Monday, June 13, 2005


Saying for the day: Be careful of your actions for your actions become your habits;
I lowered the bed a bit last night and I really hurt when I woke up this morning.We had swedish pancakes for breakfast, which was something different.It produced so much smoke the fire alarm went off until we turned the stove fan on. In the morning we continued to work on little details in Pigeon Falls. WE added a driver on main street and a lady in a car parked by the craft store. We put a gas pump by Ernie's and a man to pump the gas.We add some cars to the lot. We worked on the cemetary and it is ready to go out when we decide where. The Lutheran Church is all painted and the parking lot. We need to decide where it is going. We also finished a road and that needs a location. We started measuring for phase two and discovered our ramp stops 44" short of where it should have stopped,We have to figure out how to fix that. Our tunnel portals came. They look great. I took pictures with the Mavica camera and half of them came out in brown and white like old time pictures. I have no idea what button I pushed to do that. They do look kind of cute. Well I have to go for a breathing treatment .


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