Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Internet Facts

Saying for the day: Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold. ~Leo Tolstoy

Today I perform my weekly public service. I give you fifteen internet facts . These are things that you can astonish your friends with. Of the fifteen “facts” one is a “real fact”. Past real facts have included the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows , Jimmy Carter was the first US. President to be born in a hospital., the original name of Bank of America was Bank of Italy, Gatorade was developed in Florida, the simplest and most popular cosmological model predicts that you have a twin in a galaxy about 10 to 10 to the 28 meters from here, and The original Celsius scale had boiling at 0 and freezing at 100. The readings were reversed only after Anders Celsius died
. But the facts I make up could be true. I am a really good maker upper. In any case you can tell your friends “ It must be true because I read it on the internet. Today’s list:

1. Some carrots have been discovered to contain a substance that instead of improving eye sight could actually damage it.

2. One can get high smoking regular lawn grass.

3. A rampant Rhino tried to mate with a Renault Laguna in a British Safari Park.

4. The inventor of the computer mouse called it a mouse because his cat kept playing with it.

5. Only forty per cent of the goods sold in America are made in America.

6. Swimming in water fountains in Neenah Wisconsin is prohibited by law.

7. An old Green Bay law , never rescinded, requires the serving of a slice of cheese with every piece of apple pie.

8. The train that runs from Presque Isle Park in Marquette to the Huron Mountains has been declared a mobile National Park.

9. The first toilet seen on television was on “ Father Knows Best”.

10. In Denmark the word “Dragon” may not be used in the name of a pub.

11. The creator of toilet paper by the roll also gave us paper towels.

12. No satellite has ever been destroyed by a meteor.

13. Sound travels faster in air than in steel.

14. The number of crows in the United States far exceeds that of Robins.

15. Treadmills have caused more home accidents than stairs.

There you have them. Fifteen beautiful internet facts. One is really true but the others could be. I made them up myself and I am good at making things up. In any case the next time they try to get you to eat carrots tell them you read on the internet they could damage your eyes.
Is that the real fact ? If not which is?

#### News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal. People are so quick to jump from one thing to another. A week ago most people stopping for a cup of coffee or tea at Nancy’s were talking about a whale or the possibility of a whale. Today and yesterday they are all talking about a Rabbit or a Rabbit hoax. From whale to rabbit in a week and all because of a Canadian Mounted with no horse. It doesn’t take much to move a small town.
The Tommy Club is convinced it’s a hoax. Tommy UK is convinced it isn’t.
The Big White Rabbit itself has not been seen in over a week.If it’s a hoax whoever is behind it is afraid to bring it out while the Tommy Club is at work.
Nancy doesn’t care if it is a hoax or not. Either way it sells coffee. People just want someplace to sit and talk about it.
Tommy TW is still stuck with writer’s block. His new book is only half done and he says some of te characters have shifted and he can no longer see the end. How can his hero, the bumbling detective, find clues if he doesn’t know what clues to leave.
Nancy thinks they should take a vacation. She suggested a week in France. They could go to Paris and he could stop thinking about the novel for a week. Tommy TW is not at all sure that’s a good idea. He thinks he needs to stay and work through the block.
A whale party is planned for this afternoon. There will be a big picnic and people will get to watch the Lake of the Loons to see if the whale shows up.

Today's Link-Weeder's Digest-Some flowers to make the day
A very quiet day. I spent most of the day reading. Betty and Pennie went shopping. Then I did a little blog visiting. Now I need a breathing treatment.



Blogger Stacy said...

You are a VERY good maker upper. I don't think they were up to showing toilets on Father Knows Best so I'm guessing either 3 or 7.

5:45 AM  
Blogger Janvangogh said...

I think Tommy UK needs to go investigate Sargent York. Why is everyone convinced he is authentic? After all, he didnt have a horse. That should be their first clue that something is awry. And his name, SARGENT YORK of the RCMP. How original is that? I am surprised that Tommy hasnt thought about checking him out already -- unless he has been doing that behind the scenes.

5:49 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

I'm going to guess that number one is the true fact.

It's tough though because you make them all sound very factual.

5:59 AM  
Blogger Melli said...

Oh goodness Dr. J! I don't have TIME for all this today! I'm going with Wisconsin HAVING to give cheese with every apple pie! And in DC it IS indeed against the law to swim in fountains - so it probably is in Neena too! But I'm going with the Wisconsin Cheese! (cuz I gotta get on the road! The beach calls! And I will NOT be held accountable for YOUR sin! BUT... if you can be here in the next 30 minutes, I will GLADLY take you - and Betty - with me!)

Please keep Tommy UK out of trouble until I return... and I pray the whale does NOT present himself publicly until I'm back too! I do HOPE the White Rabbit returns... but I have my doubts. I'm thinking a full page apology in the local paper, AND a billboard out by the tracks might be in order! A box of Trix might not hurt either!

I will MISS you my new friend! And you will be prayed for! So keep breathing!

6:03 AM  
Anonymous noble pig said...

I'm going to go cut the lawn grass RIGHT NOW!

7:10 AM  
Blogger Dragonstar said...

You're too good a maker-upper for me, Dr John! This week they all sound equally plausible. Maybe I should pretend I didn't drop in and see these. Do you think that would work?
No, probably not.

7:43 AM  
Blogger The Old Fart said...

I haven't got a clue as to which one is correct, but if I had to guess I'd say it is #5 as we here North of the 49th Parallel import more than we make and both our economies are geared to co-exist together.

I do know that Robert Young would never allow a toilet to be shown on his TV show, he never showed on on Marcus Welby. But for future posts the first toilet flush on TV was Archie Bunker's.

A Blessed Day is wished for you and Betty.

I've passed my Written Exam for Class 2, Thankyou and Betty for your prayers. Now comes the Air Brake testing.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Carletta said...

One of my favorite blogging moments - the fifteen Internet fact list - good ones today.
I'd like to hope that number five is false but I'm scared to actually check that out.
Good ones.
Today's Link did indeed provide many beautiful treats!

10:49 AM  
Blogger juliana said...

ha, good ones today... my first guess would be #3 cos it sounds so incredible but i'm probably wrong

2:57 PM  
Blogger Gattina said...

I believe everything you listed except that the grass in my garden doesn't do any effect to me when I smoke it, lol !
I have the reconstitution of the Waterloo battle today if ever you are interested in.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

I hope all the blog visiting isn't making you need more breathing treatments. :)

10:43 PM  
Blogger tsduff said...

I'm a sucker for #14. Sorry I've been absent for a spell - this present illness has really kicked me to the curb and I've not been feeling like blogging at all, not even on my own site which is a first. Thank you for your great site - I enjoy all of it very much.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Worldman said...

I went through the list several times. And all items sound so true. I thought I had a certain knowledge of things. Even a big one. But I am absolutely unable to tell which one is true.

8:23 PM  

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