Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bad Tomatoes

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Frankly My Dear

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A bend in the road is not the end of the road... unless you fail to make the turn. ~Author Unknown

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The first tomatoes from our hanging garden. Look good don't they.
But this is what they look like on the bottom.
We are just not good farmers. We have no idea why this happened.

The blog change continues.

Sometime today a new logo should appear. I’m having some trouble with that. But I’m going to take my virtual hammer and see if I can beat it into shape. Then I’ll put on my virtual boots and kick start it. I hope.

  • The sidebar is just about done. I got rid of lots of stuff and streamlined the rest.
    Thanks to everyone who voted. It does help a bit.

    Even as I write this blog my daughter and the youth group from St. Mark’s should be arriving in New Orleans. They and several other youth groups left yesterday by bus.

    My oxygen has been great for several days.

    My son Peter ended up in the emergency room Monday having had some kind of attack at school while he was working. He came home yesterday. They have sort of ruled out heart problems and are now looking at his stomach.

    The Republicans and then the Democrats poured all that money into the economy and the unemployment rate keeps going up. It makes me nervous.
    I feel sure that it won’t be long before the true believers start throwing virtual rocks at the other side.

  • Went to fellowship at St. Mark's this afternoon. Now I need a breathing treatment.
  • GBYA
    The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal
    The new jail is ready. The town hired “Pre-Fab Jails Inc” to build it and it went up in a week. There is an office for the Constable and one for his assistant as well as two cells. It has electronic locks and all kinds of alarms. For all of that it is only intended for housing convicts for a day or two. It will be a place to put an unruly drunk overnight or a real criminal waiting to be transferred to the County Jail.
    Constable Ican Gettum says it is the best little jail in the Upper Peninsula and he is very happy with his new offices.
    Pastor Joan noted that it is right across the road from Last Lutheran so it will be easy to visit those in jail.
    Mayor Trumble has slated a ribbon cutting ceremony for noon tomorrow. It will also be a chance for the sober community to meet the new Constable.

    Blogger Jientje said...

    I think you should ask Melli about the tomatoes, and I'm glad breathing goes well for you. Sorry to hear about your son though, I hope they can find out what the problem is real soon! Have fun here, it's looking good! It's not a moth, it's going to be a beautiful butterfly!

    1:59 AM  
    Blogger Lou said...

    I like the changes. Busy blogs are too hard on the eyes. I agree with you on the awards. It already looks a lot "cleaner" here.

    Good luck to your son..

    2:37 AM  
    Blogger anthonynorth said...

    I'm constantly changing something or other on my blog, hoping to keep it fresh. I think it's an occupational hazard with many of us :-)

    2:52 AM  
    Blogger Jinksy said...

    They are obviously dancing tomatoes, who've been practising their Black Bottonm Charleston...

    3:02 AM  
    Blogger Dr.John said...

    Jientje= At least its a thinner moth.
    Lou- Thanks for the nice words .
    Anthony- Some things I learned from yours.
    Jinsky- Poor Betty isn't laughing at the tomatoes but your comment might cheer her up.

    3:37 AM  
    Blogger KB said...

    What a shame about the bottom of the tomatoes. Glad your breathing is well.

    3:59 AM  
    Blogger Voegtli said...

    The blog change work seems to progress and it looks good.

    5:25 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It's blossom end rot. Here's a good site for information.

    6:29 AM  
    Blogger Dr.John said...

    KB- Now the birds got our strawberries. Our gardening is not going well. Thanks for your sympathy.
    Peter- Still having problems with the logo but yes , otherwise it is going well.
    Anonymous- Thanks . I'll check it out

    7:09 AM  
    Blogger Gattina said...

    I see that you decluttered your sidebar it looks more empty now, but your background is still white and not red like your tomatoes. I have no idea I buy tomatoes already grown ! No green thumb here around.
    If it comforts you the unemployment increases very strongly here too in all European countries. It has never been so high !

    7:36 AM  
    Blogger Akelamalu said...

    Shame about the tomatoes, I have no idea why they are like that either.

    I'm sorry to hear about your son, I hope it's nothing serious, I'll remembering him when I'm sending Reiki. x

    8:00 AM  
    Blogger Dr.John said...

    Gattina-I'm working on the logo. Thanks for your concern
    Akelamalu- I went to the site the other comment suggested and it said they were short on calcium.
    My son is back to work but not feeling well.

    8:31 AM  
    Anonymous Alice Audrey said...

    Just when you had me convinced to give the hanging garden thing a try.

    10:06 AM  
    Blogger aims said...

    Perhaps you should google rotting on bottom of tomatoes from hanging garden -

    Thinking about you and yours. Hope they find out what is up with your son's health and that your daughter loves New Orleans.

    10:32 AM  
    Blogger Dr.John said...

    Alice Audrey- From what I just read it can happen to tomatoes grown in the ground as well.
    Aims-Did find a good reference on the tomato problem. It says they are short on calcium.
    Pennie called just a little while ago and they really have her busy. Being a youth advisor is not the best way to see a place.

    10:36 AM  
    Anonymous quilly said...

    Dr. John - -the botanist who lives at my house says your tomatoes could indeed be short on calcium -- OR they could have too much nitrogen. If you are using a fertilizer chances are they have too much nitrogen. If you're not using a fertilizer chances are they are low in calcium and you need a tomato fertilizer low in nitrogen and high in calcium and phosphorous.

    Here our tomatoes come out perfect and the Mina birds eat them while they're still green on the vine!

    And my prayers are with Peter and Penny.

    Pigeon Falls has a jail. That struck me as sad. Now that they have it, likely as not they're going to need it.

    11:09 AM  
    Blogger secret agent woman said...

    Ooh, that's weird. One of those tomatoes looks like it has an owl's face. I wonder what in the world made them get all discolored like that? Maybe tomatoes aren't meant to grow upside down?

    11:37 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hmmmm I'm no farmer so I can't give ya any advice at all. Quilly seems to have gotten the best advice. I hope you will be able to solve them. are commenting :) Excellent

    I hope your son will be okay. I'll keep him in my thoughts and hope your daugther and all have a safe and wonderful trip.

    A new sheriff is in town...Can't wait to see how he handles Pigeon Falls

    Loving the new changes :)

    PS Dr. John - regarding your comment yesterday on my blog, I certainly hope you know that when I do meme's I'm very rarely serious with my answers. I try and just give sarcastic out of this world answers to make it funny and interesting. I would never do that to a child I hope you realize that :) Aloha

    11:40 AM  
    Blogger Dr.John said...

    Quilly- Thank the botanist that lives in your house.
    Thanks for your prayers.
    But its just a little jail. It beats where they have been locking up drunks until now.
    Secret Agent. You may be right. That's why the problem is on the bottom which growing upside down is the top.
    Thom- Love your comments because they are so thoughtful.
    The Constable is way too qualified for his job.
    By the way . When I comment you can't always ( ever) take the comment to be more serious than what I am commenting on. If you understood that. Wow1

    12:18 PM  
    Blogger Melli said...

    Dr. J, your tomatoes are low on phosphorous and need a good dose of Bone Meal! (Walmart has it!) Add to the soil and mix in a bit. Water thoroughly and you NEXT juicy red tomatoes should be edible too!

    I've prayed Pennie & the kids up for safe and happy travels! Sorry to hear about Peter! I hope they test his gallbladder! I thought I was having heart attacks when mine went bad!

    I've never heard of pre-fab JAILS! Houses? YES! Jails? NO! I hope we don't get anyone in there who's dead set on gettin' OUT! LOL!

    12:28 PM  
    Blogger Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

    You blog is a work in progress and I like how you are changing it a bit. Sorry if I made you think about quitting blogging, that is the last thing I had on my mind when I decided to slow down with mine .

    I don't have an answer for your tomatoes, it sounds as if Quilly has the right answer.

    Said a prayer for Penny and her group and Peter.

    12:51 PM  
    Blogger Dr.John said...

    Melli- We now think it was just a failure to water enough. The hanging garden has to be watered every day.
    Gall Bladder is certainly a possibility.Thanks for the prayers.
    Old Fart- Thanks for the prayers. I think it was more the bad oxygen readings and being stuck in the house that made me think of quiting blogging.

    2:12 PM  
    Blogger Melli said...

    Nope. That black rot comes from too little phosphorous. We've had that problem before!

    7:08 PM  
    Blogger Maude Lynn said...

    Wow! I like all the changes!

    Dr. John, did you intend to make your profile unavailable?

    8:12 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Gotcha...I thought so :) But just wanted to make sure ;)

    2:49 AM  
    Blogger Dr.John said...

    Melli- But I saw pictures that looked just like ours and the botanist said it was too little calcium. Must have different problems but same result.
    Mama Zen- It will return
    Thom- You mean you understood that?

    3:27 AM  
    Blogger Baron's Life said...

    tomatoes looked good till you turned them over...yuckkk...!

    10:34 AM  

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