Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Poet I

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Nea's Nuttiness

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A poem begins with a lump in the throat. ~Robert Frost

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Ella & new friend in Church ( Part two)

  • Every day this month I am writing a poem.
    No! I don’t think I’m a poet.
    In fact I know I’m not a poet.
    But every day some guy who is a poet or thinks he’s a poet gives me a subject to write on.
    Then I write.
    Some days I write passable drivel.
    Some days I just write drivel.
    But I do not write real poems.
    Real poems don’t come from prompts.
    They rise up inside the poet and scream until he lets them out.
    The poem directs its own form.
    You don’t sit down and say “ Today I’ll write about the village smithy” because that’s the prompt .
    You don’t invite me “ To grow old along with me” because of a prompt.
    It screams inside of you until it pours upon the page.
    I could take a course on poetry writing ($350) but it wouldn’t make me a poet.
    It would teach me how to make my drivel look more like a real poem.
    You can learn mechanics.
    You can learn forms.
    But after you have done all that your still not a poet.
    A real poet is so driven that poetry becomes his life.
    He writes because he must.
    He writes because his demons drive him too.
    I have no inner demons only outer prompts.
    Prompts are really helpful when your writing drivel.
    At least you have something to write about.
    Please note as I stand here on my soap box spouting off that everything I say applies only to me.
    I never judge your poetry.
    I have to stop this diatribe.
    It’s time for my prompt.

    News from Pigeon Falls

    The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal
    Herman has put the whole incident with Mark behind him and is back working at the church. He is going to be doing a Bible Study on the book of Jonah and already has five students signed up. That’s pretty good since Lutherans aren’t much for adult education. They think once they are confirmed they know everything.
    Tommy UK has also put the Mark thing aside. He is busy walking Tammy home from school. He carries her books and holds her hand. He doesn’t look like somebody with the kind of power he has. He looks like just another lovesick kid. But now that his life has returned to normal he is planning on calling his uncle and trying to learn more about his birth parents.
    The rumor down at Nancy’s is that Petrovich is just about ready to release the dribblet that foretells the end of the world. He, of course, has said nothing. But people are saying that they have heard that it will be really horrible.
    Pastor Joan is now taking Mondays off. Her husband has cleared his schedule so he can be home on Mondays and make sure she doesn’t overdo .

    Wrap UP
    It was a very good day. Ella's pictures stand by themselves. Her friend is my grand elephant Elmer. From now on I will comment not on what Ella is doing for the day but on the picture . That means you will get Ella news a little late. I Worked hard on today's poetry . I know it doesn't show. The important thing is Betty liked it. I visited the blogs of those who commented yesterday and a few others. Now I need a breathing treatment.
  • GBYA

    Blogger Nessa said...

    I think you are a poet and don't even know it.

    3:42 AM  
    Blogger Baron's Life said...

    A poem begins with a lump in the throat. ~Robert Frost~...Yes indeed it does...Dr. John, I like your blog...Keep up the inspirational work

    4:20 AM  
    Blogger LoieJ said...

    But where do you think that that lump in the throat or that inner inspiration comes from? No one lives in a vacuum. Maybe you see something or maybe you hear something and it percolates into a lump in the throat, but it isn't all self-induced.

    5:26 AM  
    Blogger Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

    You are something!

    5:30 AM  
    Blogger rhymeswithplague said...

    You sly fox, you! The first part of your post today, your "diatribe," is your poem....

    It only looks like prose. It feels like a poem to me....

    I especially like the line, "They rise up inside the poet and scream until he lets them out."

    As some people who ain't got no learnin' say, "You done good."

    5:46 AM  
    Blogger Melli said...

    Ahhhhh! I agree whole-heartedly with your diatribe today! This is how I know that 20 years ago I WAS a poet ... and today I write drivel! (and sometimes even quivel!)

    Ohhhh wow! Life is sounding SO normal in Pigeon Falls today. That almost scares me! When is Pastor Joan due anyway?

    6:56 AM  
    Blogger Kathy said...

    Oh Ella, you look soooo beautiful! And you've met a nice young man! I bet you were playing ragtime on the church piano! :-)

    8:36 AM  
    Blogger Gattina said...

    That was hard, wasn't it ?
    I don't do poemes because :

    With all these poemes I have to read every day
    I became unable to speak in a normal way
    People don't listen anymore to me
    Because they think I became crazy !

    8:47 AM  
    Blogger aims said...

    Frost said it all didn't he?

    Ella is adorable and so is her friend.

    Normal in Pigeon Falls just makes me nervous.

    9:59 AM  
    Anonymous quilly said...

    My Monday's are so crazy! I read your post on my feed reader then forgot to comment!

    I can wait for the new driblet. Tell Petrovich to take his time!

    10:13 AM  
    Blogger juliana said...

    well, you have expressed my feelings about the stuff i occasionally write and some people call it poetry.

    10:52 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hmmm things are ordinary in Pigeon Falls? Scary

    11:30 AM  
    Blogger Ordinarily Just Me said...

    you say you are not a poet but you write wonderfully well. Sometimes a poet needs just a little help.

    12:52 PM  
    Blogger Libby's Library said...

    I don't know what I did to deserve being your "link" for the day, I sincerely thank you!
    Enjoyed your poem and your picture of Ella.
    I'll be back.

    1:39 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I wrote a poem when I was young, called John Montaqu~The Sandwich.
    It wasn't very good.
    Where you write about stopping this diatribe, I've read some diatribes on blogs, but never on yours. ~Mary

    2:17 PM  
    Anonymous quilly said...

    It just dawned on me -- I read your post last night before I went to bed -- and I didn't comment because I wanted to wait for Melli's reaction to Ella's boyfriend -- and she didn't have one! I think they make a wonderfully cute couple! What's his name?

    3:30 PM  
    Blogger Carver said...

    Ella and her new friend are adorable. I liked your post about poetry.

    5:24 PM  
    Blogger Melli said...

    Melli didn't COMMENT about it because MELLI has not been INFORMED that they are "a couple" yet! Melli was considering that since Ella has only JUST MET Elmer, that they are "friends"... and that until Dr. John reports differently, I should assume that that's ALL they are! And I believe I did take notice that Elmer is also an ELEPHANT yesterday -- and not the human child that I had thought I was being told of!

    Ella... dear... please don't let Quilly JUMP to conclusions! I know you are a frisky little elephant -- but I also know you still have SOME scruples -- even after being in Las Vegas!

    6:36 PM  
    Blogger Melli said...

    And I knew you worked hard on the poems! I thought it showed! And I KNOW Betty thought it showed!!!

    7:10 PM  
    Blogger Voegtli said...

    Well, the way I see it: What ever you write on your blog is like poetry. In one way or another.

    Whether it is the "saying of the day", the post, the "news from Pigeon Falls" or the "Wrap Up", it is to me like a 360° thing.

    Poetry can make us smile, makes us think, make us dream.

    And that is what you are doing to us all the time.

    8:25 PM  
    Blogger Josephine said...

    Hi Dr.John,
    Writing on the prompt...? Nope. I do it on my terms when the Muse knocks on the door, but I admire ones who can write spontaneously anytime.
    You sounded really harsh on yourself... I think - too harsh. Your writing seems spontaneous and that's a gift. You have a wealth of knowledge and life experiences to write about. Heavens know our children can learn a thing or two!! It will be unfortunate if you stop writing. Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme and it doesn’t have to be written on the prompt, but if poetry doesn't feel right, there are always stories to be written – short stories…? I bet you could write great stories!! Your posts are fun to read already.
    Back soon,

    9:08 PM  

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