Friday, June 09, 2006

Today as Yesterday's Tomorrow

SAying for the Day: Do not worry about tomorrow it never comes.

It occurs to me that today is the tomorrow I was worried about yesterday.

You see I worried then (yesterday) that I would have nothing to blog about tomorrow( today).

If you follow that then let me tell you I was right.

If this is that tomorrow , which is the day after yesterday and not the day after today then I was right.

I have nothing to blog about today (yesterday’s tomorrow).

So some times it is okay to worry about tomorrow ( now today) because what we worry about happens. This then justifies yesterday’s worry by today’s experience.

Of course one could argue that since I blogged about the whole experience that I did have something to write about and therefore I should be worrying about tomorrow ( the day after today and not the tomorrow I worried about yesterday) when I won’t have anything to blog about.

But at least for today this part is done.

News from Pigeon Falls– The little town in my back yard garden-Pigeon Falls is even dirtier today than it was yesterday. There is pigeon poop everywhere, gobs and gobs of it. Charlie, the guy that usually cleans the street and the statue says he ‘s not working until he finds out who is paying him. With the legal existence of the town in question there isn’t anybody to do that. The merchants who depend on the tourists may have to get together and either pay Charlie or hire somebody else. This is the sort of the thing we used to holler at the council for when it didn’t get done. But now there is no council.
Dr. Fortress is going to run a special marriage train for those people who want to go to the county seat for their marriage license . He will just charge half the usual fair and run his best coach. The only downside is that he will only do it once a month so everyone has to go on the same Saturday.
According to Nancy the ladies are convinced that the young blonde that visited the Bishop was his girl friend. Why don’t they just ask the guy? I guess its much more fun to speculate.
Another day without a dead pigeon. Perhaps, whoever it is has run out of ways to kill them or he may know that Eino has somebody watching for somebody to dump another one.
Despite all the problems life in the place that used to be Pigeon Falls goes on pretty much as normal. The farmers have begun planting, some tourists are still showing up, the lumber mill is running, and the trains come and go.

Wild day. We got the new river bed made for the layout and painted. Betty cleaned house. Then the grandkids arrived four hours before we expected them. We took them out to eat and went grocery shopping. It is good to have them here. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Anonymous TC said...

See, that's exactly the kind of thing that gives me brain burnout! ;)

5:16 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

Well I was wondering what I would comment today on your blog but perhaps I should worry what I will comment tomorrow? The reason I am first today is because for some darn reason I am up early. Have a good weekend and say hi to the boys.

5:17 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

well, I THOUGHT i was first....oh, by the way, Pete blogged last night.

5:19 AM  
Blogger jafabrit said...

ROFLOL! Okay that was twisted and too much for my tealess body and brain to cope with this morning lol!

5:30 AM  
Blogger Chana said...

well i'm so sorry that you worried at all as you ended up making me and i'm sure i'm not at all alone in that...your post is as real as it gets for the ones that post regularly and you are the King..i think you are the only one i have ever heard of that does it daily and that Sir is no small feat..As sad as it may be for your fans, maybe you need a bit of a break...i know do what we all do and fall back on funny pictures that we all find through gmail images..just becareful, sometimes you run into nasty pics..But i betcha as i know it's true for me that you can just write i have nothing to post about and see the comments still come...Or start a word and let others add more and see what type of sentences or stories that make..or i was saw just a word..that is it and the impact that it made was huge...just suggestions...don't stress about it though, we don't want that for you at all...
Please take care and enjoy your wknd..i'll be back later to read your add ons at the end. I finally figured that out, lol....
I hope blogger works out today as in the last days it's been no sot good...there is another theme for you...take care.

5:31 AM  
Blogger Chana said...

oh that thing that you made me was SMILE, silly me,i forgot to write that part..please insert in appropiate part of the sentence, :)

5:32 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Oh, it's too early for me to follow that.. now my head is spinning.

As for the blonde.. it's way more fun to speculate, because the reality of the situation is probably something dull.. like she's his neice or something.

6:10 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

That darn pigeon poop!

I agree with Laurie about the blonde!

6:14 AM  
Blogger Sister Chris said...

Hi there!! Please read your e-mail as I got an e-mail from Stephen and I've forwarded his e-mail address to you.

8:21 AM  
Blogger kristi said...

I think that Charlie should become a freelance street cleaner, he should start going to the businesses and getting them to pay for him to clean up in front.
As for the pigeon killings, thank goodness their lives have been spared for yet another day.
Everyone should just leave the Bishop alone, eventually he will tell his secret or we can get Nancy and some of the gals to do some midnight spying on him!!!!!

8:29 AM  
Blogger Catch said...

My head is in a spin...I cant keep up with that post today..or tomorrow....or was it yesterday???? lol

9:38 AM  
Blogger Honey said...

I think the council was paying the pigeon killer and now he too does not know where his money will come from. lol
Pigeon Falls is a great soap opera. Which is why speculating is funner!
TTYL...Take Care!

11:25 AM  
Blogger Looney Mom said...

I just bounced off of Annette's blog... that was funny. Thanks for the laugh.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Annette Burkett said...

I went all day today thinking it was it better to be a day ahead or a day behind?

12:57 AM  
Anonymous loisontheweb said...

The rest of that admonition is: ... but, then something comes up that you didn't expect & didn't know you should have worried about ... SO you end up having worried just the right amount!

7:42 AM  

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