Saturday, January 06, 2007

A story to guide you

Saying for the day - A clean blog is a happy blog.

Had to spend a little time this morning cleaning up the blog.
Margaret, to make a point, threw her JCPOINTS all over the place.
My real world is cluttered but I am keeping my virtual world clean.
So I picked them all up and stacked them neatly.
You will also notice that the left hand column is far less cluttered than it was last year.
On this blog neatness counts.

Over the years I have collected a number of stories with morals. This morning I am going to share one of them with you.It might have a profound impact on your life.

Once upon a time there was a little bird that was caught in a huge blizzard.
When the blizzard was over the poor bird was on the ground almost dead from the cold.
A nice man came along and saw the bird , picked it up, and then dug a hole in the top of a manure pile and put the bird in it.
He tucked the manure around its neck.
AS , I’m sure you know, as manure decomposes it puts out heat so soon the little bird was feeling much better.
It felt so good that it began to sing.
A fox heard the bird singing and came , pulled it out, and ate it.
Now there are three important morals to this story:

1. The person who puts you in the manure is not necessarily your enemy.

2. The person that pulls you out of the manure is not necessarily your friend.

3. And most important. If your up to your neck in manure don’t sing.

@@@ News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my garage where the trains still run and dragons fly-There is a new man living in the Hermit House. He came in on the milk train this morning. He rented a car from Eino who told him something of the history of the house. It seems he is a writer and rented the house for a year so he could have a quiet place to write. He is working on a novel about a murder in a small town and figured Pigeon Falls would give him some feel for ordinary small town life. Eino told him he has to stop in at Nancy’s for coffee and information.
Mary Groop is busy again. She does income tax for people who have trouble doing their own. She doesn’t charge very much. She is Pigeon Falls answer to HR Block. She does the tax preparation for around ten per cent of Pigeon Falls. Its not that Pigeon Falls doesn’t have a real accountant . It does, Kenny Thompson. But he charges too much for most people. Of course all the businesses use him. Eino wanted to deduct his smashed door as a business expense but Kenny told him that keeping stone statues was not part of the auto business. It wasn’t covered under his insurance either. A break in was covered but a break out was not. Poor Eino is learning that no good deed goes unpunished.

Today's link-Logan Lo -On (or close to ) Schedule- A little hope for the New Year- Please leave the words Dr. John in the comment or no ice cream tonight.
Still phasing out JCPOINTS - you can trade them in by going HERE for your total and then HERE for the stuff. Please don't throw the points I just cleaned up.
I did some blogging in the morning and then some reading ( Yep they still make books).In the afternoon went to Mennards and my daughter bought a table saw. (Not the one I suggested). Coming back I blogged and then watched football. Now I need a breathing treatment.


Anonymous janvangogh said...

Will the unnamed writer be sharing his stories?

6:59 AM  
Blogger jafabrit said...

That was an excellent story :)

7:15 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Oh my!

I'm always making messes although I don't mean to.

Cleaning up "virtually" on my end too. To save time and make things more organized and regimented. Who knew blogging would be such a hard job?

7:37 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

about the manure pile- an abbreviated moral might be, " happens."

10:47 AM  
Blogger The Old Fart said...

Funny story, I heard it a couple or more times before, I like your version, not as dirty (in more ways than one).

Just wanted to say thankyou for the link to my blog, much appreciated.

A Blessed Weekend for you and Betty

11:51 AM  
Blogger Logan Lo said...

That is a great story! I've heard it before but good stories always deserve a re-visit!

I appreciate being the "Link of the Day!"

I'm planning on adding friends links on my blog soon and will assuredly drop you a link when I do!


1:06 PM  
Blogger QuillDancer said...

Tidy is good. Stop by here. My house needs help.

Hmmm, why am I suspecting that there will be a murder soon in Pidgeon Falls?

5:42 PM  
Blogger Catch said...

I like the story...I have read it before but it always makes me smile! lol

8:06 PM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

The person who puts you in manure is not necessarily your enemy
The person who pulls you out is not necessarily your friend
Don't sing when up to your neck in manure.

Funny, the bird was too small for the man to eat - if the bird had been larger, a pigeon, pheasant or fattened chicken, the bird might have equally ended up in the man's pot.

Curious thing watching birds of prey - Golden Eagles, Fish Eagle, Hari Eagle, Tawni Eagle, kestrel, ...
Nature has made them all high speed killing machines which can swoop on birds in mid flight, on bunnies or any other small animal running on the ground - even monkeys and sloths hanging from trees.

I guess man is lucky he is not constantly under threat and hunted by wilds animals - instead of living in fear of being eaten - we live in fear of disease & old age

To become food for worms or food to fan the flames ... but I guess we are better off than those living in 'fear' of being eaten alive - literally.

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Kat said...

I hadn't head that story before, good one Dr. John. Uh Oh, a writer in Pidgeon Falls. Strangers are always suspect...especially the ones looking for "nice, quiet places".

4:27 AM  

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