Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another Energy Idea

Saying for the Day: Every little kilowatt counts.

Mr. President I’m back with another energy saving idea. I know you haven’t responded to my
little windmills or my cowpolene ideas yet. But I thought you might like another choice.
Actually this idea covers three areas. The energy crisis, global warming, and an out of shape obese population.
This idea doesn’t even require foreign scientists like the other two.
What we need to do is to get the guys at M.I.T. to design a stationary bike that when you ride it produces electricity. Then they need to design a simple system to feed that electricity into the power grid. This is certainly within the ability of our top people.
Then you need to find a company that knows how to make cheap copies of the system and mass produce it.
Now the government will give these bicycles to any obese person that requests one , at no charge.
Further they will get a small reduction in their electric bill for every kilowatt they produce.
Look at the results. A healthier, thinner population. This will save money for Medicare and take some pressure off of our health system.
It will mean less discharge from the power plant and thus less global warming.
It will cut down on the oil used helping to free us from those greedy Arab countries.
Further you could require it to be used for exercise in all federal prisons. You know that all they do in the exercise yard is fight anyway. You do watch the movies, don’t you.
Just think , every prisoner, pumping away. There will be enough juice to electrocute a few of them as well. Think of the savings when all our prisons become power independent.
Now of course this will require some work are on your part. You will need to get the newly elected Democratic Congress to pass the electric bicycle obesity bill of 2007. This will provide all the needed money. Just tell the Democrats its for the poor and they will climb on board ( you may lose a few Republicans though).
We need one other thing. We need the Vice President to stop hunting lawyers long enough to ride one of the new bikes for publicity shots.
You need to ride one too. You are our President and we should at least get a little energy from you.

9250 spins without a win. Old Hapless played canasta with his daughter-in-law and his daughter and really lost. He got wiped out. Well he wasn't alone Mrs. Hapless was his partner. Together they have lost more canasta games than one can count.
Well Uncle Wiggly lovers if old Hapless doesn't get into another canasta game and win causing him to be so happy he can't blog. We will be back tomorrow with another chapter of "As the World Spins".

Started the morning with the entire family at a Green Bay water park. All the grandchildren and children were there. It was a great morning. We then went to Pete's house and celebrated Luke's birthday a few days early. We are back in Crystal Falls. It is always good to be home even when you enjoyed the trip. On the way back we stopped at Home Depot and Wal Mart. I ran into my nephew Kevin and we had a nice talk. Well I do need a breathing treatment.


Blogger W. J. St. Christopher said...

This is the best energy idea, yet! Unfortunately, that kind of exercise really makes me wheeze and hack at a scary level. Do you think they could design something for use through mind control?

My head's full of wheezy images now -- I think I need a breathing treatment . . .

11:25 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

I am glad you had a good time with the family. I wish I had family closer to us.

Your idea is perfect. The only problem with it is that it makes sense. And here in America we do do what makes sense.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Chana said...

oh how wonderful to just imagine everyone, absolutely everyone together in one place at the same time...i have such a large family but they live it's just my mom and sis and her 2 kids..i love thinking of the day we will all get together...

so happy you had a favolous time and are happy to be home again. I'm like that, even when i enjoy a trip immensively, i am so happy to be back in my own home.

hope you are well.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Tina said...

You know what, Doc ? Next election, you've got my write-in vote. Then we'd have someone in charge who had some real common sense answers to the big questions. With as much riding as I'd need to do to get this body in shape, I could probably power my whole block for a year. Tina

8:41 PM  
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