Thursday, July 24, 2008

Magic Ends?

Saying for the Day:Some people get lost in thought because it's such unfamiliar territory. ~G. Behn

Without warning the pages on the calendar have flipped and lo and behold it is Thursday again. It is time for another Elf tale. It begins as all good elf tales should:
Once upon a time there was an elf named Charlie. That’s right the same elf that outsmarted the wicked old witch. He was a slightly below average elf but still he did pretty well.
One day, not long ago, Charlie had given a wish to a young boy for all the free help he had given his old neighbors. The boy thought for a moment and wished to be the owner of the fastest race horse in the world. So Charlie did the usual elf thing. He said “ As you wish so shall it be”. There was the usual flash of light and standing there bigger than life was not a race horse but an elephant. Granted it was a very , very fast elephant but it was still an elephant and not a horse. So Charlie said again, only a little louder “ As you wish so shall it be”. There was another flash of light and the elephant was gone. In its place was a very, very fast Rhino. Perhaps, the fastest rhino in the universe . But it was not a horse. Now Charlie began to panic. Once more he said the words. Once more there was a flash of light and this time the rhino was gone and a horse stood there. That was all Charlie needed . He disappeared as elves do when their task is finished.
Charlie’s next task was to bring a wish to a middle age lady who was bringing pillows and blankets to homeless people. After the usual explanation he expected her to wish for something for the homeless but instead she wished that her husband would turn into a small hourglass egg timer. This way he would finally do something useful. So Charlie said the words. There was the flash of light and there in place of her husband was a six foot egg with a clock in the middle. This was not at all what Charlie wanted so he did the sequence again. This time he got a nine foot egg with an upside down clock and a large crack. Again Charlie did his thing. There was the flash of light and there on the table was an hour glass egg timer. Charlie vanished.
Charlie went back to Elf Headquarters to check into the elf clinic. He knew something was dreadfully wrong. But when he got there the waiting room was filled with elves. It seems nobody's magic was working correctly. It was so bad that an elf council was called. An elf council hadn’t been called since the two opposite wishes were made at the same time.
As the council was gathering word came that similar councils were being called by the witches, the fairies , the wizards, the leprechauns , and even the ogres. In all the magic kingdoms it was obvious that something was wrong. Fairies were hit the hardest since magic held their land together. Fairy buildings were falling down all across the country. But the others suffered as well. One Leprechaun went to protect his pot of gold only to see it fly to the middle of the rainbow and turn upside down. Dumping coins all across a farmer’s field where people trampled his crops to get to them. A wizard spoke what was supposed to be a proven love spell only to have the two people involved throwing bricks at each other. The poor ogres who don’t do much with magic but are a magic people developed terrific headaches and if you have ever seen an ogre’s head you know how horrible that would be.
The elf council decided the problem was too big for them so they decided to call the first Grand Council in forty two centuries. The Grand Council would have two representatives from every magic group, two fairies, two elves, two wizards, two witches, two leprechauns, and even two ogres. Though there were some who thought the ogres shouldn’t be invited since they hadn’t had an original thought in all of the forty two centuries. So the Grand Council met. They shared all the information they had and it seemed obvious that the future of the very planet was in question. Despite what science thought it was magic after all that held the world together and held it in stable orbit. If the magic began to fail it could move closer to the sun and they would have real global warming or it could move away and they would have global cooling on a grand scale.
The great Wizard looked into his magic crystal and said “ I see a foreign presence in the universe. It shouldn’t be here. It has destroyed the balance. Everybody was to go back to their group and see if anybody had used magic to bring in something, anything, from outside the universe.
And so they did. Thousands and thousands of records were searched. Fairy records, witch records, elf records,, wizard records were all searched. But there was no record of anybody bringing in anything from out of the universe. It just hadn’t happened.
So the Grand Council met again. The Grand Wizard had everybody add their magic ability to his and went back to the magic crystal. Now he could see that the object was a human being but despite all their power they couldn’t tell who or where he was. So they all went back to their groups with the task of going through human newspapers looking for some clue. They checked out hundreds of false leads. It seems that humans are always doing strange things.
That’s when an elf remembered that he didn’t bring anybody into the universe but he sent somebody out of the universe to another parallel universe. Just suppose his counterpart on the parallel universe had done the same thing.
The man in question was an expert in quantum mechanics and cosmological relativity named Tom. So they sent a wizard to talk to him. He rang the doorbell and was greeted by Tom‘s wife. He told her he was an old friend of Tom‘s from the University and hadn‘t seen him for a long time. She explained that Tom had some kind of breakdown and was now a patient at the Shaddynook Psychiatric Hospital in Middleville. And , she explained, he no longer speaks English.
That night the entire Grand Council entered Tom’s room at Shaddynook by magic. Then using all their combined power they tried to send Tom to a universe far away and to another Shaddynook Hospital. There was a great flash of light and then Tom was still there.
“Now what do we do the Great Wizard” asked?
“Just a minute the head elf” said. Then he asked Tom, “ How are you”
“Confused “ Tom said. ”Who are you?”
With that they vanished. It seems that their counterparts in the other universe had sent the original Tom back.
It took Tom several days to convince the doctors that he couldn’t speak Finnish and that he didn’t see elves. But then he went home.
He no longer wished to be anywhere but there.
The magic on the planet and in that universe soon returned to normal.
Now there is no real moral to this story but it does show that sometimes when things go wrong they go really wrong.

News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal . Buddy East told the Liar’s Club that four of the seven judges for the writer’s contest have checked in and they are waiting on the other three. Only three of the writer’s have voted. He hopes it is all done by Sunday. He needs to get the plaque made. Since he wants the winner’s name on it he can’t until he knows the winner in both categories.
The Tommy Club lifted a print from the doorframe of the clubhouse that the FBI man had left. He had grabbed the frame to get into the clubhouse since he was a bit taller than the old chicken house door. This time Tommy sent it to his uncle who has a friend in the State Police. They will run it through their data base and some federal ones as well. Tommy’s uncle has promised to get back to them as soon as he hears from them.
The Petrovich’s hope to go to Green Bay a week from Sunday to get the babies Baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church.
The Town is getting ready for Pigeon Falls days in August. People are practicing for their part in the talent show. Some young men, attracted by the thousand dollar prize are trying to learn how to call pigeons. People are bring out their old time clothes for old timers day. It looks like it could shape up to be a great festival.
Not a bad day. The last of the writers checked in and I only need one more of the regular judges and then I can announce the winner in each category. I talked to my oldest sister and she now is letting me send the box on to my other sister so life goes on. My grandaughter is going home today and that makes me sad. It has been fun running my blog past her before posting it. Besides she couild help Betty get my scooter out of the van. This afternoon Bree, Betty, and Pennie went to the movies. I scanned pictures from the box. It is just a treasure of old pictures that I didn't have. Now I need a breathing treatment.
Our Roses several days after the hail.
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    Blogger Janvangogh said...

    Good elf story. Tho at first I thought that Charlie's magic backfired cause he was in Pigeon Falls.

    4:57 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good elf story! I was so afraid the two Tom's were switched forever!

    And I couldn't help noting that one of your rose photos looks a bit "corny".

    8:41 AM  
    Blogger Dragonstar said...

    I like that Elf story - loose ends neatly tied up.

    Your roses recovered well from the hail. The gold one is absolutely beautiful.

    8:41 AM  
    Blogger Unknown said...

    I liked that one! Good story.

    9:31 AM  
    Blogger juliana said...

    great story... seems some scientists get the right results for the wrong reason...

    2:57 PM  
    Blogger Melli said...

    Ain't it great the way flowers bounce back! I'm sure the hail traumatized them -- but not for long!

    That was a GREAT elf story! I got to read the first half this morning... but then life happened... so I came back this evening to finish up! I had been worried that the Toms might never get switched back - so this what a great relief!

    Wow! I wonder if they have anyone in Pigeon Falls who can touch their nose with their tongue!? That's TALENT!!!

    5:33 PM  
    Blogger Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

    I was wondering how you were going to get the Tom's switched back. I'd never expected this.

    A Blessed Day is wished for you and Betty.

    7:16 PM  

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