Sunday, May 08, 2005

Days End

Well the day is over.My day ends at 5:30 . It was a wonderful weekend .Lori ,Peter,and the kids were here as was Pennie. We talked to Pat on the phone and he will be coming up later in the month. I have wonderful children and grandchildren.
While they were here they moved evrything that Betty couldn't move alone from the old bedroom to the new one.Peter tried to fix the cucoo but itstill cukoos three times no matter what he hour is. Pennie played Nancy Drew with Betty on the computer and I worked on this blog All in all a good weekend.


Blogger Patrick said...

I would of been there if I could of.
But I was oncall. Glad you all had a good weekend. I went and saw movie with curtis and dehanna. Got paged out of the seconded ;( But got some overtime in.

2:25 PM  

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