Monday, December 03, 2007

Day 1 of C

Saying for the Day-What puzzles most of us are the things which have been left in the movies rather than the things which have been taken out. ~Agnes Repplier

I am ticked. It was bad enough when they did that reprint of Dicken’s “Christmas Carol “ as Holiday Song” in order to be politically correct. But the latest Holiday movie has crossed all the lines of decency. I know you have seen the previews. The one’s with the half dressed Santa being furiously and shamelessly kissed by a bunch of Hollywood Hags under that huge hunk of mistletoe while the sound track plays Christmas Carols. Have they no shame? And the title makes your skin crawl “ The Naughty Lying Santa”. This is no way for good old Saint Nick to behave. The Santa I remember ate cookies, gave toys to the needy and was as meek as could be. He would never, never have used the words damn or bitchin like the one in the movie. The image of Santa may be ruined forever. I wish I could undo the damage but I doubt any one can. Well this is one movie I won’t see this year and will never be on my list of great Christmas movies. In fact as far as I’m concerned and as my mother used to say the writers can “ kiss my royal patootie”. In fact I’m thinking of starting up my own movie awards to be given out annually. The royal pootie awards will go to the worst, most vile, movies of the year. It will be so hard to pick because there are so many contenders.

#### News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal. Well our TV crew was all set up, yesterday, to film the dedication of the manger scene when what they had hoped for happened. The town dragon appeared flying slowly down the main street. As quickly as possible they turned the camera to face him and began to shoot. The dragon continued forward breathing fire and then swooped toward the camera man, who dropped his camera and ran. The dragon continued in his flames melting the camera and the video tape and blowing two tires on their van. He then flew off over the Masonic building and out to the woods. The camera and video tape were a total loss. Fortunately they had another camera in the van to fill the dedication . Tommy UK said to the TV cameraman that it was too bad they lost their footage of the dragon. It would have looked great on the evening news. The cameraman responded that they not only had the video tape but a live feed went out to the network via satellite. Tommy UK smiled and said I wouldn’t count on that live feed. Sure enough word came from the network that from the moment the camera was turned from the manger scene there was electrical interference that destroyed the picture. Now the poor crew has to explain the loss of an expensive camera, two van tires, and some video tape. Do you think the executives will believe a dragon did it? Or will they believe the crew had too much to drink at the Fly Inn?
The rest of the day went well. It was a beautiful ceremony caught on tape and on the live feed. The hymn sing was beautiful. It is sad that out of all this one will get a small thirty second news bite on national television. Unless , of course, it becomes a segment on a show like 60 Minutes.
One understands that ACLU already has a request for a copy of the video.So at least it will be seen by a judge.

Today's Link- Oil-Electric- A blog about trains highly recommended by the Old Fart ( Billie)
It was a long day. Poor Penny was in bed all day. She threw her back out shoveling on Sunday. I didn't get much done. Worked in the basement sorting trains for most of the day. Betty ran back and forth putting up Christmas stuff here and taking care of Pennie there. My sister DAwn called for no reason. Now I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Janvangogh said...

Tommy UK is wise beyond his years.

BTW, does Tommy UK wonder if he is really the undertakers son?

6:42 AM  
Blogger Stacy said...

I'm with you. Christmas was one of the last things, that while commercialized, still had a certain innocence to it. Why do they have to go and mess it up?

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have not seen a adforthismovieyet. Not sorry about iteither.Iamwithyou. Happy Monday. BTW~If you arewondering,Binker broke my spacebar.

9:58 AM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Isn't it amazing what sort of crap sells ...
mind you I always thought slapstick comedy and throwing custard pies was a bad example to show kids, and clearly time has proved me wrong.

Imagine all this telly, with people queuing up to wash their dirty laundry in public. Anything to make tv interesting - but who in god's name finds this stuff interesting. Is it sick people who want to see that other people have got it worse (at home). Is their life so uninteresting the only way they can make it interesting is by washing their dirty laundry on tv.

If I had to choose between watching washing 'dirty laundry' and 'paint drying' on tv - I must confess paint drying wins hands down.

2:51 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Ahhh, you better not watch any of my holiday youtube movies this year then. I'm putting warnings on them so you'll know which to watch or not watch. I may do one or two nice ones without being so mean to Jolly ole St. Nick. =O)

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Quilly said...

I don't own a TV and haven't been to the movie theater in almost a year. I am making my protest with my wallet. If more people tried it then Hollywood would have to clean up.


7:06 PM  

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