my computer monkey.
The poor thing was really scared that I had lost it.
But I haven’t.
Just because two nights in a row I couldn’t go to or leave comments on my links is no reason to be upset.
It is just a computer.
It is just a blog.
It is not essential.
Blogger is free.

Back to the main topic if I could remember what it is.
Oh yes! The best comments for the week.
Well because I couldn’t check them out last night and don’t have time to this morning I will have to let that go.
I might get the comment wrong or ascribe it to the wrong person.
Life is tough.

Later this morning we will draw for a name in our Pick A Prize contest. The winner gets to choose from our pic a prize list.

News from Pigeon Falls-The little town that was in my backyard where the trains still run and nobody else will– There are about eighteen days until the election and still nobody wasn’t to be the Mayor of Pigeon Falls. The council could appoint one but nobody is running for the council seats.
Nancy thinks they should have bumper stickers made for the non-candidates.
Examples would be:
Don’t elect me I can’t even part my hair without help.
Think of a bad politician I’d be worse.
Vote for me and I’ll raise everybody’s taxes.
If elected I would stop plowing the streets in the winter. It’ll save money.
Elect me and I’ll raise the Mayor’s salary to two hundred thousand a year.
Now these should help to keep people from being elected.
Mrs. Turmble is looking for a good rabbit dog . She figures the next time the White Rabbit shows up she’ll send the dog after him. Of course if the rabbit is with the dragon. The dog will get his nose burned.

Today's Link: De Foto Ala Stanley- Please remember to put the words Dr. John in your comment to get those photo shy JCPOINTS. Check HERE for your total totals.
I had to finish yesterday's blog today because Blogger was down again last night. I wrote today's opening last night in Publisher and couldn't set it up as a draft because BLOGGER WAS DOWN. But as you can see I took it in stride and it didn't bother me at all.
We will draw for today's Pic A Prize winner when Betty gets up.

Betty's up.....

The winner is


Congratulations. Goto our PIC A PRIZE page and then leave the number of the prize you want in a comment.

We went to the bank and got the first loan. Now we wait on Thrivent for the loan needed for the Nennah Mortgage. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Chana said...

good morning Dr. John. i'm sorry that i missed your post this wknd, i'll read them as leave you my comments for i can't let myself let one of your post go..but later. the funeral was saturday and i can tell you it was a difficult day. a beautiful day as well. it was a day of tears, many. but it was also one full of awe to see the tributes and the hundreds of people who loved her and appreciated her. my daughter Weesie, wrote a beautiful card to Jack and Karen (husband and one sister who was taking her of her in the last month) with words that made me tremble with emotion..and then a side note that made me the proudest mother on earth. i am always amazed of the heart and talent of that child...
it was a very rough saturday and sunday...i'm so, so grateful Joe didn't leave me alone for a second and i had his love to comfort is a new wk is a new life, it is a new world without her...i know it's silly for it was yesterday half way through the day that it really dawned on me that she was gone..but she is off to a most glorious place and that makes it all, i'll get back to more everyday stuff..i can't let me stay in the sad stage too much longer for it might swallow me..I feel a bit of the peace that all this experience has helped me deal with my father's death too..It is all good in the end and on with the rest of me for that is what she would have expected and wanted.
Blogger is free. Blogger is free..i can just image you saying it over and over..i'm sorry that it has been so frustrating to you. i'm glad it brings you to me though..
i love the idea of the bumper stickers. they are all brilliant your mind is. rosted dog would not be a good sight or smell..i say Mrs. Trouble doesn't find a rabbit hunting dog..
i hope your wknd was a happy one with the family over. i hope you know how grateful i'm for you and for Betty. pls accept my heart and hugs. i will be back to read your is for me i can assure you. they give me comfort.

6:04 AM  
Blogger The Rev. Dr. Kate said...

I share your blogger frustrations - I too share the "its free" mantra. Too bad that some of our politicians aren't as reticent about running as they are in Pidgeon Falls. I am tired of people with nothing to say and only invective to spew. I've come round to the White Rabbit - couldn't make things any worse!

6:57 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Over the internet and through a mouse click,

To Dr. John's Fortress we go.

Blogger's a fright,

It's down tonight

And my heart is filled with woe.

Over the internet and through a mouse click,

"Blogger is Up this morning!" I squeak.

Dr. John is upset,

It made him forget,

The best comments for the week.

Over the internet and through a mouse click,

to visit the link of the day,

To lend an ear,

And spread some cheer,

Leaving the words "Dr. John" along the way.

Over the internet and through a mouse click,

It's back to the Fortress I skip.

To let the Linna's know,

We love them so,

And to thank you for the trip!

7:22 AM  
Blogger sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Blogger can be soooo frustrating, but Blogger is free, Blogger is free. I know that manta also.
Have a wonderful week. I sure hope someone steps up to take over leadership of Pigeon Falls. Maybe there is a new resident on the horizon??? I sure hope the dog doesn't get the White Rabbit or the dragon the dog. ~smiles~

Blessed be...

7:28 AM  
Blogger ArtsyTartsyViray said...

That was such a cute post.. and that's a mantra I could see myself using as well...

"ohm.... blogger is free.. ohm.. "

Happy MOnday!

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Stacy said...

Blogger is free, but the bain of many an existance. That's why I made the switch to Blogsome. Also free and less far.

Loved the bumper sticker ideas. All politicians should have to have truthful slogans like those.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

I am feeling generous o day so I will leave two comments today

comment comment

hahaha....I really wish I could think if something better to say.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Kat Campbell said...

Those bumper stickers just cracked me up. What a country we'd have if all politicians were struck with an honesty stick! I'm so worried about Pidgeon Falls, if someone doesn't step up, they'll get taken over by the state!

12:14 PM  
Blogger Catch said...

I know its free, but what about wordpress? what is that? You already explained beta to me in such a way that I dont think Ill try

It is cold in Ohio today! Coat weather. And snow flurries!

12:41 PM  
Blogger butterflies said...

Blogger has been down here quite a bit lately too..but as you say..its FREE!!! thats the most important thing to me.

1:02 PM  
Blogger starbender said...

it's free...
it's free...
U sound like me!
Blogger hates 2 post photo's!
U can imagine I must pull out
alot of hair! heheheee....

Is the Mayors job that tough? Perhaps they should ask the
White Rabbit! He couldn't be
any worse.....

; ]

It's Monday, and I made it!!!

2:04 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Blogger was down? I thought it was just my ornery computer!

3:25 PM  
Blogger QuillDancer said...

Wow! I won! How am I to pick? I want .... World Peace, but Dr. John isn't offering it this week, so #4 will help keep me calm while I await that blessed day.

Thank you, Dr. John! I will play it in my classroom and then let you know how my students feel about dulcimer music.

6:07 PM  
Anonymous sandy said...

Breathe dr. john, be calm, breathe! Say your mantra and breathe d e e p l y! Put monkey back on the computer ~ Blogger's here!

6:42 PM  
Blogger Cuppojoe said...

I'm kinda burnt out today, Doc... I don't really have much to say (which is probably a blessing to some!), but I thought I better at least let you know that I dropped by... Hope the rest of your week shapes up nicely.

7:36 PM  
Anonymous andrena said...

just stopping by to say hello...I have been quite remiss in my usual visits...hope you are well..

8:14 PM  
Blogger Miss 1999 said...

I know, I was so going nuts when blogger was down! I can't handle it, but then again, like you said, it is free, and free is good :0)

PS: I still say, White Rabbit for Mayor!!!

11:18 PM  
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1:45 AM  
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