Friday, June 10, 2005


Saying for the day:* Resentments are like stray cats: if you don't feed them, they'll go away.
Well I put on my clerics today-first time in a long time-and I said a few words at Marianne's funeral.Then we had lunch at the church and ran into a lot of old friends including the Methodist Pastor, The Episcopal priest, Catholic Deacon, and the organist from Florence.. We got home just in time to meet with the salesman for the bathtub with a door. He was a real salesman. I much enjoyed the experience but Betty hated it. He used every technique one could think of. He started with a price quote $3000 above the other quotes we had. We called this to his attention. He then said almost in a whisper that if we could sign up today he was pretty sure he could get his boss to come down $2000 . Of course that would leave him $1000 above the competition. Then he reminded us he had come a long way and would really like to get it done today (guilt).I told him we could not make a commitment until we found a local plumer to install the tub. He gave us until Monday to do that but then changed it to Tuesday and "gave us an extra day". He also suggested that the other place in Flordia that sells this kind of tub was taking people's money and not delivering the tub. Its so good to watch an expert fisherman work. Of course he failed but I was nice and didn't insult him or throw him out. He'll call back Tuesday.
Then we went to Walmart and bought paint, some bowls, some brushes, a pond pump,some foam maker, a sugar candy maker , liquid nails, contact cement, and I think that was all.In the store I ran into Pastor Peter Jonas who is leaving Iron mountain for a parish somewhere near Madison. On the way home it was raining and my lasix kicked in. it was a trully long half hour ride. Well it's time for a breathing treatment.


Blogger Pennie said...

Well it is nice to hear that you got to see old friends. I hope that you can get a good deal on bathtub.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

Hmm sounds like a fun filled saleman day. I had curby come buy the other day. House was a mess or I would of gotten a free carpet cleanning. LOL

9:17 AM  

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