Tuesday, July 25, 2006

God sends the best

Saying for the day: Sometimes planting corn is better than preaching Christ.

I reach into the artifact box and I find a note inviting me to coffee at Professor Kirsons house.

At this point in time I was thinking of quitting seminary and going into mathematics.
I was tired.
I was disappointed .
I was going every Wednesday night to a Baptist church for some spiritual food.

When I came to seminary I heard the story of the young man who came to seminary and failed in every class.
The Dean asked him why he was there.
He said I was out in the field and I looked up in the sky and there was a great big P C and I took that to mean Preach Christ.
The Dean said you read it wrong it meant Plant Corn.

I thought just maybe I read it wrong and I should plant corn.

Then God said Professor Kirsons.
He was a pastor in the American Latvian Church.
He taught Greek and Russian Church history.
He was not a very important faculty member.

But he talked of Christ the same way the teacher at Bible Camp had not as an idea but as a friend.
I got to know him very well and even got invited to his house for coffee.
There he talked about what it meant to be a pastor.
He taught me that preaching begins with visiting and listening to people. Then and only then I could allow the people God had entrusted to me to run into the Word and it could speak to them.

Just being with him lifted me and my zeal was renewed.

I learned that God cares enough to send the very best he sent me this very special man just when I needed him.

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town In my back yard where the trains still run.-Their back !!! Last night both the dragon and the white rabbit showed up. The White Rabbit was down by the depot and the dragon came flying in toward him. Six people saw it. The dragon was spewing fire. The rabbit hopped into the woods and the dragon circled over them like he was looking for him and then flew off. People were so excited. But nobody thought to take a picture. Robert’s tour which came later was deemed pretty dull after that. It’s a good job the dragon didn’t set the woods on fire.
The Pigeon Days committee had decided to have a Pigeon Falls homecoming week as part of the festivities. They have people inviting back school classes, confirmation classes, Mason’s , former members of the Pigonelle Lodge number 1, and former Liar’s Club members. It has taken a lot of organizing and of course there is a lot of overlap. But it is all coming together. It will be held the week before the big Pigeon Days parade. There should be more people in town that week than there were for the wedding last Saturday.
Nancy says that if the price of Saffron keeps going up she is going to have to raise the price on her Saffron buns even though she doesn’t want to. Saffron is now $528.35 a pound wholesale and that’s not the best quality. That’s up from $419 a pound just a few years ago.
People are still trying to guess what TV star starts with M. Somebody suggested Madonna but I doubt that. Mary Tyler Moore had also been suggested but that two M’s and a T. We will just have to wait for the official announcement.
As usual they are having a hard time finding a marching band for the parade. There isn’t enough money in the budget to bring some of the bigger ones but then the street isn’t long enough anyway.
The noise and the lights have stopped at the Chicago hermits place much to Robert’s loss. I think if he had the courage he’s pay the guy to keep them going.
The link for today is Unexplored Territory. Remember to leave the words Dr. John in the comments for stange JCPOINTS.Your total of points can be found HERE.
Now yesterday's winners. ( little drum role please) -Kristi and Kristen. Congratulations I will mail out the prize today or tomorrow.
Now to end the suspense. yesterday Chana's name was drawn. Was it drawn again today? I'm sorry to say no. Today we drew Jill's name and if we draw it again tomorrow she gets the Christmas train (see yesterday for the picture) I don't know if I can handle this much excitment every day.
I now have half of our family tree up and running, Betty's half I'll start on tomorrow. Most of the day we spent cleaning and packing the back basaement room where all the tools were kept. Again we filled three bags with garbage. It will take at least one more day to finish this room.
Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Chana said...

your entire post today is filled with so much wit..very funny indeed.

in reading your artifact story, 2 thoughts came to mind...be very careful with it in the move. don't think of giving any of it up..pls..lol..

and maybe this blog circle we got going, is another form, a totally different shape but somehow a continuation of your Pastor's day. i may not know how to word my thought but it feels like it is...
you draw us in and we stay faithfully and so happyly attentinve..you teach us without us really knowing it and you are a great inspiration...okay i'm not sucking up for points here and i'm not saying it right for sure but i wish i could.

glad that God is such a good God to each one of us. that He send you 2 wonderful examples of His love through men who knew of Him and loved Him truly. and that because of them, we and so many before us, have enjoyed your goodness and friendship..

how often do you think someone has and will think of you as you think of one of these mentors in your life? i think you too be surprise.
can just imagine how jaw dropping, exhilarating and adrenaline rushing it must have been to see a white rabbit being chased and harrassed by a Dragon of all things...kinda thing i kinda wish i could see but not really...i mean what if you get caught in the fire...lol..

Nancy is thinking of doing what many in the business have had to..pass on the sharp rise in anything on to the customers...yikes, i hope her coffee doesn't go up too.

i'm sure the committee will find the right music to entertain the crowds...whomever it is will do a fine job and everyone will be must pleased.
i hope Betty got some extra rest. too bad that we cannot all help..can you imagine, we drive you nuts but i think we would have fun.

too bad my name wasn't drawn again. but i'm glad it was drawn at all. good luck to today's winner.

take care. thank you. read you tomorrow.

4:48 AM  
Blogger Janvangogh said...

Have you thought about selling some of the things you need to get rid of on ebay? Sometimes all they need is a good story to go along with them. Do a search on "haunted" or "Virgin Mary" on ebay sometime.

So the dragon only goes after the White Rabbit?

6:29 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

Funny how God slips us little lessons. Sometimes we dont even realize it till later.

I'm on the rabbit's side! Dragon be gone. Course a spy cam might tell an interesting story.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Catch said...

I am so glad you talked to the man who kept you in the ministry. Sometimes in our Church when our Minister is away we have an elder speak. One of our elders, Larry, gives the best sermons...he has never been to school for it, he is an insurance man. But he knows how to reach the people. He gives a great sermon.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Gingers Mom said...

So, you were a pastor?

8:52 AM  
Blogger jafabrit said...

What a wonderful story and a lesson. So glad you met someone like Professor Kirson.

hope all is well at your end.

9:10 AM  
Blogger QuillDancer said...

Dr. John is only retired in the economic sense of the word. Ministry is not just about preaching. It is about building relationships and sharing Christ's love with everybody you meet. So, even though his site is short on sermons, those of us who visit here daily know Dr. John's ministry is alive and well.

Thank you, Dr. John -- and Betty -- for giving so much of yourselves.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous shilo said...

Just stopped in for a bit today. Love the story about Planting Corn.

have a great day!

9:30 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

I love your stories.

I could not take not knowing what a saffron bun is anymore so I googled it. It is a rich yeast dough bun flavored with saffron and cinnamon or nutmeg.Traditionaly is was baked on sycamore leaves and dusted with powdered sugar. It is also know as a revel bun. So know we all know what a saffron bun is. I do not know where Nancy gets her dough but I think she is being ripped off!;)

9:31 AM  
Anonymous loisontheweb said...

I'm sure there are many, many people who were glad that YOU chose to become a pastor.
In the old days, the White Rabbit (& dragon) wouldn't have had a chance ... there would have been boys out with B.B. guns!

Don't remind me about the price of saffron; it's hard to even FIND IT!

4:05 AM  
Anonymous tina said...

I was so glad to have a moment to stop by and visit with you here. I love to read your stories of the various life experiences you have had, and what they have meant to you. Sounds like you came across this man at just the right time, and in just the right way. It makes me wonder how many times someone has and will continue to say the same thing about you. Tina

10:56 PM  

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