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Good laws and stubborn people

Today's Saying
Why should people go out and pay money to see bad films when they can stay home and see bad television for nothing? ~Samuel Goldwyn

The problem with laws written to handle real problems with great intent is that the idiots that administer them don’t care about intent they hold in a stubborn manner to the legalistic letter of the law.
Here are two recent examples.
First there is the grandmother in Indiana who was handcuffed and taken to jail on a drug charge. Her picture was on the front page of the local paper with an article entitled, ‘17 Arrested in Drug Sweep.’”. What terrible thing did she do.
Well on Monday her husband had a bad cough so she stopped and bought a bottle of cough medicine.
Then her daughter got sick with a cough with a lot of mucous so on Friday she bought a package of Mucinex.-D.
That’s it.
But Indiana has a law making it illegal to purchase products containing more than 3 grams total of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine in a week .Her medicines came out to 3.6 grams. She broke the law.
Now the intent of the law was to prevent crooks from getting the chemical needed to make methamphetamine or meth. It is a well intentioned law.
But it should have been obvious she was not doing that . The one package was there when they came to arrest her four weeks later and still had unused pills in it.
They could have explained to her that technically she had violated the law and next time check the packages for amounts.
But the sheriff said the law is the law and she broke it. So much for the intent. They got one dangerous grandmother off the streets.
Second there is the non working mother in Michigan. Two of neighbors who did work felt uneasy about leaving their children alone for the hour until the school bus came. They asked her if they could leave them with her since she had a child going to the same school she said yes. She did it as a good neighbor and they didn’t pay her.
Then she got a letter from the Michigan Department of Human Services warning her that if she continued, she'd be violating a law aimed at the operators of unlicensed day care centers.. It further warned her she could be fined and sent to jail.
Now the intent of the law was to protect children.
The intent of the housewife was to protect children.
But thanks to their legalistic attitude she stopped. The children now sit alone at home until the bus comes.
Human services read the law in the most legalistic manner and ignored the needs of the children.
The problem with government is often not the law makers who have the best of intents but the people who narrowly without understanding of the intent administer those laws.
On the other hand you can’t fault them it’s the law.

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Tommy turned to the man in black and said " Why don't you go stand with your boss Oscar? You know which side your on."
Oscar walked slowly down the street to stand next to the alien leader.
" Then there are only two of you against all this firepower, three rocket ships, and the unbelievable power of a Guardian so you have no choice but to surrender." The alien leader announced.
Tommy smiled and said " Since you have been so nice as to let us surrender we offer you the same possibility. Lay down all your weapons and we will let you go back on your ships and leave unharmed. Otherwise we will wipe you from the face of the universe."
The alien leader began to laugh. " You do have guts boy" he said." But let us demonstrate our power".
A door opened on the side of one of the ships and a large weapon emerged pointed at the barn. The alien leader gave the command to fire. A blue ray moved from the end of the weapon toward the barn but then turned back and the ship began to glow.
" I'd have them turn them off if you want a ship to fly home in" Tommy said." Now you have felt the power of our poltergeist. It has enveloped all three of your ships and they can't help you."
" That means it can't help you either and we have superior firepower and a Guardian" the leader said.
" Look behind your men " Tommy directed.
There coming down the road was row upon row of woolly elephant like creatures each with a rider with a weapon that looked equal to that of the weapons the aliens had.

" Do you want to surrender now or do we need to bring out our last surprise?" Tommy asked looking toward the Masonic building.
What surprise can Tommy possibly have left? Where did all those troops come from? Will the alien leader surrender?
Tomorrow a few answers or more questions.

And the name Betty drew yesterday is Mellissa B. If she draws it again today Mellisa B gets what is in the treasure chest. Click on the treasure chest in the left hand column to see what is in it.

Betty has come into the computer room.
She has pulled a name from the bucket.
Sorry Mellisa B it's not yours.

The name Betty has drawn is



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Good luck Dulce.
Why not stop over and wish her luck.
To see what's in the chest click on the treasure chest in the left hand column. Because tomorrow is twofer Thursday she will have two chances to win.
I am so excited. Because if she doesn't win two people will have a chance on Friday. Between Dulce and the two I might get a winner.


Blogger Unknown said...

Human services read the law in the most legalistic manner and ignored the needs of the children

Thanks for publishing this.

As a former social services county supervisor, I found that agencies that were so legalistic in their operation were, in fact, very destructive.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lay fault totally with the law makers. They stick there nose into everything. Yes we need laws, but when I heard that story of the Michigan babysitter I couldn't believe I heard that. It's just plain stupid if you ask me. And to me, stuff like that is going to start happening nationwide if Obama has his way. He's making the government get involved with everything. What happened to the free market competition. I dunno...maybe you are right...maybe it's those that administer it but I doubt it.

Good for Tommy UK...I hope it's the bouncing heads coming on back myself. Spit on the aliens LOL

1:26 AM  
Anonymous quilly said...

The Sadduceee and Pharisees are alive and well and running our government.

Yeah, Tommy! But I am so sorry the MIB turned out to be a bad guy. I hope Tommy's surprise is his father - -the real MIB.

The treasure chest is getting full!

3:17 AM  
Blogger Nessa said...

You ask allot of very good questions. Now where are all of the answers?

4:37 AM  
Blogger Dulçe ♥ said...

Definitely I won't be able to sleep tonight - my Knight...ooooooh my!
Will have to close my eyes and hide behind my moon.
Thank YOU!

6:36 AM  
Blogger Gattina said...

That's the so said freedom in the States, leaving your kids alone unwatched and that's not the only stupid law ! I always remember the big scandal I had to make to get some morphine from the fat nurse who showed up once a day to have a look at my dying aunt in Madison. I wanted morphine patches and pills so that she won't suffer. We get this here from the doctor without any problem in such a case, but she didn't want to ! I became so angry that finally she brought what I wanted. As soon as my aunt died, she hurried over as quick as her fat could move to take patches and pills from me, without even looking at my aunt if she was really dead ! she first counted what remained !

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Screen & Darkness - The reply.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Melli said...

Which is legal to do on the Sabbath?
How many years later is Jesus STILL trying to get His point across?

I hope that the aliens do NOT surrender. If they surrender, then they will still be around to go back and regroup and come back stronger. I would rather that Tommy just obliterate them and get it over with!
And... 3 CHEERS for the Poltergeist!

Ohhhhh I DO hope Dulce wins! She really REALLY wants to win! She has appropriate interest in winning!

8:42 AM  
Blogger Dr.John said...

Melli- The Aliens are God's creatures too don't be so blood thirsty.
If a an appropriate interest in winning lead to winning I'd be rich.

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am officially and thoroughly confused, on all points written.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

I so enjoyed your entire post today Dr.John. Sometimes it seems as if we are living in a world gone mad. Fictionally and non-fictionally!
Love Di

11:33 AM  
Blogger aims said...

Diana had some very good words - we are living in a world gone mad.

Sheer stupidity. Do people not have any brains - or compassion?

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Alice Audrey said...

Do we get to see Tommy's third surprise? I hope, I hope, I hope.

8:04 PM  
Blogger anthonynorth said...

Something has gone seriously wrong with the decision making abilities of public servants. First off, they've forgotten that important word 'servant'. And also, they've forgotten the ability to reason. Laws were never meant to be absolute. They depend on those who interpret the law using commonsense. Sadly 'sense' is no longer 'common'.
This is why this sort of thing happens all the time, even on this side of the pond.

1:27 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Sometimes, it is the lawmaker, other times, it is the administrator. Don't even get me started on some of the requirements listed in trying to get a low-interest, government funded loan for home repairs. Sheesh, talk about absurd, that is something of which soeone could/should do a study! The lawmakers may pass some type of legislation to provide for things but then, the administrators in Congress (people who work for the Congressmen and Senators, etc) do the rest of the preparation work of the law, stating the requirements, etc., and there's where some of the best laid plans of mice and men go awry! Sometimes to the point of just plan lunacy.

5:50 PM  

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