Friday, May 26, 2006

Why Lutherans fail at Evangelism

Saying for the day: If you were really in love with somebody wouldn't you say so?

As a result of my continuing research into Lutheran evangelism I am ready to present ten reasons why Lutherans make lousy evangelists (sharers of the faith)

10. Lutherans tend to be very shy. ( When they are sober and who thinks of God when they are not?)

9. Lutherans believe they pay the Pastor to do that.

8. Most Lutherans didn’t pay attention in confirmation so they don’t know for sure what they believe.

7. Most Lutherans have two or three bibles but don’t read any on a regular basis.

6. Lutherans embarrass easily so they don’t even say grace in restaurants.

5. Lutherans believe you shouldn’t talk politics or religion as it could ruin a good friendship.

4. Almost all Lutherans have had a bad experience with one of those door to door religion pushers.

3. Evangelism takes time and who has time these days?

2. They give money to send missionaries to do that.

1. Lutherans are saved by grace so they don’t have to do anything.

News from Pigeon Falls. Well what I was afraid of yesterday has begun . According to Joanne, from Joanne’s Beauty Shop, the ladies were really buzzing today about the Bishop. They were wondering where his wife is. Ideas run from “She caught him in bed with another lady”.“He killed her and nobody knows it”, “ He was forced to resign because he was caught fooling around.”” She ran off with the milk man”. Boy you get those ladies started and all kinds of nonsense comes out. The good news is that tomorrow they’ll move on to some other poor soul. Unless of course something they said turns out , by accident, to be true. Then
The one who was right will say, smuggly, “ See I told you!!”
White rabbit season is back. It was seen last night by a tourist who was waiting for the late train. According to the tourist, a Mrs. Jusith Openhlper , he was on the ground just beyond the far end of the platform. It winked at her, waved, and hopped off. AS far as she could tell it had neither fangs nor claws. Mrs. Trumble says not to let it fool us . If it get close enough it’ll rip your throat open. She has a terrible imagination.
Well Ken Johnson’s trial begins today. You remember Ken is the woodsman who killed the wolf that was threatening Grandma Moris And her granddaughter ( the one that always wears red hoods). He got the wolf right between the eyes with his axe. The DNR is accusing him of killing an endangered species. If they win there will be no story book ending for this case. It seemed for a while the DNR would just drop the case but I guess they feel that the law is the law. I sure would hate to be on that jury. If they excuse everyone who hates wolves there won’t be much of a jury pool.

For those of you who like school boy humor TC at Twisted Chilli Dot Com has a new post filled with such nonsense. If you want to see some more pictures of this area including her house Lois at Upper Peninsula and beyond has a new post that includes lots of interesting things. If you want to see what the world looks like after a few too many or in the midst of a dandy hallucination then check out the art at Art 166. Betty and I spent the day wiring track and planting flowers. The inside and outside loops on the Pigeon Falls end are now working. so now we can say "Gee it was working yesterday".We had visitors who stoped to look at the layout. They really liked Pigeon Falls.Well I need a breathing treatment


Blogger Mimi said...

Yay! I am 1st today!

I just love Piegeon Falls!

Have a great weekend!

5:12 AM  
Blogger Catch said...

The good Doctor has such a vivid imagination.....keep those stories coming.....I think the white rabbit was in my back yard last night...I didnt know whether to feed it or run!!!! incidentally I love wolves and have a wolf tattoo on my body!

9:32 AM  
Anonymous TC said...

Was the white rabbit called Roger?

Or was he late, late, for a very important date...?

11:30 AM  
Blogger Chana said...

Sounds to me like Lutheran's are very much like Catholic's. We are all so much more alike than different, good to know.

I love Pigeon Falls...i think you ought to send your stories in to ABC or Cable or sounds like a show that should be on...Great writting...

Betty said that you were still coughing. Sorry to hear that. You must be sore and tired of all that coughing...I sure hope that you are on something to get you well again soon...Take care and enjoy your weekend. Have fun. Read you monday.

2:03 PM  
Blogger Pennie said...

Glad you had good weather to be able yo work on the trains.

11:04 PM  

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