Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Saying for the Day- Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn't wait to get to work in the morning: I wanted to know what I was going to say. ~Sharon O'Brien

Writers Writers Writers-Short Story Writers
Long Short Story Writers-Storytellers
Would be Writers

Your chance for fifteen seconds of fame.
The Annual Pigeon Falls Liar’s Club Storytelling Contest Has Begun

Rules are below:
1. The stories can be of any length.
2. The story must be about some creature that can’t exist like a dragon or an elf or any of hundreds of fantasy creatures.
3. It must include a small town.
4. It must seem plausible on the face of it.
5. Judging will be by a local ( loco) panel.

6. There will be a Best Liar’s Plaque and a ten dollar gift certificate for the winner.
7. Stories must be submitted by July 20, 2008.
8. Entries should be e-mailed to
9. There will also be a writer’s choice award. Writer’s who submit short stories will be asked to vote for what they think is the best short story other than their own. Voting will take place after July 20 so that all the stories are in. Voting will be by e-mail to

If you have a story in you this is your chance to let it out.
The Liar’s Club would appreciate if you would pass this information to writer’s, would be writers, storytellers, and anybody else that might be interested.

#### News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal .When she got up this morning Bonnie knew it was time. She had delivered three other children and she knew the feeling she got just before they were born. This morning she had that feeling. So she had her friend drive her the four blocks to the Iron Mountain hospital and checked herself in. be
The hospital called old Doc Simpson and he left for Iron Mountain as soon as he got the call. The railroad kept a speeder in Pigeon Falls and Doc took that to Iron Mountain. He wanted to there for the birth and it was two hours by car and one half hour by rail.
One hour later Dr. Simpson and the Iron Mountain specialist delivered two healthy babies. There was one boy and one girl.
The first thing Bonnie said was so much for the driblet. I’m in the hospital, there was no storm, I had two doctors. The only thing it got right was I’m older than the usual mother.
Russel , her husband, arrived an hour after the birth. He had come by car. It seems that not only were the roads as bad as usual but the State had torn one up for repairs which made it almost impassable.
Bonnie named the little girl Tabatha and the Boy Harry after his uncle. Russel learned long ago never to argue with Bonnie so those names will stick. Even though Russel did remark that now he has a witch and a wizard in the family. Bonnie ignored him.
The only sad note was that Tommy UK , a good friend of the McGregors, wasn’t there to celebrate with them.

Today's Link-Skunkfeathers-A reasoned response to a scam.
The Lionel 0 Layout from the living room in Crystal Falls
It was a grreat day. I took my annual bath in the walk in tub. For breakfast we toasted some slices from the banana bread I made yesterday. It was even better toasted.Then Betty and I went to the Church and took pictures of the garden. After that we went to the post office and mailed a package to my sister Dawn. From there to Wall Mart to get dirt and groceries. Then home. It felt so good to be out of the Fortress. In the afternoon I visited blogs and left comments. Now Betty , Pennie, Peter, and Bree have gone to Lifefest and I'll have to do my own breathing treatment.


    Blogger Janvangogh said...

    I thought Tommy UK was on the train home.

    5:49 AM  
    Blogger Melli said...

    The pressure!
    The pressure!
    Pieces floating in my head.
    Words disappearing.
    Ideas won't come.
    Crafts and creativity collide.
    My brain may explode.
    I think I need a drink!
    Maybe I'm dreaming.
    The pressure's still there.

    WHAT is taking Tommy UK so long to get home? HE needed to ride that speeder! Sheeeeesh! LIFE is happening without him!

    7:40 AM  
    Blogger Dragonstar said...

    Lovely photos of your railway Dr John!
    I'm very glad the twins are born safely.

    8:58 AM  
    Anonymous quilly said...

    Oh! I need to get busy and tell a lie! I'd forgotten!

    1:24 PM  
    Blogger Family Man said...

    Love the picture!

    1:27 PM  
    Blogger juliana said...

    well, news from pigeon falls are becoming curioser and curioser... :)

    2:39 PM  
    Blogger Josie said...

    A liar's contest! How wonderful! I'll get my thinking cap on. I know a few "tall tales".

    Love the pictures!

    4:18 PM  
    Blogger MedStudentWife said...

    oohhhh... I want to participate in the liar's club contest... but I don't think I can think up something fast enough :0

    5:51 PM  
    Blogger Penelda said...

    Since I am related to the contest runner I will have to lie and say I am someone else to compete. My blog is back up and running.

    10:43 PM  

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