Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ticked at Taxes

Saying for the Day- It is too much to expect the government to be fair.

Yesterday I did my income taxes. It seems that because I didn’t have money withheld from my social security and the withholding from my pension was too small I ended up owing money. Okay , I understand that. I am willing to pay all that I am supposed to. What irritates me is that now the government wants me to pay a “ late fee” because they haven’t had my money to play with all year. It isn’t good enough that I am paying the entire amount by April 15. It isn’t good enough that they had my social security money to play with all these years. No! Now they want a “late fee”.
In all the years that they took too much the government never offered me interest on the extra. I got the refund at the end but they had that extra money to use during the year and paid no interest. Think of all the people who get refunds and then understand that all that money was like a loan to the government. They never pay interest. That isn’t fair.
If you pay too much they use it and that’s that but if you pay too little there comes a “ late fee”. The “ late fee” drives you to overpay to avoid it. The government profits both ways. They have the extra if you overpay and they don’t pay interest and if you underpay they have the “late fee”.
But the government is not fully heartless. If I had gone blind during the year or had a major catastrophe in my life they would have waved the “ late fee”. How much kinder than that can you get ?
I paid it. Now I will contact the pension board and have them increase the withholding. Next year I might even get money back but , of course, no interest.

@@@@ News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my garage where trains still run, dragons fly, poltergeists poltergeist, and life goes on as usual.-There will be a community Good Friday service at Last Lutheran Church. They will be doing the seven words from the cross. This year they are short two pastors so they are using lay people to do two of the words . Jack from Jack’s Sauna, is one of them and he is scared stiff. He says that he loves to preach but not with pastors present. They make him nervous. If he makes a mistake the lay people won’t notice but the pastors will. The pastors know everything about the bible there is to know. Jack has the last word and he claims that’s the hardest because Jesus just dies and not much else. It doesn’t have all that good stuff like forgiveness , concern, drama that the other word’s have. Poor Jack has until tomorrow to work it out.
Pastor Moe is worried about the Good Friday service as well. He is afraid that the poltergeist , that he doesn’t believe in, will do something to him at the service. This with four visiting pastors. It would be so embarrassing .At least he can go outside now without his own personal snow storm. Its enough he has Mr. Hasmore causing him problems over the new computers and the painting of the church.
Nancy is of the “if you can’t beat them , join them” school. She is now calling her cinnamon roles “ poltergeist buns”. They are selling very well. People are coming in for a cup of coffee and the latest poltergeist story. Tommy UK stopped by yesterday after school. He was wearing a catcher’s mask . Just in case, he said, the poltergeist decided throw things again. But he had his cup of tea and a poltergeist role and nothing happened. Soon after he left, however, all the tea cups piled themselves up into a dragon shape. They stayed like that for the rest of the day. Life with a poltergeist can be interesting.

Todays link-Bert Bananas- Is this for real? Can there be a person like this? You decide. But leave a Dr. John in the comment. There is a Dr. John. I don't paint numbers.
I had a good day. My sister called and wished me a happy Easter. I blogged. I watched my soaps. I played with the dog. I visted most of my links. I played canasta with Betty and Pennie and Betty won. My life is in such a routine I can almost write see yesterday for todays activities. Now I will get a breathing treatment.


Blogger patterns of ink said...

Don't you just hate tax time. It's not the "paying"--I can accept that--it's all the head-scratchin' as you read the books, forms, new laws, etc. I'm always glad to have that job done. Thanks for stopping by.

8:02 AM  
Anonymous quilly said...

Dr. John, I have run a children's ministry for 6 years now. My third year into the ministry I took the lay speaking classes at my church, primarily to increase my own knowledge, but shortly thereafter I was asked to speak. I ran to my friend for coucel. "I can't do this!" I wailed. She wanted to know why not, and pointed out that I do it with the children every week. I said, "Yes! But the children don't know if I make mistakes!" My friend replied, "Seems to be that you'd be better off speaking to the adults, they can reason for themselves." Which served not to relieve me of my feeling of burden toward the adults, but double my feeling of burden toward the children!

8:09 AM  
Blogger The Old Fart said...

I have yet to do my taxes, a friend is coming by tomorrow to do them. I don't know if I owe will be getting a refund. It sounds the same all over the world, if the government owes the refund there is no interest, if we owe the government this is the penalty. And the Governments say they have no money.

A blessed day is wished for you.

9:30 AM  
Blogger QUASAR9 said...

Hi Dr John
I wish I could pay more in taxes
Imagine if I pay $10 million in taxes, how much I'd be taking home

Pay to Caesar what is of Caesar
And to God what is God's
Which includes even what we pay Caesar or the government - lol!

12:48 PM  
Blogger Janvangogh said...

Someone needs to bring a camera to Nancy's and take photographs of the teacup "dragon" and sell pictures on ebay. They would make a ton of money. (They like that kind of stuff) Hmmmmm, maybe enough to pay for the new computers and paint the building at Last Lutheran.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Catch said...

taxes....the government is not fair. We all know that. Sorry you had to also pay the late fee...doesnt seem right.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Nea said...

Hi Dr. John, we are in the same predicament...... I even resent having to pay taxes on SS income. After all Social Secuirty was taxes already paid me it is like getting taxed again on some of the tax money you already paid once.

In my husbands case, he didn't retire until 66, so he got six months back, SS. So we really got hit.........hmmmmmmmm, you say if you go blind........we are both, almost blind...haha

9:31 PM  

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