Monday, September 07, 2009

A Monday Rant

Today's Saying

You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted. ~Ruth E. Renkl

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If you are a seeker of truth, in favor of free speech, against dehumanizing name calling, then last week was a disaster.
If you wanted to better understand the effect of a two trillion dollar cost of the health care proposal ( President’s figures) on the total economy or if you wanted some help in understanding how you could cut the Medicare budget without cutting services forget it.
Neither left nor right were interested in giving you information they were too busy attacking each other.
Further the left with their new motto of if you don’t like what they say “ Shut them Up” was busy pressuring sponsors to boycott the evil Fox News. If you can make them go away then they can’t ask bothersome questions.
So last week the conservatives spent a lot of time attacking not ideas but people. They gave us an image of the left and Democrats as “ sneaky”,” Liars”,” Communists”, “Evil people”, “Can’t trust a word they say”, “Wanting to make slaves of us all”, and on and on.
While our friends on the left were giving us an image of Republican and Conservatives as “Basically evil people”, “Haters of the poor”, “ Easily mislead fools”, “ Sneaky”, “ Underhanded”, “Manipulative”, “ Purveyors of hate speech”, and on and on.
The sad thing is that the true believers eat up this nonsense from both sides. I know a nice lady whose blood pressure goes up if you even say the word conservative and who is convinced all Republicans hate the poor and favor the rich.
I know another kind older gentleman who really believes the evil Democrats and liberals are out to take away his freedom and have him killed.
Hitler said that if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough it becomes the truth.
But the truth is that neither conservatives or liberals are evil.
Neither group is looking to hurt the poor or take away our liberty.
They have different solutions to a very complex problem.
But neither side wants to debate solutions. They want to dehumanize the enemy. The enemy is anybody that doesn’t agree with them.
They want their solution unchallenged.
Didn’t they learn as children that you don’t always get what you want.
Apparently not and they didn’t learn to play nice either.
I could be wrong now but I don’t think so.

The Piano Tuner came from Iron Mountain this morning. He got to listen to but not see the morning concert. He told Mrs Pirtilampi , who was the volunteer in charge, that the piano was only slightly out of tune. He didn't think he would have any trouble tuning it. He really did want to meet that fantastic piano player.
Mrs. Pirtilampi understanding that he didn't know the piano player was a ghost simply told him that it wasn't possible because the player had to rush off to another engagement.
The piano tuner opened the piano and looked confused. " Are you sure this is the piano that was played this morning?" , he asked " Because I don't see how that was possible as half the pieces are missing." He sat down at the piano and playe a song. It was just slightly out of tune. "That's impossible", he said" It plays things that aren't there. I can't tune things I can't see ". He picked up his tools , closed up his case and left.
Mrs. Pirtilampi called Eino and he called Mrs. Trumble. She thought they either needed a blind piano tuner or a ghost that tunes pianos and she didn't have the slightest idea where to find either one.


Blogger Jientje said...

I am not wired for politics, but I enjoyed your wise words Dr John.

1:58 AM  
Blogger Rinkly Rimes said...

I get very tired of Australian politicians too, who, when asked to address a problem, spend all their time saying how much worse things would be under the opposition. I almost feel like switching off!

2:10 AM  
Anonymous Quilly said...

Dr. John -- the nastiness has gotten so bad, that I have quit listening -- which isn't good, either.

And I wouldn't think it would be all that hard to find a ghost who tunes pianos. Just ask the ghost who plays them to call one!

4:03 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Politics, ghosts -- very scary stuff.

I don't know what to make of it...


4:50 AM  
Blogger Sandi McBride said...

Re the health issues...our Senator Mr. Spratt looked absolutely amazed at the Rock Hill Town Hall meeting that his constituents wanted nothing more than to ride him out on a rail because he said he intended to vote with the President. I'm sure he was surprised that the sheep were awake and and no longer silent!
As for the piano tuner...I've never trusted anyone who doesn't believe in the other worldly things of life! GREAT POST!!

5:57 AM  
Blogger Baron's Life said...

Thanks for bringing today's saying back....BTW today's saying is so true...thanks for sharing it Dr. John

7:14 AM  
Blogger Dulçe ♥ said...

This Today's saying really makes me think and value this very moment as it deserves.
Politics and politicians we already know- cannot be helped.
Thank you for th post
(been missing you badly for two days on mine)
Good Day Dear Dr.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Reading the part in your post about the lady whose blood pressure rises at the mere mention of the words Republican and/or conservative, made me think perhaps you're getting to know me all too well! But your post is true in that the politicians all seem to just want to throw stones at each other, spin more lies and then wonder why nothing gets done -because the evil opposition is just that, so evil, ya know.
Great words!

7:44 AM  
Blogger LoieJ said...

While we can't know somebody's true motives, it does seem that tearing down the other "side" is more important than the good of the nation. I heard a woman on the radio say that she had gone to her congressman's town hall meeting where he said that he intended to help gut the health care bill so much that it would pass but be a failure in practice, so that this would reflect on the Democrats and they will lose the next election. Well, who knows what was really said, but we do know what this woman heard and believes.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Gattina said...

Political parties are all the same,they blame and insult each other,you only have two we have at least five ! what a mess !

8:01 AM  
Blogger Melli said...

And so we are back to where we were BEFORE the election. I hate it. I don't use hate very often... but this is something I truly DO hate. The way people treat each other over their varying beliefs. Political parties... religious affiliations... race...

My own rant these days revolves around parents who seem to think they should have the right to KEEP the president from speaking to their children in school. Yet they've never asked for the right to keep the principal from speaking to them. Or their State representatives... or the parents who come in for Career Day... or the local Puppet Theater that performs for them! No... just our newly elected first black president. For SOME reason they don't want HIM to speak to their children! ANYone ELSE can... but NOT the leader of our country! Seems to me parents have forgotten that once their children enter school, they are NOT the only adults that "influence" their children. And that's a GOOD thing.

If the piano is just a LITTLE out of tune, perhaps the ghost who PLAYS it could tune it! Or not. Ghosts can be so finicky!

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think you are wrong either Dr. John. It's a sad situation going on. Hmmm maybe a blind ghost might do it ya think?

10:13 AM  
Blogger Akelamalu said...

It does one good to have a rant now and again. I hope it has done you good Dr. John. x

10:35 AM  
Blogger Lori's Minute said...

We watched a show last night about Abe Lincoln and how the South, even though they got to keep their slaves, still were ridiculous is that. It is bad enough to be wrong but they wanted the whole country to be as well.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous the amoeba said...

Once again, begging your pardon Dr. J., but it's "politicians this", and politicians that", and "politicians t'other", and if they don't do whatever it is that I want, off with their heads.

Let me ask you this. If a politician were to surface whose message was the unvarnished truth, would We the People vote for him? And would We support him if, by some miracle, We did vote him in, only to discover that the bread and circuses he didn't promise really aren't hidden up his sleeve either?

No, and no.

The politicians are only doing what We're telling them to. That should shame us.

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. John, for being a voice of reason today. I've kept the TV off because I don't need the poison coming into my home.
Garbage In, Garbage Out.
Good In, Good Out.

Off in search of more good.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I really don't have any words to add Dr John, I will say a prayer for you.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Lou said...

Look at the World Trade Center??! Nothing can get done anymore until we argue and convene and appoint a czar (or three).

My dad, who served in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam would be sickened.

3:02 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

I don't understand any of it. So I have no idea what would be good for all of us. But what I really don't understand is how can you really fix something so big so fast?

I loved Mrs. Trumble's thoughts on the piano, very good!
Love Di

3:34 PM  
Blogger Alastair said...

Good rant, Dr John, a few wise words wouldn't go amiss in the political arena either... though as recipient of a national health care system I can see why those in favour want to get it through, it is fantastic (my father's breathing problems and need for oxygen were all carefully and wonderfully handled! My own recent cancer scare was dealt with in less than a month)

Oops, wasn't going to get partisan, but did want to say I liked what you said!

4:07 PM  
Blogger Amber Star said...

Dr. John,
I have to admit to not reading your post today, because I have a problem with my bloodgood Japanese maple, too. Earlier in the summer you posted a picture where the border of the leaves were drying and crisping up. Did you ever figure that out? Mine was doing the sam thing and I thought it was either getting too much sun or either too much or too little water.

We bought it at the end of last year during the winter clearance. I grew one from a tiny little cutting once and my husband overwatered it not knowing. Anyway, if you have any words of wisdom about what is going on with the bloodgood Japanes maples you can reach me at amber_star_98 at yahoo dot com. Please if you do know what is up with them put someting in the subject line to let me know it is you.


8:59 PM  

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