Monday, April 27, 2009

Poem a Day-April 28

Poem a Day-April 28

Trouble with Cain

On the track there came a train
To see that it took no brain
Water running down the drain
Seen through the window pane
All the descendants of Cain
Coming up out of the plain.

But still it hurt her brain
To see life going down the drain
Despite the really thick glass pane
Still she claimed the name of Cain
And she made it very plain
Her mind still rode the train

He poured the bottle down the drain
Having smashed the window pane
He was a real son of Cain
Broken, ruined that was plain
So he stood before the train
End the sufferings of his brain.

She paid a lot for the glass pane
Broken by the son of Cain
Her anger there was very plain
As he died before the train.
She knew he had no brain
Sent his life right down the drain.

The descendants of one called Cain
Useless bunch was very plain
The ones that stopped the train
Not a single ounce of brain
On mankind they were a drain
Seen through my glass pane.

For they came up from the plain
Some even took the train
But none had a real brain
Just more lives down the drain
Broken glass in life’s window pane
All because of the sin of Cain

The train had an electric brain
A steam drain and window pane
Brought Cain up from the plain


Anonymous quilly said...

Argh! I read today's prompt and threw a fit! (Luckily it didn't break any windows.) Some of us don't have the time for this stuff!

Then I come here and see that some of us do, and I am throwing another fit!

12:01 PM  

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