Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Wheel keeps Turning

Saying for the day: Of the writing of books there is no end.

The “ Wheel of Time” has now turned out enough books. It doesn’t need any more.
I went to Barnes and Noble to get the last five books in the ten book series of the “ Wheel of Time”. I figure I could do some serious reading in the evening in Crystal Falls since there will be no television. During the day we are finishing packing the house to load into the truck on Saturday.
So I go to Barnes and Noble. I go to the science fiction section and they seem to be short books eight and ten. A very nice lady sees me looking so pitiful and goes in the back room and comes back with both volumes. Life is good and people are nice. Now I have the entire series. I have all ten volumes. That’s when she asks if I wouldn’t like volume eleven as well. Volume eleven of a ten volume set. The back of my book says there are ten volumes . I came prepared to finish the set. But the author while I was gone and not looking has written another volume. That’s not fair. I need closure. I need my fantasy world to come to a “and they lived happily ever after ending.” The author can not be allowed to keep adding volumes. It just isn’t fair. I can’t afford an infinite volume collection. I want an end to this. I demand an end to this.
But I bought volume eleven as I need to know what is in it. Not until after six, seven, eight, nine, and ten , of course. But I do need to know.
Shame on you Robert Jordan. Shame ! Shame.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my garage where the trains still run, dragons and poltergeists fight battles in the air, and Nancy wants her tea cups back-Nancy did a lot of business yesterday as people stopped in to talk about the battle and see the teacup V sign. She sold a lot of coffee and not much tea. She heard the story and told the battle story at least a hundred times. Tommy UK stopped in and told how he heard the dragon swearing as it left .At that point the tea cups jiggled as if the poltergeist was laughing. The milk train this morning brought the first group of tourists who were hoping for a repeat of the battle . They all stopped in at Nancy’s but by this morning the tea cups had returned to their proper place. Nancy did get to tell the story to each one of them. One doesn’t think they really believed it. It is a rather unbelievable story.
In the rest of Pigeon Falls life went on as normal. A little maple syrup was made but not much. It’s a poor year for maple syrup. Members of the congregation of Last Lutheran were still muttering about the length of Pastor Moe’s Easter sermon. Tom Hasmore , who doesn’t like Pastor Moe, said that he took extra long to say nothing.– A poor widow was remembering the car crash from this time last year that took her young husband and left her with three little kids to raise. Some farmers were working on their equipment believing that spring really would come. The usual crowd was down at the Fly Inn doing the usual thing. Of course a lot of the conversation at the Fly Inn was about the great sky battle. The snow was melting off the pigeon statue and the pigeons were making sure it wouldn’t be missed. The sales continued at Wink’s Woods and Kiv&Maki’s with tourists buying little over priced dragon key chains. They haven’t figured out how to make a poltergeist key chain yet. Perhaps, tiny tea cups in the shape of a V. The Methodist Pastor was sitting in his study trying to decide what he should say to the two families from Last Lutheran that had asked what they had to do to join his church. He didn’t want to take advantage of the problems at Last Lutheran but they did need a church home. Big lumber trucks still rumbled through town on their way to the train loading dock. The snowman in the cage besides the Masonic building was melting and somebody who picked the right date that it would be gone would soon be a few dollars richer. Eino sat in his office desperately trying to find rational explanations for dragons and poltergeists. He failed. Tommy UK was driving the eighth grade English teacher up the wall. All in all it was as ordinary as a day gets in Pigeon Falls.

Today’s Link– Is on hold till we get back from Crystal Falls
We accomplished a lot today. well to be honest Betty and Pennie accomplished a lot. In the morning Pennie leaves . Sometime tomorrow a group of local people are coming to help us pack up. I tried to do some blog visiting but only got through three rows of links. The computer kept crashing and hanging up. To do those three rows I took three time longer than usual. Well its only a week. Now I need a breathing treatment.


Blogger Janvangogh said...

Nancy needs to get some T-shirts made up with some tea cups and sell them.

5:19 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

I felt a little like that when I read the "left Behind" series. And then there is always Stephen King. How can he write so many volumes?

6:33 AM  
Blogger Margaret said...

I've always wondered for as much as I love writing and reading, about the Bible.

It ends. Happily ever after. With everyone who is written in the Book of Life.

We'll be a part of the Greatest Story ever told.

But will I still be able to enjoy writing and reading?

7:17 AM  
Anonymous stacy said...

I'm with you on the book series. They should have to have a definite end. Often the later books seem to be not as well written, maybe just cranked out for profit? Still, I buy them, too, because I just have to know what happens next when I've already invested so much into the characters.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Um...excuse me..but....
well....forgive for asking.....but

How do you know so much about what's going on in your garage if you are in Crystal Falls?

Just curious.

9:47 AM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

lol Dr John,
that's some crowd at Pigeon Falls
dragons, poltergeist, young widow with thee kids, methodist preacher, last lutherans, Masonic lodge and the melting snowman with someone taking bets ...

All in a days work
All in a days play.

Alas the debate goes on, about who is more right (or is it left)
Me, me shouted the irishman god loves the Irish
Me, me shouted the Swede, Thor looks after his heroes
Me, me shouted the Turk, see I fear not death
Me, me shouted the martian, surely god loves me best

what they all failed to see is that to be godlike is not, to want to be above the rest - but to help even the the humble, the sick, the poor and all the rest ...

for even the masonic lodge fails is when it tries to 'select' who is the best, or chooses from those who can pay more than the rest.

For one thing is for sure, one thing we All know, you cannot buy pardons for cash, you cannot buy indulgences for gold, one can only redeem with charity for what one redeemed the poor of.

At the weighing of the heart many shall fall, "those who are rich and those who are poor, those who called on my name, and those who never learnt my name, but most of all shall fall those who had no kindness and love for their fellow men, no matter what their dress, their father's name or the name of their favourite god"

3:13 PM  
Anonymous loisontheweb said...

AH ... HERE YOU ARE, BACK IN TOWN ... SO CLOSE! Crystal Falls will miss you. But, God always has a plan for a better way. I am glad that the weather broke so that you have fairly pleasant weather to get your final packing & moving done.

7:35 PM  
Blogger Nea said...

Incredible, can they do that......it seems totally unetical to put 11 volumes in a 10 volume set...

I quit buying books a long time ago, I have to many and too many book shelves. It makes moving such work....as you must well know. :)

11:24 PM  

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