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Raven's Challenge

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Oftentimes, when people are miserable, they will want to make other people miserable, too. But it never helps. ~Lemony Snicket

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Well here I am as I look ten hours every night and sometimes three or four hours during the day. I am the man in the plastic mask. But that mask keeps me alive and lets me sleep. It feeds in oxygen and it breaths for me. My little dragon keeps me company.

Melli wanted me to do Raven’s challenge on the right day so here it is. The words in red are from the ten word challenge the one’s in green from the five.

I am very upset this morning.I feel like I just put my hand on a cactus. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how problematic it might seem we are destroying the language. Things are not what the words say they are.
For example I know of a ten world list that had only nine words. Now that isn’t right.
I went to a wedding where the flower girl had no flowers . She should be called a no flower girl.
Each kid at the orphanage was given an ice cream cone that was filled with yogurt. Those aren’t ice cream cones they’re yogurt cones.
We have milk with no fat. That’s not milk that’s white protein water.
We took the meat that nobody loved Spam and turned it into unwanted E-mail.
We have Country Music with city lyrics? How horrible is that?
In our politics words long ago ceased to have any meaning at all.
People should splurge and get a dictionary.
Do I have to draw you a diagram to show you where this is going.
Soon a drag race will be men in dresses racing each other.
We will have artificial poppy seed made of apple bits.
Even John Denver who is dead and probably swinging from a star isn’t safe. There are still John Denver concerts and even a Broadway musical with his name.
Perhaps I should look for that old Finnish teaching tape. Or have they messed up that language as well?

A poem with the five words

When I really really need,
Some good old fashioned poppy seed
To keep me swinging from a star
I get directions from my car
Never used in a drag race
My GPS it does encase
It will diagram the way
To get some seed this very day
Where John Denver used to go
When he was living here below

News from Pigeon Falls
The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal
As problematic as it may seem it was not to the sound of angel wings that Willie, the town drunk.awoke this morning, but to the sound of winged demons and the smell of a thousand outhouses. Not that he ever awoke to the smell of flower girl bouquets. But this morning he found himself in an outhouse back of the Fly Inn. Poor Willie his life would make great lyrics for a country song. He was born in an orphanage that was so poor he never saw an ice cream cone and the only meat he got was Spam. Lying in the outhouse he could still smell the Spam. As his head threatened to leave his body he thought I should have listened to my sister. He had earned fifty dollars yesterday cutting grass, but he didn’t splurge on good food like milk or bread . No! he went to the Fly Inn and spent it all. He vaguely remembered somebody fighting with somebody over politics. But he knew it wasn’t him. How he got to the outhouse he didn’t know.But his head felt like it had a very pointy cactus growing in it.
His sister Aili will be so disappointed with him. She had spent all those evenings with him playing canasta until the Fly Inn closed just to keep him sober. She and the beautiful pink shirt he got from St. Vincent DePaul were the only good things in his life. He loved that shirt and only wore it to visit Aili. Thinking of how sad Aili would be caused his head to hurt even more.
Bonnie McGregor stopped in to Nancy’s yesterday . She was so excited she just had to share with somebody. It seems they had set the twins up in their own room with one of those electric monitoring devices so they could hear them if they needed them. But by ten o’clock they were sound asleep. She and Russel were alone for the first time since she got pregnant. It was like a second honeymoon. You know with exploding fireworks and flashing lights and all those things . Who says old people can’t have fun. Russel has to be the perfect husband.
Nancy had to smile because she knew that Joan was telling people that she saw Russel coming out of Aili Sorry’s right at the time he was having fun with Bonnie. Unless he could be in two places at one time that isn’t very likely.
Willie stopped in to Nancy’s this morning. She gave him a few cups of coffee even though he didn’t have any money. He looked and smelled terrible.It was obvious he was off the wagon again. Pigeon Falls had its town drunk back. Every little town needs a town drunk.

Wrap Up
My grandkids and their father came in last night which was a surprise. So I got a late start on the computer. They went off to the Quarry in the rain and had a good time. Betty and Pennie went to a retreat at the Church. I did some blogging and read a bit( a new book). Now my grandkids are returning so I will close up until tomorrow. I will soon need a breathing treatment.


Blogger KathyB. said...

Well, an old Finnish language teaching tape just might fit the bill..if J.R.R.Tolkein thought Finnish to be the language of his beloved and idealistic race ( the elves ) maybe it would be fit all of us to learn a little Finnish. And you know, J.R.R. Tolkein had a lot to say about dragons! KathyB.

3:14 AM  
Blogger Janvangogh said...

Nancy didnt say anything about Willie wearing Russell's pink shirt?

4:37 AM  
Blogger Russell said...

Always enjoy your Pigeon Falls stories! I had to laugh that you spelled Russel with the one "l."

A person once asked me why I had two "s's" and two "l's"in my name and I guess I never thought about it. Some things in life you just do and never question!

One of my favorite expressions is to say "that's "p" as in "pneumonia"!! Heh! Sometimes people don't get it but it always makes me laugh!

Take care and keep writing!!

6:02 AM  
Blogger Carletta said...

First Dr. John, I hope you are feeling well today. Dragons are good company aren't they!
Your wordzzle is very clever. I just love how you got those words in there. I know Melli is on vacation but I hope she sees it.
Your poem was wonderful.
You and I both have John Denver swinging from a star - how cool is that.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How nice of that dragon to keep such too company!

Good to see you!

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved your list and nothing makes me more upset than artificial poppy seeds, it's so wrong!

Happy Saturgay to you.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Gattina said...

You look very interesting with this mask ! Mr. Gattino has to wear one during the night because of snoring, so I am used to "gas" masks, lol!

8:26 AM  
Blogger Raven said...

Wow... all well done... loved the poem... and the commentary on the language (so true). And I'm honored that you incorporated the wordzzle words into the Pigeon Falls news.

Good Show Me picture. Must be tough to wear that mask so much, but as you said, it keeps you alive and that makes it a gift. Good to have a nice dragon for company.

Sorry about the 9 words/10 words thing.

One more thing - when you hook into Mr. Linky, you might want to make sure you renew where it's going. Right now it takes us all to your doors post because Mr. Linky has a long memory, I guess.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Dragonstar said...

You've been very clever with your words today. Three very creative posts.

I like seeing the photo of you with your breathing mask. I like that your mask lets us see your eyes so well, and I like your friendly dragon very much!

9:29 AM  
Blogger Melli said...

YAY!!! Well done on ALL counts!!! I started a mega story this week - but never got time to finish it, so I guess I'm out of it this time. Poooor Willie... Aili IS going to be disappointed!

Boy! You've got that full blown breathing mask! I just had the little things that go up my nose. The full blown maske messed with my claustrophobia and caused panic attacks. Fortunately, when I lost a bunch of weight I no longer had the sleep apnea -- but now I think it's coming back - because I've regained so much weight. I'm doing something about that starting October 1!!! For POSITIVE this time! In the meantime... I'm enjoying vacation!

10:20 AM  
Blogger Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

How sweet to have your dragon keeping you company. Have enjoyed seeing your photos, meeting you, and reading about Pigeon Falls. :D

11:58 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Your dragon is adorable, I'm glad you've got him there to keep you company :).

PS I saw elsewhere that you prefer face pictures to feet - I'm not hiding behind the feet pic, it's just for laughs. If you'd like to see what I actually look like it's right there in my sidebar :).

12:02 PM  
Blogger Chatty said...

Love your stories, and your poem. That is also one nice-looking dragon...and the first picture looked so much like the house my aunt and uncle had in Illinois that I did a double take and had to look really closely to assure myself that it wasn't a picture of my cousins!
Your first offering cracked me up, it is so TRUE - and, there is a lot to be said for Finnish, whether used for acting or just to communicate...

12:21 PM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Aah Dr John,
I see you are still completing your astronaut training, and wearing the oxygen mask.
Bet you are looking forward to your first space walk

3:18 PM  
Blogger Anndi said...

I'm just grateful we have those masks... need you around for a long time to come.

I chuckled quite a bit at "white protein water", very clever!

3:18 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

Very brave shot to share with everyone. Thanks for doing so.

10:53 PM  

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