Thursday, January 04, 2007

It goes on

Saying for the day- Some things can't be stopped but should be.

And we continue to phase out the JCPOINT system.
You can check your points HERE.
Then goto the JCPOINTS STORE to see what they are worth.
New items will be added as the day goes on.
The items go to the first person with enough points that asks for them in the comment.

Today begins the second change which can be noticed but not seen.
I will no longer be blogging at five in the morning.
My sleep pattern has changed so I will blog when I get up.
Who knows when that will be.

You will notice my Finnish lesson is now on the left hand side ( changed already from yesterday.)
and is in a Finnish blue box.
I have started with two basic words mother and father.
My motto is have fun have Finnish.

You will also notice that winter has come to the Fortress.
It may not come to Neenah but the Fortress has snow.

Other changes are going to follow.
This is a NEW YEAR.
I belong to the One that makes all things new.
So hang onto your hats.

@@@- News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my garage where the trains still run and dragons fly– Poor Eino is a man of reason. His reason tells him there are no dragons and no giant White Rabbits. His reason tells him that stone statues don’t get up and walk away. His reason tells him that he could not have seen what he saw at the end of the track. All these things are impossible. But he has seen the dragon, he has seen the White Rabbit, he has seen the empty closet and the video tape, and he saw what he saw at the end of the track. He is beginning to think he is going insane. But then the whole world seems to be going with him. Almost everybody has seen the dragon and the White Rabbit. Mrs. Trumble even shot the dragon and it bled. He had the blood tested and it came from some kind of lizard. Mrs. Trumble, an honest women swears that when she shot the White Rabbit it went poof in a ball of smoke. There was smoke in the air when he reached the end of the street. He can not explain these things. He is being driven to believe the world may not be as rational a place as he thought. But still he seeks some kind of explanation. He goes over and over all the facts he has. Then he goes over them again. Hoping, against hope, some clue will develop that will make it all make sense.
Nancy , on the other hand, says it is good for business so don’t fight it embrace it. She has now shaped a saffron bun to look like a dragon and is selling dragon buns. At Nancy’s you can take a bite out of a dragon.
Pigeon Falls has a number of people who are willing to turn strange into cash. There is even a sweater that says : “I survived the occupation of 2006”. It comes in army green as well as other colors.
Then there is Petroivich who seems to be working hard to prove some obscure Russian monk predicted all of this. Even at this moment he is in Russia studying the old manuscripts themselves.
How will all this end? Where did the dragon come from? What did happen to the stone man. Why was the town occupied? Does Mrs. Trumble have some secret/ Is Tommy really the undertaker’s kid. Who asks these silly questions.

Link for today-My Main Blog- the jokes blog-( With Starbender gone we need a new source for morning humor) Remember to put the word Dr. John in the comment because it seems like the thing to do.
We got out of the Fortress today and went to the Hobby Lobby. It has a marvelous section of train stuff that will be usefull if I ever start another railroad. We bought some4 good Christmas stuff at 66% off.Then we went grocery shopping. I visited all the blogs when we came back that are on my link list. Now I needa breathing treatment.


Anonymous Stacy said...

I like the changes so far...especially the one where you get to sleep in. Enjoy it.

7:07 AM  
Anonymous janvangogh said...

Maybe Eino & Tommyfound the end of the earth and he is dealing with finding out that the earth is really flat and not round. But then how can he explain Mrs. Smith going to Hawaii? Or Petrovich going to Russia?

Thanks for letting me know you are going to get up later. So out here, it is even later.

7:42 AM  
Blogger kristi said...

Sleeping in is such a Beautiful thing!!!

8:56 AM  
Blogger bazza27 said...

Great link today Dr John, thanks.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Bella said...

5 in the morning! I don't think I've seen that time in a while. lol

Things always change for the better.

Me no likey winter. :(

3:15 PM  
Blogger goldennib said...

I like the snow-capped turrets.

How do you say those words? Can you add pronunciation keys?

Happy New Year.

3:50 PM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

lol - The Manuscript

The thing is in this day and age, how do you know the old manuscript is real, carbon dating?

but if we can make artificial diamonds (in a lab) we can age manuscripts in a lab - so what he is reading (in old Russian) is not a prophecy from old, but tomorrow's news report.

Still that does not make it REAL
for we know the camera does LIE
especially CNN and make believe Hollywood. I guess you lot still don't get much Bollywood.

Alas, America The USA never had an empire that comprise India part of east coast north America & British Columbia - lol!

Mind you neither did the brits, they just fooled themselves they did - in the belief that if you say it often enough it makes it true - mantra, mantra, mantra ...

4:12 PM  
Anonymous happy and blue 2 said...

I'm just happy your still posting. Who cares what time of day you post. Well, not me anyways..

6:30 PM  
Anonymous andrena said...

hey dr john...haven't been on this side of town in awhile..wanted to pop in and wish you a happy new year! Hope you and Betty are doing okay!

9:34 PM  
Blogger The Bizarre Jokester (WOW!) said...

THANKS A TON, Dr. John! This is an honour!

5 o' clock in the morning! That's a lot of dedication!

Anyway, keep up the changes. After all, as you aptly put it in one of your posts, The Only Thing Constant is Change !

2:52 AM  
Blogger jafabrit said...

I enjoyed your link today :)

Enjoy your sleep in's :)

5:39 AM  
Blogger Tina Dray said...

stooped at the sales but nothimg caught my eye just yet will have to back again!

5:45 AM  

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