Sunday, June 12, 2005


Saying for the day: Be careful of your words for your words bcome your actions;
We started this morning reviewing the possible actions concerning the bathtub with a door.
I think we will end up ordering the one from Canada. They seem like a nice straight forward, no tricks company and the product looks to be sound. Well we've given ourselves till Tuesday to make a decesion. Then we went to work in the garage.I used patch filler to make a highway and we put it out in the sun to dry.Betty painted the fence for the cemetary and then painted the church thatwill be next to it. We put out Toivo and Ernies "sorta usd car" building and some of the cars for the lot. I finished putting rocks on the far side of the ramp and got foam all over myself, at times I am a klutz. Betty used up the rest of the rock on the house side of the ramp and now we are out of rocks and Dawn and Paul won't bring more for another week. I put out the coca cola boxcar next to the loading ramp. Then I came in and worked on the computer while Betty planted flowers.
Little by little the town and the lake area are taking shape.The hard part now is trying to plan the stream .Well its time for a breating treatment and this time I expect no thunder.


Blogger Peter said...

Happy to hear you survied the storm. Sounds like the town is coming together. Glad to see that Toivo and Ernies is back. Brett Favres two minute grill is good but pricey.

10:17 PM  

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