Monday, July 03, 2006

Another Drawing fit for an Angel !!!

Saying for the Day: Angels there are that brighten my day with a comment.

It is leave a comment Monday again.

We have been having a wonderful time leaving comments .

We have visited seven more blogs.

That’s 21 blogs we have visited since we began.

Who would have believed we could run so far.

We have given away six prizes to JC points winners.

These are priceless prizes ( ie. They have no real value).

Today we will draw for two more prizes.

Because our commentators are like angels we have two lovely angels to give away .
They are pictured on this blog.

The story is that these two angels just appeared on the streets of Pigeon Falls one day and offered to solve the pigeon problem.
The head angel felt they had stepped out of line since God sent the pigeons in the first place and so the head angel (Micheal himself) turned them to stone.( always blame the head angel not God).

I have taken them from the Pigeon Falls street and today two of our lucky JC Points people will get them. ( Warning if the head angel changes his mind they will fly away).

I feel sure that you have someplace in the house where you can have an angel watching over you. They may still have some protective properties.

Our drawing will be held in the usual manner and the winners announced tomorrow. Good luck everybody.

If you want to accumulate JC points ( and who doesn’t) there will be a JC point marathon on Wednesday, points , points, and more points will be given .

News from Pigeon Falls –The little town in my backyard. – The white rabbit story is getting more and more confusing. Robert who is now tour guide as well as Taxi driver told some tourists he could show them the white rabbit. So at nine o’clock last night he took them to the street across form the fire hall and told them to wait. Suddenly the white rabbit appeared on the roof of the fire hall and moved toward the front. But just at that moment one of the tourists saw the white rabbit down on the end of the street. Then the white rabbit on the roof disappeared. Just like that it vanished, poof gone. The tourists were very happy and said they would recommend Robert’s tours to everyone. They loved his stories, particularly the one about the Bishop and Big Rudy. Robert, on the other hand looked confused.
Nancy says the whole town is buzzing about the white rabbit. It was one thing to have a 2 1/2 foot white rabbit , dressed in a pink sweater and carrying a duck, running around town but now they have two white rabbits and one of them can vanish into the air. Mrs. Trumble is now saying that the rabbit is a demon and the clergy should cast it out. She watches too much television.
No dead pigeons today. Eino said that he would end the problem tomorrow. Didn’t he say that yesterday?
Nancy said Willie (the town drunk) stoped in for coffee and he was stone cold sober. He said he was standing on main street just before the big wind when two angels suddenly appeared. They said they were going to solve the pigeon problem and the wind came and the pigeons vanished. Then the angels were suddenly lifted up into the air. Of course this is Willie's story.

Today's link is Mouse Trails. Please remember to put the words DR John in your comment to get JC points. This is a reall rockin link. I am having problems in Green Bay putting the new information to the JC points web so the update there will wait until I get to Crystal again.Well its been a rough day. First my laptop did not work in the restaurant that was supposed to internet equipped. Then I went to Peter's and had the hardest time getting the link for the day in. Finally had to have my daughter-in-law do it on her computer. Then we went house looking. I am so tired. We found two that really look possible.
In the evening we looked at three more horrible houses. Then they let me play in a big fireworks store. Well I have to drive back to the motel and get a breathing treatment.


Blogger Honey said...

WOW...I am FIRST! OH the pressure!! LOL! I could definitly find a place for an angel to watch over me...right here on my computer desk!! =)
TWO white rabbits...maybe the bishop is dressing as the one!!
Take Care!

8:37 AM  
Blogger Honey said...

Your link took me to artful visions, and I can't comment there! =) I'll check back later!

8:39 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

I left a comment on Mousetrails but almost forgot to comment on yours...this would be very bad since it is leave a comment Monday, but I remembered and came back.....whew!

i also forgot it was Monday....who am I? What is my name? Where am I and who are you? How can you be there but also here?

Ok, I am done now....

10:26 AM  
Anonymous shilo said...

Thank you for mentioning my link on your blog, it was a really nice surprise. :)

Hope you're having a great vacation in Green Bay.

I am wondering why Honey can't leave a comment on my blog though. Strange. Maybe it was just a fluke for the moment.

talk with you soon!

11:09 AM  
Blogger gunngirl said...

I need an Angel to sit on my shoulder. I need much prayer. heh

Have a happy 4th of July Dr. John.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous tina said...

Hey John .... hope you are enjoying a great Fourth of July weekend.
I am an angel collecter, myself. I love them. Seven of my lovely angels sit above my computer, where they watch over me! Take care, Tina

3:42 PM  
Blogger Catch said...

The angels are beautiful! And we all love angels...

2 white rabbits??? well you know how fast they multiply.

Robert is now a tour guide? will wonders ever cease?

I hope you are having a grand time with your family! Have a lovely 4th!!!

4:39 PM  
Blogger Janvangogh said...

So now there is a rubber duck involved?

This is truly a small world after all. I am already linked to the Mouse Trails blog.

6:40 PM  

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