Saturday, June 02, 2007

What kind of scam is this?

Saying for the Day-Sometimes we really want to believe what we know is not true.

In the past three weeks I have won three European lotteries that I never even entered. I won millions of dollars ( I haven’t seen any of them yet).
That same period was a bad time for people with the last name Linna who lived in Africa. Despite the fact that all three of them were disgustingly rich they all died. No relatives could be found and their lawyers ( nice guys) wanted me to pretend to be a relative so the greedy state wouldn’t take all the money.
Then just to make me even richer two filthy rich Christians in Africa died or were dying and didn’t want their money grubbing atheist families getting their hands on God’s money. They wanted me to take it and give it away to Christian causes. I could of course keep a million or so for myself.
These of course are all scams. You can’t win a lottery you never entered. There has never been a rich Linna in all of history let alone three of them. Finally real Christians give away their money while they are alive and so there is little left for greedy atheist relatives.
I also understand why people are taken in by these scams. We all would like to win a lottery. This seems to be an answer to our prayers. WE all know in our hearts that the state grabs money and uses it for bad purposes and that person just might be a relative. Finally we don’t want those money grubbing unbelievers to get God’s money. There is just enough in each of those to cause us to suspend reality and fall for the scam. These I understand.
But I got one this week I don’t understand and perhaps you can help me with. I quote from the E-mail
He goes on to say he wants to hear from me soon. But I know nothing about football players. Does he want me to put them up in my house. Does he want money to fly them here. What’s in it for me? This is the worst scam I have received because it doesn’t make me greedy just confused.
Of course, when all that money I won in the lotteries I didn’t enter starts to arrive I just might send them an airline ticket or two. The Packers could use some new players.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my garage where the trains still run, dragons fly, and people dream The Dream-At 2:00 this morning all the sleeping people in Pigeon Falls entered into The Dream. In the dream town of Oiseaux Morts they waited the return of Fred Stir who had gone North to see how close the Blue Plaque was. Petrovich, the wizard, was getting ready to leave since he couldn’t get enough gold to protect the town. Father Moe and the Bishop were praying in the cathedral that God would keep the Blue Plaque out of Oiseaux Morts . The Bishop had even gone around the town blessing everybody with Holy Water. Life, of course went on. Farmers planted, merchants sold things, housewives did everything else from making clothes to washing them by hand ( no machines here). Eino continued to watch for poachers of the King’s deer and handle drunks with a need to fight. But there was that sense of waiting. The kind of feeling one has during a tornado watch in this reality.
The Fred came riding back in. He slid off his horse and they could see that he was sick. The Plaque had reached the next town and he said it was horrible. People dying
everywhere. Eino looked at Fred and called for the healing Monk. By the time the Monk arrived Fred had turned blue and was beginning to swell up. Eino and the Monk got him off the street into a building so that everybody wouldn’t have to watch. There he burst and died. At that point The Dream ended.
People now waited to see if what happened to Fred in this world
Will Fred be dead? Will Fred end up like Alex? Will Fred wake up and discover he is alive after all? Can anything else happen to poor Fred? Is Tommy UK really the undertaker’s son?
Tomorrow some of these questions will be answered.

Today's Link-Artsy Etc.- We haven't had a photo blog for a long time and this is a great picture. Leave a Dr.John in the comment for a chance in next Friday's drawing.
Went To Green Bay to the Synod convention today. Got to hear the Bishop and spend some quality time with Pastor Joel. Then went to Peter's house and saw the grand kids. It was a good day. Peter grilled a steak for supper and Lori made corn on the cob. Now I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Janvangogh said...

If Petrovich didnt get enough gold and left, did he return the gold that he did get?

So when Fred burst, did he end up looking like a deflated balloon, or did he burst and get all over everything? Or did he just burst and disappear? If he disappeared, then maybe he really just went into a different dimension.

King's deer? There is a king in Pigeon Falls?

5:19 AM  
Blogger goldennib said...

It is so tempting to believe these scams. But money rarely falls in your lap.

6:09 AM  
Anonymous quilly said...

Hey, those were MY relatives that died in Africa! How did they suddenly get your name?

6:42 AM  
Blogger The Old Fart said...

I also get these email messages as well about winning all this money or finding I was bequeathed some riches from some relative in some country my family lineage doesnt' even go to.

I chuckle and laugh and press the delete key on my computer and go to the next email.


The $20.00 bills in the bowl in the picture go back over 20~25 years ago. They are now in the collector's items department.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

I get a lot of those scams too. Most of them go into junk mail without me even seeing them. Sometimes I check my junk mail, just to see whats there. It's amazing. I get 200-300 hundred pieces of junk email a day!! I'm going to be richer than you. I can't believe anyone fall for the scam.

I like photo links and visited todays. I even left a comment.

Cold and rainy in the UP today so I have time to sit at the computer. Dave has a list of "honey do, indoor jobs"

9:37 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

You should run a contest for the most original scam rendition of these types of emails. With a few winners such as 'Most convincing', 'Most hilarious' and 'Most worthy of deletion via lightning bolt.'

10:50 AM  

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