Monday, July 16, 2007

Leave a comment Monday

It has come to pass that we have reached another " Leave A Comment Monday" and you will leave a comment on this and all the blogs you visit by order of the Inner Council of Network Procedures. People who fail to leave comments will have their 609 and 610 forms recalled. You do not want that to happen.

Today's Commentable ( something to comment on):
Do television commercials ever bother you?
There is a commercial that bothers me. It has an Angel changing a light bulb. The first thing I wonder is " With all the trouble in the world why would an Angel be sent to change a light bulb?"
Just think about it. There is poverty , hatred, crime, war, and the list goes on but these Angels come to change a light bulb. Makes no sense.
Then the Angel changes the bulb standing on a stack of toilet paper. He can't reach the bulb so the other Angel with some Angel magic makes the pile bigger . My problem is the Angel has wings why doesn't he just fly up and change the bulb? Wouldn't that make sense? These are not the brightest Angels in the pack.
For the sponsor this is not good because by the time I have all these questions I forget what toilet paper I'm supposed to buy.
Doesn't this bother you?

@@@@@News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my garage where the trains still run, dragons fly, and churches play games. – The Methodists had their big summer picnic out at the Lake of the Loons Park, yesterday. They challenged Last Lutheran to a softball game and Last Lutheran accepted. They promised that every player in the game would get one of those wonderful Methodist pasties ( the soul food of the UP).
The game started at 2:00 and went five innings with out either side scoring. In the fifth inning with Last Lutheran batting it began to get a bit weird. Vick Lehto hit a ground ball but as the infielder went to scoop it up it bounced over his glove and out into the field. There it fell into a hole and got stuck. The runner ran all the way around and the Lutherans considered it a home run. The Methodists felt that there should be some kind of rule that if a ball gets stuck in a hole that it would be a ground rule double. So they started to shout at each other and then a few blows were exchanged. You really couldn’t tell that these were church people. At just that moment the ball popped out of the hole and rolled into the lake. It had to be the poltergeist at work. So they declared the game a draw. There were apologies all a round and they sat down and ate those wonderful pasties. A true moment of grace.

Today's Link- Just A Lonely Bloke- Bugs bother you. See what's happening here. Then leave a Dr. John in the comment.
This was one of those days where nothing went the way I planned. I planned on cutting cardboard to have it ready for recycling on Wednesday. I didn't cut one piece. Instead I overslept.Then we went out for lunch to Perkins. Then Pennie, Bree and I sat in the Doctor's office while Betty had the last of the exams she needed for her upcoming eye surgery. We spent two hours in the Doctor's Office.Then we went to see the New Harry Potter Movie which I very much enjoyed. I came home and visited every blog on my main link list. Now I need a breathing treatment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read in the paper that a girl was killed in Wisconsin at Life Fest. A ride of some type malfunctioned. Was this the Life Fest event that Betty, Bree, Peter and Pennie went to?


5:07 AM  
Blogger The Old Fart said...

I don't even watch the commercials, I am usually watching something that doens't have commercials or I surf the channels when the ad comes on.

A Blessed day for you and Betty

6:18 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

I'll take a guess and say the TP brand was "Angel Soft".

Many of the drug commercials bother me because I don't know what they are for. Viagra is an easy one to figure out but some of the others with happy smiling faces, people running through a sunny field spinning...

...hmmm,maybe these are Viagra commercials too?

7:59 AM  
Anonymous stacy said...

I really hate the new commercial for sour Skittles. It shows an older gent hooked up to a milking machine and a younger guy comes in and complains that his milk is sour and asks if the guy doesn't think the problem would be solved if he'd quit eating the Skittles. The old guy says it's a chance he's willing to take. All the while he's just sitting there hooked to the milking machine eating Skittles. CREEPY. I doubt I will ever eat Skittles again.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Gee, I didn't know Angels needed toilet paper.....

9:29 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

Yes it bothers me just like the commercial with the bear using toilet paper.....does not make any sense.

Please do not take my form 609 and 610.....pretty please!

10:46 AM  
Blogger judie said...

Yeah, I thought Angels were smarter too. What about that blonde one that can't understand the cream cheese and jelly deal? DUH... LOL I just wanted to let you know I just received my prize car! It's so neat and I thank you again! I was going to art it up and make it an artsy glitter car, but it's so shiny and well made, I'm not sure I want to mess with it. Well, if I do, I'll let you know. Have a wonderful day.

2:08 PM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

lol Dr John,
not the brightest angels in the pack
I hope the advert was for new energy efficient lightbulbs

or was it like the Andrz Puppy
about bogrolls that go on & on

4:23 PM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Someone saw an Angel at Play
they said, Just the other day

but would you believe it
before you could take a pic
like a beam of light or sun ray
he was soon off, up up and away

4:31 PM  
Blogger Janvangogh said...

Could be it was an angry mole that popped the ball out of the hole.

4:36 PM  
Blogger Josie said...

Gosh, next time my ceiling light burns out in my kitchen, I'll know what to do.

Who ya gonna call?

I would think angels have more important things to deal with.


6:18 PM  
Blogger - PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Maybe the angel was in trouble and got put on probation because he tells bad jokes...and maybe he told a really tacky one in a third world country...something like - God won't sort you out either...

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Kat said...

Stupid commercials definately bother me. What is up with the Wendy's ad where everyone is kicking trees?

7:16 PM  
Blogger BBC said...

I hope that someday you can rise above being a confused biblical Christian.

Maybe a few extra drinks would do it?

Breathing treatment? At your age? Hum, no big deal if you kick the bucket soon, we are after omnipresent spirits.

Besides, two weeks after you are gone not many will remember you. Shoot, most of the world doesn't know that you exist anyway. Hugs.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Chana said...

i know you exists. i think of you often and very fondly. and the day you pass on, which hopefully won't be after another ton of yrs, i will cry with many others. tears of joy for having the opportunity to have crossed paths with you and for having lossing you. i may not be blogging as much. life, summer heat wave is a bit more than i wish, and so it goes, but i certainly come here first when i get my blogging chance for you are in my heart and i miss you so very much. your posts, your words, your jokes, your stories mean so much to so many. and that Sir, is something to be happy and proud about, having so many love you really truly. how sad, that many instead use their time to cause havic or pain or sadness, i wish they take a good look at you instead and follow suit...

i hadn't read about Betty's eyes. i'm hoping for the best outcome. i will be thinking of her. when does this all happen? pls give her my best.

i'm glad you went out to lunch and to the movies. did you like it? my kids went to see it and loved it big time. they are very big Harry Potter fans.

i hope it's another great day. that your part of the world is not dealing with a heat wave. we are here and i'm about to pass out. i'm so not your average spanish girl..i can't handle the hot weather and let me tell you, it's been hot here for over 5 days..
always trying ways to stay cool..indoor and air conditioned..i'm heading for safeway and walmart today for the day i say, they have awesome, cold air conditioning, lol..

have a good one with the family. and know that you are all loved and appreciated for all the good you do and always have done.

4:09 AM  
Anonymous quilly said...

I know it is Tuesday, but I am leaving a comment on the Monday blog because I don't care to fill out the 609 and 610 again.

(Does that work?)

3:33 PM  
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