Friday, January 11, 2008

Another elf tale

Sayng for the day:“Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace.” Eugene O'Neill

I have for you today another fairy tale or to be more exact an elf tale. It begins as do all such good stories:
Once upon a time, not too long ago, in a place not too far away ( just three blocks down and one block over to be exact). There lived a beautiful young lady who spent the first thirty years of her life getting a PHD from Harvard ( she was no dummy). In fact she did her dissertation on the impact of Gawpo on the twentieth century . Which I’m sure you know was the basis for the great PBS film special on the same which is now available on an enhanced HDTV DVD. None of that is really important except that when she finished her degree and turned thirty she decided to fly to Las Vegas and celebrate. This of course did not make her parents who were FANATIC Lutherans happy . For a short time it even affected her mother’s health turning her into a raving insomniac and cough medicine junkie. But that , of course, is a different story.
So off she flew to Las Vegas and got totally smashed, falling down drunk, or if you prefer really, really happy. That would have been ok but when she awoke in the morning our Princess ( I know she is not the daughter of a King and Queen but every tale needs a Princess) found herself in one of those big heart shaped beds that are so popular in Vegas. In one hand she clutched a marriage license and next to her she found her brand new hubby and next to him was this little guy in a green suit with funny curly pointed shoes. My regular readers, jumping ahead, know that’s an elf.
Getting dressed our Princess called room service and had a huge pot of coffee delivered to her room. Then she took three Tylenol for her hangover ( poor therapy at best) and tried to think things out. She was a woman of action and not one to sit and fretter. First of all she was sure she had not tossed and turned sleeplessly all night but she was almost afraid to discover what she had done. Waking up with a man you never met before, naked as a J bird , alongside an elf can really set one to thinking.
At this point our elf awoke and offered the required one wish because of what she had done for him. It came with the usual restrictions. She could not wish that China would cease to be communist or that George Bush would turn into an Arab and be non-tortured by the CIA or any big thing like that. Our Princess , however, at this point was more concerned about what she had done for him than getting one wish. Besides something inside her said “ Woah!” for she knew that elf wishes were like bombs that eventually explode in the wish makers face.
So she drank her coffee and thought and thought. Finally she told the elf she needed time to think about the wish. So the elf gave her a magic whistle and all she had to do was blow it and he would return.
To this day she hasn’t blown the whistle. Her new hubby turned out to be a real Prince which made her a real Princess and one day a Queen. Her parents forgave her. Her mother joined cough medicine anonymous and everybody lived happily ever after. Till one day her third child blew the whistle but that too is another story.( Child blows whistle on Mother)
I want to thank Cindra for the eighteen words that drove this story and Petrovich's Driblet yesterday although I assume I could have found them in any good dictionary.

#### News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal There are a lot of people who are upset in Pigeon Falls today. First of all with Nancy gone you can’t get a decent saffron bun. Everybody knows that a cinnamon roll does not have the same calming effect as a saffron bun and people really need something to calm them. It wasn’t bad enough that they lived through the community dream, the early winter, the night without day, the coming of the dragon band all that other stuff but now they have to look forward to a plague with suffering and crying and all that bad stuff. Petrovich says its coming. They can’t stop it. They are doomed.
People are begging Petrovich to be more exact and tell them when it will come. So they can visit their relatives in Green Bay or Des Moines or anywhere until the little girl with the light shows up.
But Petrovich says the best he can do is to tell you it will be this year. The prophet has seen it and it will come. But there is no clue in the driblet as to when during the year.
Good old Eino ,who doesn’t believe in the driblet stuff to begin with, is telling people to relax. Why? Because it’s all nonsense. The only plague to hit Pigeon Falls is the plague of anxiety caused by Petrovich.

Today's Link-Supernatural Fairy Tales-Your chance to win a poison apple candle.
A very good breathing day. It is so odd a bad day followed by a good day. There doesn't seem to be any reason. I worked in the basement most of the day> I emptied some more boxes. I got another set ready to sell on eBay. Then we worked in the wiring for the first module of the layout. At one point I pressed the bottom to run the street car and the ceiling light went out. But after much work the right button controls what we want. In the upper town only the street lights and a couple of building lights are left. Then I visited all my links and left messages where there were new entries. Now I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Janvangogh said...

I see Tommy UK running down the streets of Pigeon Falls, making paper airplanes of the discarded driblets -- symbolic of the airborne plague that is to come.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

I met her mother at my cough medicine anonymous group...I know it was her because she had a little elf with her. So much for being anonymous!

8:18 AM  
Anonymous quilly said...

PErhaps they should, right now this second, give every little girl in Pigeon Falls a flashlight which she must carry with her every second of every day!

8:46 AM  
Blogger Nessa said...

I loved your fairy tale. It had a happy ending.

11:01 AM  
Blogger San said...

What a beautiful fairy tale!

A little synchronicity: last night my family and I watched Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast. How nice that in your own tale, the scholarly beauty learns that the strange beast isn't one after all. The fact that she was raised by Lutherans--added depth to her character.

12:54 PM  
Blogger patterns of ink said...

Such a tale. I'm thinking it is autobiographical in part. Is that you and Betty?

9:15 PM  
Blogger Josie said...

What a wonderful story! Gosh, how many women would like to wake up in a heart shaped bed in Vegas, with a marriage certificate in one hand, and a prince beside her?

Ya never know!!!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous AtomiK Kitten said...

Dr. John do you have Quick Time installed on your computer? I use Firefox with QuickTime to listen to it online. I think it works with Real Player, too. Both are free. I really think you would enjoy the entire show.

10:28 PM  
Blogger Hammett said...

awesome story... is it true by any chance!! hehe.. ;)

10:52 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Good story, much better than the others I read.

5:26 AM  

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