Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ida's Fish Story

Saying for the day: One should keep family worms under one's hat.

This is another of the family stories that need to be passed from one generation to the next.
My Aunt Ida was sixteen years old, apprenticed to the local pharmacist, and lived on the third floor of what would become Linna’s Drug Store. She also loved to fish.
Now if you are reading this looking for a fish story then you should read something else. The fish Ida caught that day were all small and she threw them all back, no records broken .
She had started out early in the morning with her pole and can of worms on the train to the Copper Country. It was a beautiful day and by the time Ida got off near some lake or another she had great expectations .She fished all day and just barely made it back for the train. She was still standing when it moved out and she was thrown down by the movement of the train. It was embarrassing and she hastened to pick up her worms and get them back in the can. With all of this completed she found a seat and tried to enjoy the ride home. After a short time, however, it seemed to her that people were staring at her and some were even laughing at her in that semi-secret kind of laugh that people share with one another about someone else.
Ida was sure it couldn’t be her lack of fish or even her fall, some had gotten on the train after that.
Finally the train stoped in Ishpeming and Ida rushed home. Here she discovered that her hat had caught some of the dirt and the worms when she fell. The worms had been crawling around where people could see them In the ridges of her hat. Every time after that Ida would check her hat to make sure there were no worms or dirt.

News from Pigeon Falls-The good Bishop ( can you really put good and Bishop together?) showed up at City Hall this morning only to be told that Mayor South was gone to Lansing and wouldn’t be back in the office until next Tuesday. He was not happy. One has to wonder why Mayor South has gone to Lansing or was she just hiding from the Bishop?
The white rabbit was seen again this evening by some guy coming out of the “Fly Inn” . He isn’t the best witness since he was just a little tipsy at the time. But he says the white rabbit was at the end of main street and it winked and waved at him. Gave him such a start he fell off the sidewalk and bruised his knee.
And yet another pigeon was found dead. This one was loaded with buckshot. It was a bit of an overkill. Who can be doing this?
Jon Bergall , a local farmer. Was fishing on log lake (the lake next to the lumber mill) when all the water vanished. He found his boat at the bottom of the lake with fish flopping all around him. The crippled creek river stopped flowing. Then suddenly it started again and the lake filled back up. Jon says it was scary. It was like being in a Stephen King movie without the music. They figure one of the old mines that dot the area must have caved and let the water in. While it filled the mine there was no water for the river or the lake. This is really odd because fifty years ago today the Little Pigeon Mine collapsed in just that manner. There is a monument in memory of the men whose bodies are still in that mine at the edge of Pigeon Falls. Old timers are saying that this is a sign the pigeon killing has to stop.

I finished another trestle for the outside layout. I need to build just two more and I should be ready for my grandsons to lay track in the new section. Betty spent the day cleaning and getting ready to go to Green Bay for my grandaughter's first communion. I put the church's June website up. Well I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger jafabrit said...

That is a great story about Ida's train ride LOL!

5:15 AM  
Blogger kristi said...

Poor Aunt Ida!!! I really loved the story, it gave me and early morning laugh!!

This whole pigeon killing thing had gone too far. Enough is enough, they have got to find someway to protect the rest of the pigeons. I think that things are getting worse with the killings. I wonder why the Mayor went to Lansing, we need a trip to the coffee shop!!!

5:51 AM  
Blogger Gary said...

Great post.That Aunt Ida story gives me the willies. I imagine it gave her the willies too.

6:08 AM  
Blogger Chana said...

that was a hillarious story of your aunt...i won't tell on you that you told her story..poor girl, what a bad day. no fish, a fall and worms...poor girl..i would check my hat over and over and over...

i wonder if the mayor is really gone is to do with that meeting that never really happened...and that lake reminds me of all that scary stuff in the tv of global warming etc...I warn the people of Pigeon Falls. The sky is falling. The sky is falling...

Thank you for such an insightful comment. You are more than right...and you were just what i needed. You are way better than a shrink, thank you. Hope you are in well and read you tomorrow.

6:17 AM  
Anonymous TC said...

That is SO typical of human nature, that. Why didn't they tell her? Did they think it was intentional that she wearing worms on her hat? Were they just enjoying the fun?

Anyway, great story!

6:22 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

Poor Aunt Ida! That is a great story! I will think of it everytime I put a hat on now! LOL! Your family always sounds so fun, loving, and interesting.

6:50 AM  
Blogger W. J. St. Christopher said...

I can't believe that not one of those snickering train biddies would tell Ida there were worms on her hat! Shame on them!

~ ~ ~

I'm loving the current Pigeon Falls update. The 'flopping fish in the dry lake' scene was chilling and exciting. I can just imagine the feeling of all that water suddenly rushing back in!

Yikes!!! This is getting SO good!

7:45 AM  
Blogger Catch said...

Great story Dr John!!!! Poor Aunt Ida....but it does make a great story!

10:06 AM  
Blogger Catch said...

Doctor John, you have a very colorful family...I love the story about Aunt Ida....If I had been there I would have merely said....Oh have some worms on your hat and laughed with her.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Honey said...

I hate it when people just sit and snicker...I wish people would just say something, that way you can join in the laughter a little bit!

Good thing the water came back! Oh the poor fish!
It does sound like the pigeon killings are going to bring bad luck!

Has the slideshow worked ok yet for you?

Take Care!

10:19 AM  
Blogger Libby said...

great Aunt Ida story!!
...hence the reason i don't ever wear a hat!

10:46 AM  
Anonymous tina said...

That's too bad for Aunt Ida. I'm sure she was mortified when she got home and found out what it was that attracted so much attention. On the other hand, I'm sure it turned into one of those " you'll laugh at this later" stories .... or did it ??? LOL Take care. p.s. ... silly me, I just now noticed the link to my site on the side bar there( I'm a little slow on the uptake these days ). Thank you so much, my friend ! Tina

8:42 PM  
Blogger LynClay said...

Your story about the worms on Aunt Ida's hat really has me smiling! I enjoyed reading this!

12:39 AM  

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