Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wanted A Good President

Saying for the day: One person's good President is another person's bad.

You can see by the right hand corner that I have decided for the moment to drop out of my run for President. I have directed my campaign manager to issue a statement that because of my health and the terrible stress of campaigning the entire campaign has been put on hold. This means, of course, that I could reenter the race if conditions change.
I do want, however, to list the four things I want in a President:

1. He must be a problem solver. He must have demonstrated his or her ability to look at problems in a logical manner, gather all the facts, and make difficult decisions based on the good of the nation.

2. He or she must be a leader. The President needs to get us to want to follow his or her lead. We need to have such respect for the person that we will follow.

3. The person must not be so committed to issues that he or she can not make the necessary compromises that make a democracy work.

4. I want an honest person as President. One that doesn’t need to explain what he said so that it means something else. I want a President that can say “ I made a mistake”. Because we all know they do.
We have had over the years a few President’s like that. I am not sure as I look at the list of candidates if we will have another one soon.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls– The little town in my garage where the trains still run, the dragon is snowed in, and life goes on as usual.– The blizzard is over and Pigeon Falls is all plowed out. The basketball game has been rescheduled until tonight . Life goes on as usual.
The Town Council met last night and a lot of angry people showed up to complain about the new tax assessments. Mrs. Trumble explained as clearly as she could that the Council doesn’t have anything to do with the assessments. There is a special board that is in charge of that and there is a procedure to appeal. That answer, though the truth, didn’t make people very happy. In other business the Council heard reports on the library project and this coming summer’s Pigeon Days Celebration.They also passed a motion to thank Pastor Marvel for his many contributions to the community and to wish him well in his new call. It will be given to him at the big going away party on Saturday.
Nancy says that people are not just unhappy to be losing Pastor Marvel but they are afraid of what is coming next. They know that there is a shortage of pastors and that they aren’t a very big church. Plus the Bishop seems obsessed with making them wait because of how long Pastor Marvel was with them. He is talking about an interim Pastor. Somebody to fill the needs of Last Lutheran until a new Pastor can be called. That sounds to them like either a retired Pastor or somebody’s reject. A person that despite the shortage can’t get a call. In any case they are afraid and the Bishop has only added to that fear.
Petrovich is still muttering about the meaning of the second driblet which you can see by clicking HERE. At the same time he is working on the third one which he hopes to have ready by next week. He is talking about getting some help in deciphering what it means. He sure does take this prophecy stuff seriously.
Nancy says that things must be returning to normal because she heard that the Jacksons are separating. Butch and Nellie after thirty five years of marriage are throwing it in. Butch says that now that the kids are gone he doesn’t have to listen to her continuous nagging any more. She says she doesn’t know how she put up with such a lazy beggar all these years. In the past Pastor Marvel used to work with them to help see why they married in the first place but now that he’s leaving they might really break up this time. In a small town every action has ripples.
Will Butch and Nellie really throw it in? Will the Bishop ever understand the fears of last Lutheran? Where is that darn dragon when you need him? Is the big White Rabbit lost in the snow. How fast is Tommy UK healing? Will Tommy TW ever finish “ Murder in the Sauna”? And of course is Tommy UK really the undertaker‘s kid. One of these questions might get answered soon.

Today's link-Television and Movie Watcher-If you want the latetest American Idol Scandal here it is. You don't have to look at the R-rated pictures they require seperate clicks. I didn't care enough to look but if your nosey. You could leave a non R rated Dr. John in the comment is you would.
My breathing is a bit better today. I may be able to get off the oxygen for short periods. I slept well last night. I keep taking all these pills.
The lungs felt much better today and there were even periods when I was off the oxygen, But all the medicines have upset my stomach. I blogged in the morning. Watched my soaps, Took a nap. I visited almost all my links. It was a dull day. Now I need a breathing ttreatment.


Blogger Janvangogh said...

Are there no "Sons of Last Lutheran" to step up to the plate?

6:13 AM  
Anonymous stacy said...

Sadly, I think a lot of people who are elected to office start out with the qualities you listed and then the political system gets hold of them and bends them to its way of doing business. What we need is someone strong enough to change the rules of the "game" for everyone.

7:34 AM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

What is most peculiar
What is most most peculiar
Is that winners get 'elected'
by no matter what small minority

Sometimes makes me wonder
what the difference between the Caesar's of Rome, and today's Presidents be - or the difference between Pilate in Galilee and the PM in Britain be.

Do they not hunger for power
Do they not promise to make the 'borders' safe
Do they promise to squash the rebellion

Maybe I got it wrong, but wasn't that Saddam's rise to power and claim to legitimacy?

1:13 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

I'm not sure America is ready for an honest president.

5:49 PM  
Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

I agree with your saying 100%. What is good and perfect to me may be bad and worst for the other. Decisions or likes of others differ.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I am glad you are breathing a bit better and got better sleep last night. So what soaps do you watch? I watch Guiding Light on and off.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Sounds like you are the perfect candidate with all those qualifications. The only thing you lack is all of that campaign money.

I think Hillary was said to have $500 Million for her campaign. That is a lot of money.

No, that is too much money. It's not fair to the little honest guy that really should be running.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Catch said...

Im still going to campaign for you in case you change your mind....all I ask out of a President is a little honesty. You cant even get that.!

6:57 PM  
Blogger The Old Fart said...

Dr John

I've been saying a prayer for you that you will be feeling better. If you can find the type of President you want, hopefully we here in Canada may find the same kind of character in our Prime Minister.

Blessings for you Dr John that you are feeling better soon.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish you could go run for president. I would be on your campaign committee, for free! We need some common sense in Washington. Hope you are breathing well. Oh, and I loved the comment you left on The Cedar Chest. That was a great comeback to the dude who came by to cast out the demons! Great comeback Dr. John!

10:08 PM  
Blogger Evan said...

Hey Champ, I got hit over the head by your bloggy friends a few months ago and never forgotten, yesterday I posted this comment on chana's blog and got to thinking I should just cut and paste (a version of your ears burning)

"Dr John, ill, I will certainly keep him in my prayers, one day last September I logged into my site to find a miriad of people had been by and good enough to comment, i nearly died, picked myself up off the floor and worked out I'd been sprinkled with the good Doctor's fairy dust! It still is hard to explain how exciting that was. So I'm greatly concerned of this news,

hope all is better soon.


glad to hear you are feeling better.


3:43 AM  
Blogger Chana said...

i came to see if you had already posted for today and instead i find myself wondering where the heck is my comment!


OH MY!i'm just running out the door but i assure you i commented...grrr...maybe i got the letters wrong and i didn't take the second to make sure it went through, i'm sorry.

soooooooooo happy breathing is better.. still be careful.

will write when i get back. i think i have good healthy news too.

love you so very much and Betty too.

5:40 AM  

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