Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Award

Saying for the day: I can live for two months on a good compliment. ~Mark Twain

AS the world turns strange things happen.
I have received another award.
This one from “The Relm of the Lone Grey Squirrel”

# Dr. John's Fortress for Brilliance in spirit and the
willingness to share the wisdom of the wise with the rest of us.

Now I’m not sure why I got this award but I know I am very short on wisdom to share.
On the other hand it was given by a squirrel so he might have thought I had wisdom.
From the vantage point of a squirrel all people have wisdom.
Once I would have thought it was for the brilliance of my premio teeth.
But now I don’t have any left.
Whatever the reason I am thankful and will add it to my award room.
Now I’m supposed to find seven other blogs that qualify for this premium award.
I have chosen
A Planet Named Janet– Nothing is more brilliant than her spam cartoons.

Insanity Prevails
-Anyone who can run a VBS class like she does deserves an award for brilliance.

Patterns of Ink
– The brilliant describer of life as it was once upon a time.

Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Beyond– Brilliant descriptions of small town life.

Noble Pig
– Brilliant recipes that make your mouth water and wise talks on wine.

Welcome to the Old Fart’s Blog
-A more brilliant bus driver can’t be found anywhere

Quilly’s Pacific Paradise– where Monday’s brilliant puzzles give me a headache.

Please enjoy your award as it gives me great pleasure to bestow it on you.
You do deserve it.
The expectation is that each of you will now find seven blogs to give it to.

So if you didn’t get the award today buck up.
It is going to be given 49 more times.
Then after that 343 times .
And after that 2394 times.
So it will get to you someday.
Don’t you just love internet awards?

News from Pigeon Falls-The little town in my basement where the trains still run, dragons fly, and life is back to normal. So Pastor Joan brought Tammy and Tommy UK together in her office today. Then she asked “ Do you know how much seventy times seven is ? “
They looked at her like she was crazy.
Finally Tommy UK said “ Of course, its 490 we aren’t stupid”
“But have you?” she asked
Tammy , now very confused said “ Have we what?”
Pastor Joan “ 490”
Tommy UK, “ 490 what?”
Pastor Joan :” Have you forgiven each other 490 times. That’s what Jesus says you must.”
“Pastor if you knew what he said you wouldn’t ask me to forgive him.”
“ Pastor , you should hear what she called me.”
Pastor Joan,” I’m not asking you to forgive each other. I know you both have been hurt. I know what the other person did is in your eyes unforgivable. I would never ask you to forgive.
But Jesus isn’t asking he’s commanding. As one of his followers you are to forgive and that’s that.
You see God know that anger is like a weed in the garden. When you water it and fertilize it grows and grows until it is all consuming. It pushes all the good things aside. When we keep going over how we have been hurt and what has been done to us it grows and grows and takes over our life. It destroys life long friendships. So God offers us the one solution that works. Pull it out by the roots. Forgiveness does that. It ends the anger. It allows the good in us to grow.”
Tommy UK and Tammy looked at each other. Then Tommy UK said “I forgive you and I’m sorry for what I said“.
Tammy said “ I forgive you”.
Then they both started to laugh. And they hugged each other.
Tammy said “ What we were fighting over really was sort of funny”.
Pastor Joan just smiled.

Today's Link-There are seven great links above pick one or two.
I started off the day telling my next elf story to my computer dragon who didn't like it. If the dragon doesn't shape up off the computer he goes. In the afternoon I read some. Took a nap. Visited my links. Did some work on Friday's big changes.Now I need a breathing treatment.
Pictures from my first parish over forty years ago


    Blogger Worldman said...

    Congratulations for your award. One is always tickled to ge one. And this one is just a confirmation of your permanent brilliance.

    And I am pleased to be the first one to comment.

    5:34 AM  
    Blogger Janvangogh said...

    Thanks for the award. BTW, did you receive the $20 I sent you?

    6:20 AM  
    Blogger Melli said...

    Ohhhhh OKAY Pastor Paul! Oh your not? Hmmm... you sound JUST like him Pastor Joan! He's always tellin' us how when HE raised HIS kids he only used the book for discipline! "I'M not tellin' ya what to do! GOD said it!" Mmmm hmmm... seems to work!

    Thank you, yet once again, Dr. J for a most humbling award! I had NO idea awards were given for teaching VBS!

    6:56 AM  
    Blogger Margaret said...

    A strange question, does "Typpo" mean anything in Finnish?

    8:10 AM  
    Blogger Lori's Minute said...

    If a squirrel gives out awards in the woods, does it make a noise?

    8:13 AM  
    Blogger Jill said...

    I bow to you.

    8:50 AM  
    Blogger juliana said...

    you deserve every award you get, dr.john. congrats on this one.

    8:51 AM  
    Blogger The Old Fart said...

    Dr John, congratulations on the award, I agree that your blog is full of Brilliance and Wisdom. And thank you for nominating me. Bus Driver I am, Brilliant that is another question. I will show my award proudly on my blog.

    Thank you

    9:57 AM  
    Blogger Family Man said...

    Congratulations on another well deserved reward Dr. John! I know I enjoy reading your blog. I love your pictures.

    All the best!

    11:01 AM  
    Blogger Cedar said...

    Hi! Dr. John, I think the universe is trying to tell me something. On the way to work this morning I listened to a sermon on the true meaning of forgiveness and then I amble over here and you are speaking along the same lines.

    I either have to think about this or stop listening to the radio and visiting here!

    Have a good day Doc!

    11:29 AM  
    Blogger Dragonstar said...

    Congratulations Dr John! A very well-deserved award.

    12:47 PM  
    Blogger BigDadGib said...

    Congrats on the award...

    I loved the links too.

    I am a preachers kid and many of the photographs brought back fond memories...

    In Him, Gib@CBO

    7:26 PM  
    Blogger jmb said...

    Congratulations on your Award Dr John. One can never have too much praise, can one?

    Why do they always assume we older folks have wisdom? I'm still a work in progress, like anyone else.

    This reminds me that I got this award myself the other day, so I must post it up and pass it on.

    1:52 AM  
    Anonymous quilly said...

    I was away from home yesterday and couldn't get to the internet, and then I came home quite late. This morning I wake only to discover that while I was gone, and award ceremony was held in my honor. I do so wish I had been there!

    Thank you, Dr. John. I am glad my Punny Monday contest causes you some thought. It isn't easy thinking that stuff up, you know!

    8:43 AM  

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