Monday, July 31, 2006

Another day , another drawing.

Saying for the day: It's much easier to be a good winner than a good loser.

Today we draw for two regular, priceless (worthless) prizes shown on the left.
Since we clown around a bit on this blog I felt when I saw these two clowns they would make wonderful prizes for our regular drawing.
They are so cute
I really hate to part with them.
But this morning, when she gets up Betty will draw for them.
We will break tradition and print the winning names today.
Since nobody has won the prize box we add to it today .

Since we are giving a Christmas train to run around a Christmas village it occurred to us that whoever wins might not have a Christmas village so today we start them on one by adding the two houses shown on the left.

Since last Monday we have drawn:
Lois on the Web

Of course if Javangogh gets drawn today she gets what’s in the
prize box and that now includes the two houses.

Your chance of being drawn depends on the number of JCPOINTS you have for example:
Sean – Being drawn for the regular prize 1 chance in 2041
On being drawn two days in a row 1 chance in 4,165,681
Chana – Being drawn for the regular prize– 1 in 12
On being drawn two days in a row – 1 in 143
Catch– Being drawn for the regular prize – 1 in 10
On being drawn two days in a row – 1 in 81

Remember Wednesday we run another Marathon and you can run those points up.
But let us never forget this is not about winning but having fun.
But what could be more fun than having lots and lots of JCPOINTS.
Good Luck.

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my backyard where dragons fly and White Rabbits wear pink sweaters.
Well! Eino and the Constable entered the Hermit’s House again. They went through his study. They found book after book on the possibility of telleportation including one entitled “Beam me home, Scotty “ by Wiggsfield Arnold. There were also huge rolls of mechanical drawings that looked like the machine in the living room. All the books were marked “Property of Hutchfield Electronics-Chicago, Illinois” as were the rolls of paper. Was our Hermit trying to telleport himself and something went wrong. Or did he succeed and then sent the statue back? There was nothing else that they could find in the house but there was a safe they couldn’t get into. Eino tried calling the company in Chicago but got a recording saying that “Business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 to 4:00” . I suppose when he calls sometime today he’ll get a recording that says” to inquire about strange stone statues push one”.
The first of the Liar’s club preliminaries is this afternoon at 4:00. Four people are on the agenda. Three men and one woman. If anybody makes it to the next round we will share their story with you tomorrow.
Who is this Monk that is going to lead the Pigeon Day Parade. I thought they were getting a TV star not somebody from a monestary.

Link for today is: Alison Wonderland. Rember to put the words Dr. John in the comment and het 5 usless but cute JCPOINTS. Check your total HERE .
We will hold today's drawing as soon as Betty gets out of bed.
Betty got up to put out the garbage and did the drawing. First for the JCPOINTS Prize Box contents. The name drawn is Catch. Sorry Javangogh . Good luck tomorrow Catch.
Now the two regular prizes go to Bobciz and Starbender. congratulations. You join a select list of winners and can no longer join my losers club.
We worked for a couple of hours downstairs. Then we went up to the church and I got some of the information I needed to do the August website for the church. After that we went to Snyder Drugs in Iron river to get a prescription filled. Just a normal day except it was 102 degrees outside. This can't be the UP. Forget global warming I think we are in global shifting and we have moved far South. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Grief can be Good

As I have blogged I have discovered a lot of grieving people.
They are hurting because of some severe life change.

The loss of a loved one, a fire, having a child move away, losing a job.
All of these can trigger grief as a response to the change that we have to make.

When I was in the ministry I developed a workshop on grieving based on Granger Westberg’s book “Good Grief“ .
I did a seminar at the university and at the church college on grief.
I did workshops in dozens of churches and senior centers.

From all of that and my personal grief counseling as well as my personal grief experience I believe that the ten steps Westberg gives us correspond fairly well to human experience.
There are other ways of looking at grief.
Some have eight steps and some have five stages.

But I find these ten to work well:

1. Shock
2. Emotion
3. Depression
4. Physical pain
5. Fear or panic
6. Guilt
7. Anger
8. We function poorly
9. The breaking in of hope
10. The start of the new life

Grief is seen as a process that takes us from where we were to where we will be.
It takes us from the life that was to the new life that opens for us.
It is never standard and is different for each person.
It sometimes starts before the death occurs and by the time it happens we have almost finished the process.
But for most of us the ten steps will be there and knowing that will help us make the journey.

For the next ten Sundays I will take the steps one at a time and walk through them. I hope that this might help somebody who is grieving or who will be grieving.

If you have a friend who is grieving you might tell them of this blog .

News from Pigeon Falls– The little town in my backyard where the trains still run.– The people at Last Lutheran Church celebrated Bible Camp Sunday today. They sang the camp songs , accompanied by a guitar. Camp staff shared stories of what is happening at the camp. The church was fairly full as many people have great memories from their days at camp .
Eino got together with most of the town council, the mayor , and the Constable to try to decide what to do about the Hermit. They decided to go back in this afternoon and see if they can find somebody to contact. That means going through private papers and all.
Nancy says there was a bit of a commotion at the Fly Inn Bar last night. Evelyn Snyder was sitting at a table having a hamburger when Big Rudy came over and started making smart remarks. She told him to get lost. He told her she couldn’t talk to him like that and grabbed her arm. Well she swung her purse with the other arm and hit him right in the chin and down he went. Of course he was very drunk at the time. But now Evelyn’s friends are teasing her that she hits like a Bishop. I guess the only way that Big Rudy could get more humiliated is if Tommy. The undertaker’s kid was to floor him ( and that’s possible as Tommy lifts weights).

Link for today: Punk Rock Parents - Leave a comment on this blog containing the words Dr. John and get 5 somewhat silly JC points. Check your JC point total HERE.
Yesterday we drew Cindy's name. If it is drawn again today she wins what's in the prize box. If nobody wins by tomorrow we add to the box. And the name drawn today is Javangogh. Sorry Cindy. If we draw Javangogh tomorrow she gets what's in the prize box. We keep going until somebody wins and then we start with some new prize. Good luck Javangogh.
My sister Chris (she's the one that blogs) showed up this morning and we all went to Church together. It was also Bible Camp Sunday at United and the camp staff did a terrific job. The singing was great, with a little hand clapping and foot stomping ( I know that its not very Lutheran but I loved it). Pastor Mike shared a family miracle. His son was flying out in a company plane when the motor failed. The plane crashed hitting a building and then ending up on a pile of sand. Everybody was able to get out and then the plane exploded. Nobody was hurt.
After Church we came back to the house and talked. Chris rescued my old hobby horse which she had ridden on as a child and took it home with her. Thank you Christine. She brought us digital pictures of my nephews (her children and my other sister's children) . It was good for us to visit. While she was here we had a walk through to look at the house. (I hope that wasn't the result of my morning coffee) She left from her to go to my sister Dawn's. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Me and the Phone

The companies who like to ruin your day by calling you on the phone and trying to sell you something you really don’t want are using a new tactic.

It is the non person call.

You answer and a recording makes the pitch.

You can’t ask questions and you can’t play the telephone game.

You can hang up , of course.

The Dish Network has been calling twice a day using this system.

They tell you to hit number 1 if you want to order.

The next time they call me I am going to hit the 1 and then have them explain all the plans to me in detail.

I will ask all kinds of questions.

I will want to know why I can’t pick the channels.

I want to know just what stations come with each package.

Then I’m going to ask if he knows what I want.

I will tell him “ I want you to stop calling me and wasting my time just like I wasted yours.

Then I hang up.

News from Pigeon Falls– The little town in my backyard where the trains still run.
No White Rabbit or dragon activity and Eino is still pondering what to do about the Chicago Hermit.
Yesterday .Mayor South announced part of the schedule for Pigeon Days which run all through August. The tentative schedule is as follows.
August 1-Pigeon Calling Contest-$5.00 entry fee-$1000 prize. (To win pigeon must land on some part of your body)
August 2-Pasty eating contest-$ 10.00 entry fee-$50 prize. (losers pay for their own pasties and own medical bills.)
August 3-6 Art on the Yellow Brick Road- local artists and others share their art along the yellow brick road.
August 7 - 9 -Local Variety Show- $2.00 a ticket
August 10- Pigeon Queen Contest- Masonic Hall
August 13- 4k Yellow Brick Road run- $5.00 to enter -Everyone gets a "I ran on the yellow brick road sweatshirt. Winner gets I reached the Emerald City sweatshirt.
August 13- Community church day- Pastor's exchange pulpits.
August 14-20 Old Time week-Local people dress up in the clothes of 90 years ago.
August 18 – Rabbit tossing contest
August 19- Pigeon Day Parade– lead by Monk
August 22-27 Pigeon Falls Homecoming Week
August 26– Spouse carrying race
August 24-Potato Judging-Potato Farmer of the Year to be named
August 27-Big Race Day-three Legged Races, Potato sack races, wheelbarrel races and others
Other activities to be announced.

Today's link is -The Life of a Neurotic Mom. Remember to put the words Dr. John in the comment to get those snappy JCPOINTS, Click HERE for your JCPOINT total.
Yesterday we drew Chana's name. Now it is time to draw again. If her name is drawn she wins what is in the prize box. And the name drawn today is Cindy. Sorry Chana, If Cindy is drawn again tomorrow she wins what's in the prize box. If there is not a winner by Monday we will add something new to the prize box.
I got up early and blogged and then went back to bed since it was so late when I went to be last night. I had to wait for Betty to come home from the casino before I could get my breathing treatment. I'm glad she didn't lose the house. ( of course with a $5.00 limit that would be hard.
We went grocery shopping and then signed up for a two day rummage sale in August. It will be on two days in which there will be rummage sales all over town and we will be on the offical map. Then we worked in the basement. It was really hard because we kept finding unfinished dreams, projects that we started and half finished.There were half finished latch hook rugs. There were half and quarter finished quilts. It was very sad. Then to make it all even worse Betty picked up the doll house she made a long time ago and it fell apart. The glue just let go . So it got thrown away. We did , however make lots of progress if progress is counted by the garbage bags. We will be going to church tomorrow instead of tonight because my sister Chris is coming.
Well I need a breathing treatment.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Goodbye Honey

Saying for the Day: It's hard to lose a good neighbor.

This morning I had to so one of those things I hate doing .
I removed a link from my link list.

That list is like a group of friends to me and I hate to remove anybody .

But Honey has decided not to blog any more and has deleted the blog the link was to.

It is like losing a good neighbor.
When you first come to a neighborhood you are all alone.
Then, maybe a neighbor stops over with a cake and welcomes you to the neighborhood.
Pretty soon you wave at each other in the morning.
Or you stand at the fence and exchange a little gossip.
You get together and tell stories.
Everything is good.

Then one day a moving van pulls up next door and the neighbor is gone.
It was good to know them but now your sad and you miss them.

Well when you start blogging you are all alone.
There is nobody to read the stuff you are writing.
Then somebody stops in and shares a comment with you and life is better.
After a while the neighborhood grows.

You visit the family of blogs every day or almost every day.
So when suddenly one ceases to exist you feel sad.
Glad for the comments shared and the stories told but sad that it has ended.

But as one door closes another opens so I have added Sue to my links list.
She has a blog called Outside My Window and is a Yooper.

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my backyard where pigeons are King.– Yesterday afternoon Eino Jupola and our Constable went up to the Chicago Hermit’s place . The groceries were still on the porch and some were in bad condition. The front door had one of those old locks and the Constable managed to unlock it with a piece of wire ( Eino didn’t ask where he learned to do that) Once inside they went directly to the living room . There under the strangest piece of equipment they had ever seen was a marble replica of the Chicago Hermit. . To make it stranger it had on the Hermit’s clothes. The machine around it seemed to have broken or something. Pieces of melted plastic were hanging down all over the place. Their were huge glass tubes that seemed to have popped and wires with the insulation burned off of them. A couple of what looked like control boards were melted and it looked like something terrific had hit the entire unit. The Constable remembered that four days ago there was this bog lightning storm with terrific thunder. He thought maybe the machine was hit by lightning. But where was the hermit and who made the statue. A closer examination of the statue showed no chisel marks , at least none that could be seen. Eino wants to know who made the statue. How did it get there. How did the Hermit’s clothes get on it. Has a crime been committed. All kinds of questions and not a single answer.
Of course you couldn’t keep this secret. By noon everybody in town knew about it. It has pushed the dragon and the A White Rabbit out of the gossip stream. People are saying that the guy was trying some kind of experiment and because of the lightning he got turned to stone. Mrs. Turmble thinks a demon did it but then she sees demons every where.
Eino is stuck because no laws have been broken except by the Constable. It isn’t against the law to let groceries rot. It isn’t against the law to leave town. It isn’t against the law to have a statue in your house. What in the world should he do?
Robert now has added the turning to stone into his tour presentation. He is not unhappy.

Todays Link is In a Sense. Leave a comment containg the words Dr. John and get five (count them) 5 wonderful JCPOINTS. Check your total HERE.
Now to the days contest. Lois on the Web was drawn yesterday . Will she be drawn again today and win what's in the prize box? No. I'm sorry Lois. Today's name is Chana . If we draw her name again tomorrow she get what's in the prize box.
We worked in the basement this morning. I think one more day and the workroom will be done.
Betty went to her birthday club this afternoon. It was M arlene's birthday. My sister Chris called and she is coming for church Sunday morning.
Well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pity Me and the watch !

Saying for the day: If it isn't broken don't hit it with a hammer.

This is a story of my father but it has nothing to do with the deer he is pictured with. After high school my father went to Ferris State College to study pharmacy. There he met a young lady who, for the moment, he was in love with. She thought it would be forever. When he graduated and came home he forgot his watch at her place.
Once he was home he went to the Marquette County Fair and there he met my mother and fell hopelessly in love. The other girl vanished from his mind until he remembered his very expensive watch which had been a gift from his father.So he wrote to her and asked her to send it to him. One might think that a reasonable request but she didn’t. So she sent him the watch after she had pounded it with a hammer. He got an envelope full of watch pieces. Sort of a watch kit.
Now I have no idea what the girl’s name was because when the story was told my mother always called her “ Pity Me”.

News from Pigeon Falls– The little town in my backyard where the dragons still fly free.-Again there were no sightings of the dragon or the White Rabbit yesterday or this morning. Some think perhaps the dragon caught the rabbit. But that Rabbit has been smart enough to stay out of Eino’s way for over a year so he should be able to out think a dragon. Besides dragons aren’t known for their smarts are they? Mrs. Trumble thinks they are both demons and probably working together to some evil end. She has been practicing shooting with her new shotgun.
Well the groceries are still there so Eino and the Constable are going to break in this afternoon. We’ll let you know tomorrow what they discover if anything..
Tomorrow Mayor South will announce the tentative Pigeon Falls celebration schedule. It should also include who will head up the parade.
Pastor Marvel was visiting at the Center of Joy nursing home and Mrs. Helemer Mattson asked him when he was leaving. Pastor Marvel then asked her where he was going. She said that she heard he was taking a call to another church. Pastor Marvel said that he is always the last one to find out what he is doing but he doesn’t think he is going anywhere.
Nancy says the Pigeon Days Planning Committee is still fighting over the full schedule but have come up with the tentative one the Mayor will read tomorrow. Some significant additions could be made she said but wouldn’t elaborate.

The link for today is The Big Scary Unknown. Remeber to leave the words DR. John in your comment in order to get usless JCPOINTS. Check your points HERE.
And now for the drawing of the day. Yesterday we drew Jafabrit if we draw her again today she gets what's in the prize box.
Ah but luck did not come her way. Sorry Jafabrit. Today's name drawn is Lois on the Web . If she is drawn tomorrow she gets the Christmas train. Perhaps her mother who is visiting might enjoy it.
Well we got up early this morning and set up tables for the rummage sale. We set up four big tables and a card table. We did pretty well for our first try. We have lots of rummage yet that we didn't even put out. One odd thing is I got $12 for some HO track and stuff that I couldn't even get $ 1.25 bid on E-Bay . Somebody asked if the Pigeon Falls layout was for sale. I said sure for $120,000 and I'll throw in my house. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gum your way to heaven

Saying for the day: Did God send gum to save us?

I spent all that time in seminary and years in study afterward directed toward the question “How does one get to heaven”.
The other night I was watching television and discovered my answer might not be correct.

How do you get to heaven ?

You have to chew the right gum.

Now television wouldn’t put on something that isn’t true would they.

They showed this poor fellow being pulled right into hell where a group of dragon ladies were waiting for him.
Apparently he swore too much and he was stuck there forever.

That’s when the gum lady shows up with the gum and a goat.
She is in white and the goat is white.

Our poor fellow takes the gum and immediately is transferred to heaven.
The women there were much prettier.

The lady with the goat then reminds us of how important it is to chew the right gum.

Now I do have a few questions.

1. I thought the goat was a satanic symbol so what is it doing here?

2. Could some other gum do just as well ? Are they like other denominations?

3. How about one of those tooth whitening systems?Is that like another religion ?

4. Why do only ugly women go to hell? Or do they get ugly when they arrive?

5. Why is hell red and heaven white? Is this a racist view of heaven?

6. Is the lady with the gum an angel?

7. Is the goat perhaps a scapegoat that takes our sins?

8. Isn’t this the same lady and the same gum that caused that other poor guy to crash his car?

9. Is this place that is so white really heaven or is it hell in disguise?

Why there is enough material here for a dissertation on alternate forms of salvation.

I don’t think pastors or theologians should watch television.

News from Pigeon Falls– The little town in my backyard where the dragons still fly free.-No dragon or White Rabbit yesterday or this morning.
They are getting a little concerned about the Chicago Hermit as his groceries from Saturday are still siting on the porch. That plus the fact that the noise and light flashes have stopped .His doors are locked and nobody has the authority to break them in. The rumors have already begun that some Chicago gangsters came and rubbed him out. Eino says that authority or not if the groceries are still there tomorrow they will break the front door lock to get in.
Jack is trying to find out who the celebrity is so he can get him or her to take a Sauna. Then he can advertise that so and so got a Sauna here. I don’t know if that would make me want to Sauna there or not. Since Jack’s Sauna burns wood ( all real Saunas do) you would think the higher oil and natural gas prices wouldn’t affect him. But you would be wrong. His wood is delivered by truck and the truck burns diesel fuel. The trucker has upped his wood delivery rate. Even little backwoods towns are affected by foreign wars.
The strawberry crop is coming in and Nancy is now offering a piece of strawberry pie and a cup of coffee for $2.00 (no ice cream). She says people like a little change now and then.
The annual Liar’s Club story telling contest looks like it will have plenty of contestants this year. So far twenty people have registered. Three of them are from out of the area. We have until the end of the week and they close the registration.

The Link for today is: My Body for Life Challenge. Remeber to put the words Dr. John in your comment for JCPOINTS or if not for JCPOINTS just to confuse the blog writer. You can check your JCPOINT total HE RE.
Now the name for today if we drew Jill she gets what's in the prize box.
The name drawn fresh this morning is Jafabrit. If we draw it agin tomorrow she gets what's in the prize box. This is so filled with suspense. Good luck Jafabrit , sorry Jill.
Betty went to Tops and then went to visit with an old friend that is back in town for a short time. I spent the day working on the family tree website which is almost done. There are still a few glitches but we I'll work those out. Now I have to start updating things. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

God sends the best

Saying for the day: Sometimes planting corn is better than preaching Christ.

I reach into the artifact box and I find a note inviting me to coffee at Professor Kirsons house.

At this point in time I was thinking of quitting seminary and going into mathematics.
I was tired.
I was disappointed .
I was going every Wednesday night to a Baptist church for some spiritual food.

When I came to seminary I heard the story of the young man who came to seminary and failed in every class.
The Dean asked him why he was there.
He said I was out in the field and I looked up in the sky and there was a great big P C and I took that to mean Preach Christ.
The Dean said you read it wrong it meant Plant Corn.

I thought just maybe I read it wrong and I should plant corn.

Then God said Professor Kirsons.
He was a pastor in the American Latvian Church.
He taught Greek and Russian Church history.
He was not a very important faculty member.

But he talked of Christ the same way the teacher at Bible Camp had not as an idea but as a friend.
I got to know him very well and even got invited to his house for coffee.
There he talked about what it meant to be a pastor.
He taught me that preaching begins with visiting and listening to people. Then and only then I could allow the people God had entrusted to me to run into the Word and it could speak to them.

Just being with him lifted me and my zeal was renewed.

I learned that God cares enough to send the very best he sent me this very special man just when I needed him.

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town In my back yard where the trains still run.-Their back !!! Last night both the dragon and the white rabbit showed up. The White Rabbit was down by the depot and the dragon came flying in toward him. Six people saw it. The dragon was spewing fire. The rabbit hopped into the woods and the dragon circled over them like he was looking for him and then flew off. People were so excited. But nobody thought to take a picture. Robert’s tour which came later was deemed pretty dull after that. It’s a good job the dragon didn’t set the woods on fire.
The Pigeon Days committee had decided to have a Pigeon Falls homecoming week as part of the festivities. They have people inviting back school classes, confirmation classes, Mason’s , former members of the Pigonelle Lodge number 1, and former Liar’s Club members. It has taken a lot of organizing and of course there is a lot of overlap. But it is all coming together. It will be held the week before the big Pigeon Days parade. There should be more people in town that week than there were for the wedding last Saturday.
Nancy says that if the price of Saffron keeps going up she is going to have to raise the price on her Saffron buns even though she doesn’t want to. Saffron is now $528.35 a pound wholesale and that’s not the best quality. That’s up from $419 a pound just a few years ago.
People are still trying to guess what TV star starts with M. Somebody suggested Madonna but I doubt that. Mary Tyler Moore had also been suggested but that two M’s and a T. We will just have to wait for the official announcement.
As usual they are having a hard time finding a marching band for the parade. There isn’t enough money in the budget to bring some of the bigger ones but then the street isn’t long enough anyway.
The noise and the lights have stopped at the Chicago hermits place much to Robert’s loss. I think if he had the courage he’s pay the guy to keep them going.
The link for today is Unexplored Territory. Remember to leave the words Dr. John in the comments for stange JCPOINTS.Your total of points can be found HERE.
Now yesterday's winners. ( little drum role please) -Kristi and Kristen. Congratulations I will mail out the prize today or tomorrow.
Now to end the suspense. yesterday Chana's name was drawn. Was it drawn again today? I'm sorry to say no. Today we drew Jill's name and if we draw it again tomorrow she gets the Christmas train (see yesterday for the picture) I don't know if I can handle this much excitment every day.
I now have half of our family tree up and running, Betty's half I'll start on tomorrow. Most of the day we spent cleaning and packing the back basaement room where all the tools were kept. Again we filled three bags with garbage. It will take at least one more day to finish this room.
Well I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday and a new contest

Saying for the Day: Sometimes lightning does strike twice.

Another Monday and as usual another drawing.

The prize for today’s drawing is a Sesame Street Collectible.

No home should be without at least one Sesame Street Collectible .

It is pictured on the left.

Good luck and I will post the winners tomorrow.

Now for the new super JCPOINTS contest.

This one has a prize box and the prize will be less priceless (it has a little value)

The game will work like this.

Every day Betty will draw one name.
If your name is drawn two days in a row you win.
Its that simple.
If your name is drawn on Tuesday and again on Wednesday you win. Otherwise the person drawn on Wednesday will win if drawn on Thursday and so on.

If nobody wins by next Monday we add another prize to the box. The box will keep growing until somebody wins.
The first prize in the box is a genuine Lemax village train system. Just the thing to go around your Christmas village. Its pictured on the left. The more JCPOINTS you have the better your chance of winning but you could win with just two. Today’s name will be announced just after the News from Pigeon Falls.
Again good luck to you all.

News from Pigeon Falls - the little town in my back yard .Where dragons still fly sometimes– Yesterday was a quiet Sunday in Pigeon Falls. There were no dragons or White Rabbits with pink sweaters. Nothing caught fire or burned down. Nobody got arrested for anything. It was just a quiet day.
Attendance was down at Last Lutheran as many of the members had gone to the wedding the day before and like good Lutherans they believed God only expected them in church once a week so they slept in.
Tommy has gone to visit his aunt and uncle in Iron Mountain so he didn’t get into any trouble unless of course it was in Iron Mountain.
Jonathans old football buddies were invited out to his dad’s house for a meal and to have a few laughs about what happened yesterday.
Nancy served over a hundred cups of coffee, mostly to guests left over from the wedding.
Pete and Eino got in one last day of fishing before Pete left.
Lori spent some time at Nancy’s learning how to make saffron buns so she can make them for Pete.
Despite their higher prices Bof’s did a fantastic amount of business. Again mostly on guests that hadn’t left yet.
Our two tourist traps sold a lot of White Rabbit sweaters and the new “Watch out for the Dragon” sweaters being sold at Wink’s Woods.
Like I said it was a quiet day in Pigeon Falls, so quiet you could almost hear the potatoes growing.

The link for today is Music Man. Remeber to leave the words Dr. John in your comment to get JCPOINTS. Check your JCPOINT total HERE.
The name drawn this morning is Chana. If we draw her name again tomorrow she wins the Christmas train. This kind of suspense can only be found at the Fortress. Of course tomorrow we will also announce the winner of today's pricless prize.(more unbearble suspense)
Betty stayed up until 2:30 last night to get the house ready for today's walk through and they just canceled. Sometimes you just can't win.
There is a real problem with commenting on today's link but the entry is worth reading. So go there and then just let me know and I'll give you credit. The poor guy doesn't get many comments and now I know why.
I spent most of the day working on our family tree . The server it was on before sort of disappeared and so it all had to be transferred to the new website. I got through about a quarter today. Betty continued to clean the house. She wants it perfect when prospective buyers come.
Well I need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

My old friend Vicks

Saying for the day: You pays your money and you makes your choice.

Sometime ago I noticed my toenails had turned white and had become very hard to cut.
So I went to a foot specialist to get them cut and to treat whatever was wrong.
This was a mistake.

I expected the doctor to be kind and caring.
He was brusque and painful.
He cut the nails with something that resembled a Dremel power tool and it hurt.

Then he told me that I had an under the nail fungus.
It could be gotten rid of if I took a particular medication which cost $500 for the whole treatment and took six months.
Six months is a long time but at the end no more fungus.

I seriously considered spending the money until I read the possible side effects which included damage to my kidneys.

Now I could have nice looking nails and be on dialysis or keep the white nails .
What a wonderful choice .
I choose white nails.

Sometime later in a health newsletter I get every month I discovered that some people had very good results with this fungus by rubbing Vicks on their nails every night.
It took six months to fully work.
There were no side effects.

So I began treating with Vicks.
Total cost to date $10.32 .
I have been treating for a month and the nails look almost normal.
Also they are no longer tough and my wife can cut them with a nail clipper instead of a Dremel.

I grew up with Vicks.
In my family it was the wonder drug that was used for almost everything.
It was like finding an old friend who still cared about me.

Isn’t science wonderful?

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my backyard where the trains still run– The Wedding of the year in Pigeon Falls took place yesterday as scheduled. It went perfectly with non of the feared upsets taking place. The Groom looked as handsome as could be in his traditional tuxedo and the Bride was beautiful in her traditional wedding dress. Pastor Marvel’s sermon touched everybody’s heart and brought tears to the eyes. Then Holy Communion was celebrated. It was the first time in Pigeon Falls that both Methodist and Lutheran pastors celebrated Holy Communion together since the two churches agreed to the common celebration. Some people cried over this two as they saw the old barriers crumbling and a new understanding beginning . What a wedding.
The reception afterwards was also flawless. The weather was great. The caterers were on time. The food was great. People laughed, and danced and drank and had a great time.
At 9:00 the bide and groom left in the limo for the train. They arrived at the cemetery and the driver gave the groom a bouquet of flowers and said his dad wanted the two of them to put them on the grandmother’s grave. They got out of the limo and started for the graveside when the limo took off. Now here they were on their wedding night in a cemetery . The football team had struck again.
They hadn’t counted on Jonathan’s resourcefulness . He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his cell phone. Then he called his dad . His dad came and picked them up and got them to the train on time. Of course they had to ride in a pickup truck instead of a limo but they got there on time. Elizabeth has married one fine guy.
The limo driver waited an hour and a half then went back to pick them up only to find they weren’t there. When he got to the grand mother’s grave he found flowers strewn everywhere and blood. ( Jonathan arranged that with his father on the way to the train. His dad went home killed a chicken and put the blood in a pan. He then went to grandmother's grave and spilled the b lood all around and threw the flowers.) The driver then panicked and contacted the rest of the team and they didn’t know what to do. They called the father who said he hadn't heard from Jonathan or Elizabeth and was worried. They then spent much of the night searching the woods by the cemetery for them. Jonathan had the last laugh as his father didn‘t tell them until morning what had happened.

Today's Link : Mr. Dc. Anthrope . Remember to leave the words DR. John in your comments for 5 funny JCPOINTS. Check your JCPOINTS HERE.
I have to go shopping today for tomorrow's pricless prizes. Also remember the big , new, unbelievable JCPOINT contest begins.
Did a quick check on the link for today and disc overed he has put in a new entry since i was there last. The new one a bit on the male chauvinist side but our people are giving it to him but good. TC I think you would enjoy it.
We wortked most of the day on the study. I have now shreded so much paper I could be the executive in a big company. The study is now ready for tomorrow's walk through. I hope they like the place. Betty is making changes here and there but I think we are ready.
I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Out go the memories

Saying for the day: The day is coming when your memories will be all you have.

We are going through the agony of getting ready to move to a smaller house.

Over the years we have saved a lot of things that were not of any real use but they were filled with memories.
WE kept them because when we would hold them or look at them the event would come flooding back and we could relive something that was important.

But to hold on to memories like that you have to have room and we won’t have it in the new house.
So some of our memories have to go to the garbage and some to rummage.

Here is a rocking horse I had as a child, my kids rode on it, my grandkids rode it.
But it is old and it takes up space and all my children have rocking horses that they can pass along.
So we have to give it up. Hi Ho Silver away.

Here is a toy farm.
It has animals and a tractor and a big red barn.
My kids played with it and even broke some pieces that are long gone.
My grandkids played with it when they visited.
But they all have toy farms of their own now.
It has to go . Good by Bossie.

Here is a little , badly built, end table (sort of) .
I built it in wood shop for my mother. She pretended to love it.
It is not worth anything.
It doesn’t fit in anywhere.
It has to go.
Well I only got a c+ on it anyway.

Here is my old fishing hat but I don’t fish anymore.
In the garbage it goes and with it all my fish stories.

I could go on and on but its just too sad.
Its part of the angst of moving.
It has to be.

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my backyard– The rehearsal dinner from last night will not soon be forgotten. Bof’s went all out and served family style. They even hired a couple of waiters and put them in fancy clothes. Every bit of food was carried out on covered platters. Then the waiter brought in a huge platter and put it in the middle of the table. “The chicken is served”, he announced. He lifted the lid and a live chicken jumped out. People screamed and the bride looked like she was going to cry. That’s when Jonathan grabbed the chicken put the cover back over it and said “ Take this back to the cook it’s a bit underdone” . Everybody broke up laughing as the waiter left with the chicken. It seems the former team mates of Jonathan had set up this little trick but Jonathan took the wind out of their sales. The real chicken platter followed and everything went very well. What will they try next.
The White Rabbit returned yesterday . It was seen at the railroad station and out by the old Timmonen place. People seem almost relieved to hear that its alive. I wonder if its been hiding from the dragon.
Speaking of the dragon I wonder what happened to it. It still hasn’t returned.
Pete and Eino caught some fish but they didn’t see any swimming rabbits white or otherwise. Lori was taking pictures of the reception and got a good picture of the chicken. She thinks they will look at that in the album years from now and laugh.
Robert is glad the White Rabbit is back as its good for his tour business even if his isn’t the real White Rabbit.

Link for today- Socks and Kittens-Remember to put Dr. John in the comment to get usless JCPOINTS. Check on your JCPOINTS HERE.
Spent most of the day working on the study and shredding papers. Now I could get a job as an assistant to a politician. We have another walk through by a perspective buyer on Monday.
Went to church this evening. United was celebrating Christmas in July. It was great singing Christmas carols and thinkink of the meaning of Christmas without all the hassle of the December holiday. Then we went grocery shopping. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Loan agencies aren't too bright.

Saying for the day: There is a logical way and then there is the way we do it.

Lending institutions are weird.

I just went through the agonizing process of getting pre approval on a loan to buy the new house.

I wanted a 20 year fixed mortgage.
Now the institution with which I was working had no problem with giving me a loan for $170,000 .
I have a great credit rating and enough income to cover it.

But I wanted to add my daughter to the loan as she will be living in one half of the duplex.
If I added her the amount of money available to pay off the loan more than doubled since she makes more than I do ( $30,000 a year more).

One would think that they would jump at the chance to increase the likelihood that there would be money to make the payments.
But if I added my daughter they wouldn’t give me the loan.

Why? Because in May she was late on a mortgage payment on her present house and she doesn’t have a great credit rating.
She didn’t miss a payment.
She has never missed a payment.
She was just late.

So I said to the woman that I was working with.
This makes no sense at all.
I’m still on the loan and you would give it to me without her.
Surely all her presence does is increase the chance it will be paid because there is more money.

Now the woman agreed with me but she said the approval comes by computer and the computer automatically rejects anyone that has been late on a payment.
She couldn’t override the computer.

Somebody needs to work with those people.

Somebody really needs to work with them.

The news from Pigeon Falls – the little town in my backyard – People are beginning to wonder what happened to the real White Rabbit which hasn’t been seen since the dragon showed up. In addition nobody other than Robert’s tourists have seen that very elusive dragon. I think the town misses them.
They have a section of Bof’s restaurant sectioned off for the rehearsal dinner tonight. It will be a small affair with just the parents and the wedding party attending. Even so it is more than most rehearsal dinners around here which are usually hosted in the home of an aunt or uncle. Of course both families have money. You can get rich as a potato farmer and the gas station business isn’t bad either.
Lori and Pete showed up on the morning milk train. Pete took off with Eino soon after they arrived. They have gone fishing over to Cripple Creek. Maybe they will see the white rabbit swimming along. That’s where Tommy saw it.
Speaking of Tommy, his father decided to let him out today. He has promised to stay out of trouble. Soon after he was seen down town with his big red wagon. I think his dad is counting the days until school starts.
Nancy said the perspective bride stopped in for tea and she is really nervous. She is afraid that Jonathan’s friends will cause some kind of trouble. She is also worn out from all the preparations. She has this nightmare where his friends blow up the car, the White Rabbit shows up with four inch fangs, and a dragon burns the train on her wedding dress. Nancy told her to relax and gave her some very special English Tea that calms the nerves.

The link for today is King of Common Sense- Please remember to put the words DR. John in your comment to get JCPOINTS ( every point you get is a point you got) Check your point total HERE.
Update on the house (for Esther an and Sue) Betty talked to Pennie last night. Our offer on the house was rejected and they made a counter offer which we accepted. We now have until October to get one house or the other sold. Was able to get loan with Pennie on it by locking into a seven year fixed as the nice person I worked with had the authority over that instead of the computer.
Spent the morning working in the study shredding papers. I felt like a President. Betty was sorting and deciding what to shred. Pennie faxed us some papers for our signature and we sent her a check for the earnest money. In the afternoon we went back to the basement and started on a differnt room . Little by little we got it cleaned up. We stopped just long enough to run the train for a visitor who had stopped to look at it. well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

You'll break your arm.

Saying for the Day: Sometimes history repeats itself.

This is another family story from a long time ago.
It happened when my mother , then Edith Lanyon, was ten or eleven years old.

At that point in her life she was a bit of a tomboy and decided to walk the top of the fence.
Now the fence at my grandmother’s house ran all along the front yard.
There was a two by four along the top to which the boards were attached.

My mother decided to become a tightrope artist.
She made it half way down the fence when she lost her balance and fell off.
In the fall she broke her arm and ended up with it in a cast.

Now the story should end there but it doesn’t.
Her sister Doris wanted to know how my mother broke her arm and somehow talked her back up on the fence to show her.
This time she fell on the other arm and broke it as well.

For the next couple of weeks my Aunt Doris ended up having to feed her since both arms were in casts and my grandmother was upset that Doris had played apart in the second break.

So you see I come from a line of people that tend to break body parts.

News from Pigeon Falls– The little town in my backyard– Another day with no white rabbit sightings, no dragon , and no pigeon problems ( if you don’t count the droppings).
Plans for the big wedding continue and the excitement is growing. The weather better be nice because they plan a big outside reception in the afternoon and early evening. They are putting up a huge tent out at the Maki farm. They will move all the cows to the back forty for the day and are cleaning out the front barn in case it rains. I think they will put the bar in the barn in any case. The local florist has a trainload of flowers coming in just for the wedding. They have even hired outside caterers from Marquette. Oh this is going to be some wedding. I understand they have rented a special train car ( engine and passenger car all in one) to take them to the Skylite motel and its bridal sweet late in the evening.
Pete Linna is going to come with Lori and do some fishing with Eino. The kids will stay with the grandparents who are delighted to have them.
There was of course one viewing of a white rabbit last night but it was Robert’s so the locals disregard it. Its just for the tourists.
Tommy, the undertaker’s kid hasn’t been allowed out of the house all week. His dad has a tight hold on him. I think he is sorry about the rocket through the window. I also think he is driving his dad nuts so his grounding should end pretty soon.
The committee has found a celebrity to lead the Pigeon Day parade but just like last year they aren’t giving out the name. When asked for a hint the head of the committee , Mrs. Azur Periwinkle said M. That’s all the hint they would give. We don’t know if that’s a first or last or only initial. But it is a TV star because somebody knows somebody who has a cousin on the committee and heard from her that it was a TV star.

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Another day of cleaning and packing. With the help of Peter and Lori we finished the main basement room. They also took all the garbage to the dump. Esther, its's ready for people to walk through and for you to sell them the house. The only room left to clean is the study. We also had a little time with the grandkids which was nice. One of the reasons we are moving or hope to move is the grandkids. Now we will see what happens. I need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Blog catechism

Most religions have a guide when you join called a catechism. It seems to me that bloggers need a catechism. So I have taken on the highly important task of writing one.
Saying for the day: At the very center of the universe is a blog.

A Catechism for Bloggers

What is a blog?
A blog is a hole in the space time continuum into which people dump their inmost thoughts or their out most thoughts.

What causes this to occur?
A force called though other forces also contribute.

Why is a blog a good thing.
Because a blog keeps us from hurting friends , neighbors, children, and elected officials by dumping out negative thoughts into cyber space. Our President is still alive because much of the negative energy directed at him has been so dumped. (Better than shooting him)

Does a blog have a positive side?
Yes. It allows people to share jokes, cartoons, and the funny stuff that keeps popping into their heads.

What does a blog require after having been read?
Every good blog requires a comment from the reader. Failure to leave a comment results in very bad karma and a negative rift in the universe. ( Negative rifts may be responsible for global warming and the reappearance of dragons.)

Are there any other positive effects of blogging.
Yes. Blogs keep retired, useless, old men out of their wife’s hair unless the wife also takes up blogging. ( This causes a rift in the local universe and
spousal warming not to mention house dragons.)

Should everyone blog?
No. But everyone should leave comments on blogs particularly on the blog of the good and gracious Dr. John. ( This mends the rift in the universe and causes very good karma to pour upon the earth)

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my backyard--Nothing going on with the Rabbit, the dragon, or the pigeons so its back to Nancy’s for news.
Nancy says the wedding party has hired Lori Linna from Green Bay to take the wedding pictures. She is coming in on Thursday to avoid the problems she had last year. She will be staying with the Jupolas until the Sunday evening train. Eino is trying to convince Pete to take a few days off and come along. Then they can do a little fishing and maybe some white rabbit chasing.
There is a rumor that Pastor Marvel is considering a call to a different parish. He has been the Pastor at Last Lutheran Church for some twenty six years and people just thought he’d stay forever. Lutheran pastors don’t usually stay that long. Of course at this stage its just a rumor.
The local restaurant ,Bofs Place, has new menu’s. They are really fancy . You know just like in the big city. They have new prices too, just like in the big city. Breakfast there costs more than at Denny’s. I really liked the old menu better.
Of course we can always go to Nancy’s and get a cup of coffee for $.50.

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Have begun work on a mind numbing ( if your mind numbs easy) blow your socks off ( if you have very loose fitting socks) new JCPOINTS contest starting next Monday. It will run alongside of the regular contest and make you wish you had many more JCPOINTS ( as if every one didn't already wish that). Remember the next chance to load up with points is the marathon on the first Wednesday in August. You can blog, blog, blog and earn, earn, earn.
We worked hard today. Lori, Betty , and I took on the basement. We got rid of bags of garbage, We put stuff aside for a yard sale. We boxed stuff to take to Neenah. We have too much stuff. But we did get about half of the main basement room done. You can see the fireplace now. The letter that says we have been pre approved for the loan came today so that is taken care of. Tomorrow my daughter will be back from her conference and we can plan our next move. Now I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Seminary Shock

Saying for the Days: Things never turn out the way you expect.

Back to the artifact box. Now we have my letter of acceptance to seminary and it reminds me of how I almost gave up.

I had resisted the temptation of money, I had my father’s permission and I finally got to Seminary.

Now I expected Seminary to be like a monastery.
There would be lots and lots of prayer and bible reading.
I expected the teachers to be very pious as I perceived piety.

I assumed they would help me to prove to those who didn’t believe that Jesus was indeed the true God and the Bible was without error.

Seminary was not at all like I expected.
In fact I went into what I suppose one could call seminary shock.
There was very little prayer.
There was almost no devotional bible reading.
There was very little piety of any kind.
There was drinking and swearing .

The instructors seemed to go out of their way to tear down what I believed.
The bible did not seem to be very important.

In the midst of this shock came the letter from my one true love telling me it was all over.

By the end of the first month I was so depressed I considered throwing it in and going home.
I had fought to get there and now I had to fight with myself to stay.

Next week God sends help.

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my backyard– well there have been no white rabbit sightings and no dragon. The pigeons are all doing fine so I stopped in to Nancy’s for a cup of coffee.
Nancy says the excitement in Pigeon Falls this week is the upcoming wedding of Elizabeth Beth Periwinkle and Jonathan H. Maki. There are weddings and then there are WEDDINGS. This is a WEDDING. Certainly you remember Jonathan. He was senior class President two years ago as well as a basketball and football star. Elizabeth was the Job’s daughters Queen and Pigeon Queen a few years back. The town loves this couple. Her church is the Methodist and his the Lutheran. Both pastors are going to do the wedding. Because of the size it will be held at the Lutheran Church. Relatives are coming from all over the place and you can’t get a room this weekend up to thirty miles away. This is going to be the wedding of the year.
Rumor has it that his former team mates are planning a few surprises for the couple. This is the same group that beeped the volunteer fireman out of his own wedding ceremony to a fake fire so you can‘t be sure what they‘ll do.
In other notes. The noise at the Chicago hermit’s place is getting louder in the evening and the light flashes more frequent. Robert hopes it will last all summer because it adds color to his tour. It also lets him use the term possible Frankenstein with a straight face. One hopes Frankenstein doesn’t show up at the wedding. But this is Pigeon falls after all.

Today's link-Tiny Happy- Please remekber to put the words Dr. John in the comment to get those crazy DR.John JCPOINTS. And now the winners of yesterday's almost unwanted prizes ( a little drum role) are Catch (341 points) and Honey(114 points).
We kept working. The real estate agency called. They had some one coming to see the house at 1:45. Well we tried to be ready. They came at 2:00 and we went to lunch. So I don't know if they liked it or not. When we got back we continued working. We also mailed out the JCPOINTS prizes. It was a good day. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, July 17, 2006

M onday again.

Saying for the Day:If you think a rabbit's foot is lucky then how come the rabbit got caught?

Leave a comment Monday has rolled around again.

Time for another drawing.

This time the priceless (worthless) prize is one of the left over rides from the Lesser America Amusement Park.

It will look something like the rides in the picture but will be in unopened packages.
The person in charge of purchasing bought too many.

No wonder the park isn’t open yet.

Betty will do the drawing some time today and we will announce the two winners tomorrow.

It was a good week in terms of links. More and more the suggestions for links are coming from you and that makes it more fun.

I am working on the next Marathon which will take place on the first Wednesday in August.

Also in the works is a different kind of drawing with a progressive prize. This will be just to add a little excitement to the blog.

Remember the more silly JCPOINTs you have the better your chance in any contest we run. You can check on your JCPOINTS by clicking here.

Good luck to you all.

News from Pigeon Falls– The little town in my backyard– Eino called a meeting at the garage which included Robert. It was sort of a secret meeting so I am not sure who was there except for the Mayor, Robert , and Eino. Robert swore up and down that though he was responsible for the white Rabbit that shows up on the fire house roof he had nothing to do with the one that floats, or hops, or flies. He also had nothing to do with the dragon. The group promised not to let Robert’s secret out but it’s kind of an open secret in town. They just want to keep it away from the tourists.
Eino said there can’t be a real dragon so somebody is up to something. He wants to know what it is.
Nancy said that Karen stopped in for coffee and told her that some lady said, on something called a blog, that the dragon was hers and she was hoping he’d come home. You think people would keep a tight leash on their dragons.
Urho Maki says he has a book on dragonology and if they could get him a better description he could tell what kind it is. But he thinks it’s a baby English dragon.
We haven’t seen the dragon or the White Rabbit since that one sighting of all of them together. Perhaps the dragon ate the white rabbit and then went home.
Despite all the nonsense the Pigeon Days committee plods right along. They hope to have a schedule ready for the Mayor by Thursday. They also hope to have lined up some special person to lead the parade but how they will top last years I don’t know.

Today's link:This is Me. Remember to put Dr. John in the comments to get JCPOINTS. Click HERE to see your JC point total. A thank you to Catch for today's link.
We have worked like crazy today. The back room is beginning to shape up. The HO train is down and boxed ready to go to Green Bay. The dining room is coming and I've started on the office. The only blot on the day was that the lady who was supposed to pick up some of the furniture we are leaving go of had truck trouble and couldn't come. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tagged again!

Saying for the Day: Tag your it.

Laurie tagged me so here goes.


In my purse/wallet:

~ Social security card

~ $ 1.00

~ Driver’s License

~ Ordained Pastor’s Card (signed by Bishop)

~ my junior detective card

In my refrigerator:

~ Brita pitcher always filled with H20

~ 3 cans Diet Dr. Pepper (cherry vanilla)

~ oranges

~ half pound hot dogs

~ lots of strawberry Jam

In my closet:

~ shirts

~ Barbie mobile home

~ storage boxes (assorted junk)

~ my Dracula Cape

~ two oxygen containers

In my car:

~ walker

~ DVD player

~ Roy Rogers DVD

~ several Wisconsin maps

~ candy wrappers

I’m tagging nobody. It has to end somewhere

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my back yard– Pastor Marvel had a good sermon today so I’m sharing part of it.
“ This last week something terrible happened. A dragon showed its ugly head in Pigeon Falls. We all thought the dragon was gone forever. We were far too nice a town to have such things flying around. But now we see that’s not true. There is that dragon on the main street and on the farm, and in every house in town. You looked confused. You thought I was talking about that funny little green thing that chased that non existant Rabbit didn’t you. No! That dragon doesn’t scare me. I feel sure we can handle it. No, the dragon I’m talking about is the dragon of racism. We like to think there isn’t any here but suddenly it came out of the shadows and we saw that it was there. We were scared because we knew that dragon was nestled in our hearts as well. Hidden, but there . We didn’t want to see it. We wanted people to shut up and pretend they didn’t feel that way. But you don’t fight this dragon by pretending it isn’t there. You fight this dragon by seeing everybody as people that God loves. He loves the people that are different from us as much as He loves us. In Christ we are sisters and brothers. You fight this dragon by loving Jesus enough to love others because He wants us to. Christ’s love alone is the sword to slay this dragon.” You could have heard a pin drop during the sermon. I hope it did some good.
The other dragon hasn’t been back and neither has the White Rabbit. Robert took the day off and went fishing. I half expect him to see something in the lake. It would be the Pigeon Falls equivalent of the Loch Ness monster. But if he does I won’t believe him. I believe Tommy saw something because he has no tour group to run but Robert I don’t think so.

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We went back to working on the dining room. It is a real struggle to let go of things but it has to be done. Help showed up this afternoon as my daughter-in-law Lori and my Son Pete and familyarrived. Pete took all the boxes we had packed back to Green Bay with him. Lori stayed to help us pack. We have such wonderful children. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

No luck at all

Saying for the Day: Some people have all the luck.

Luck is a funny kind of thing.
Either you have it or you don’t.

I don’t.

Every day I go to and spin their wheel fifty times and I have yet to win a prize.
I enter contests all the time and I have yet to win a prize.
Luck and I have never been introduced.

I have been thinking about this because now I run a drawing every Monday.
I put all those names in the basket and draw.
Then somebody gets a useless prize.
But it is a prize.

Now to show you how unlucky I am.
If I had the top number of JCPOINTS ,let us say 300 and I ran a special drawing so that all the slips were drawn except 300 .
Then those 300 would be all mine.

So if your one of those people with lots of JC points who don’t get picked while somebody with 3 or 4 points does, welcome to the Dr. John’s losers club.

If after three months of having lots of points you still haven’t won I will issue you an official Dr. John’s losers club card.
Membership entitles you to moan and groan about your lack of luck.
It also entitles you to a free cup of coffee at Dr. John’s Fortress if your in the neighborhood .

So hang in there and know that if you keep losing you win.

I on the other hand only lose.

News from Pigeon Falls– The little town in my backyard– I hesitate to share this with you. If Robert’s tour group hadn’t been there to testify that this is what happened I wouldn’t believe it at all. Last night Robert’s White Rabbit showed up as usual on the fire house roof. Then the other white rabbit showed up at the end of the block. Suddenly , without warning, flying down the center of the street was … No , not another White Rabbit. No not a 100 pound pigeon. But instead there was a dragon. Yes a dragon spewing fire. Not a huge dragon but one about the size of the white rabbit with a four foot wing span. It was heading for Robert’s White Rabbit when the rabbit disappeared. Then it turned and flew toward the White Rabbit at the end of the street. The rabbit hopped off around the corner and the dragon still spewing fire turned the corner after it. That was the last that was seen of either of them. This town gets weirder and weirder . Our town music should be the theme from The Twlight Zone.
Mrs. Trumble says its another demon. We are in the center of a battle of the demons. (I wonder if we get to vote.)
If that Dragon caught up with it there will be no more White Rabbit, just the crispy remains ( unless it ate it).

The link for today:Jungle Jim in Paradise- Remember to leave the words Dr. John in your comment for five totally usless JCPOINTS. I wouldn't mind a comment either for two.Check here for your JCPOINTS. ..
Betty took the garbage to the dump and went to the Post Office. Then we continued cleaning in the dining room. We called Peter to send help and they are coming tomorrow. Then back to cleaning. We went to church where there was an old time hymn sing. It was great. Then to the grocery store . After that we checked the temperature on the bank and it was 109* . I must have moved to Arizona because this can't be the UP. I am so thankful for the air conditioning.
Well I need a breathing treatment.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Then and Now

Saying for the Day: I don't care what my kid did.He didn't do it.

If you have been reading my wife’s blog ( and everyone should) then you read about how when she was a little girl she got into a slight argument with a boy and he broke her leg (according to her it was her fault).

The story shows us the difference between today and the good old yesterday.

Yesterday the boys father made him tell Betty he was sorry and together he and his dad built Betty a dollhouse to play with while her leg was in the cast.

Today the dad would have denied up and down that his son was to blame.
Both sets of parents would have contacted lawyers.
A law suit would commence.
An out of court settlement would be reached and the lawyers would do well.

There would be no doll house.

I think I like the way it used to be better.

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my backyard-Nancy told everybody that stopped in today that the last thing in the world she wants to be is mayor. She is much too busy with the tea shop and turning her grandfather’s house into the Emil Towner Vanhala Museum. You remember the town council got the house named as an historic building.
Well what happened last night is so unbelievable that if there weren’t four people in Robert’s tour group that witnessed it nobody would believe it happened. The group was stopped across the street from the fire hall. The white rabbit showed up on the roof just about on schedule but then it was on the roof of the Masonic building as well . Then while the two were visible it showed at the end of the street as well. Suddenly the one of the fire hall roof vanished as the one on the end of the street hopped away. But the one on the Masonic building floated up into the air and then slowly back behind the building. There was a noise like a shot and it disappeared. At first they thought somebody shot it but in the morning no dead rabbit (which is alright because we don’t have a recipe for a 2 1/2 foot rabbit anyway). The usual marks were on the roof and in the bushes. Sp now we have a 2 1/2 foot white rabbit in a pink sweater that swims, floats in the air, and can be in three places at one time. Mrs. Trumble says this proves its demonic. These are all manifestations of the demon. We need a good exorcist.
Frank has started a petition to change the town name to White Rabbit Falls as the rabbit is bringing in so many tourists. Besides if we change the name we can get rid of the pigeons ( in a human way of course not with a wood chipper) .
Somebody asked Tommy’s father why he was out last night when he was supposed to be grounded. But his dad said he checked on him twice and he was in bed sleeping. Poor Tommy is in trouble even in his sleep.

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We finished the living room (Esther please note) . Started on the garage so that the furniture were giving away could be moved from the basement. Betty went to the dump with the garbage but it was closed. The lady who was supposed to pick up the things we are giving away won't be here until Monday. We'll wait because she is willing to take it all. Tomorrow we start on the dining room. Betty went to the grocery store. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Grandfather James

Saying for the Day: A man's life is made up of many little things.

When Betty and I went to England we spent some time learning some things about my Grandfather James Lanyon. A quick list of these

1.He was born in Cornwald, England

2. He had a sister named Dora

3. He was Baptized in the State Church of England

4. “He took Jesus as his Savior” according to Dora “in a little Methodist Church in the middle of a Cornish field. He was sixteen at the time.

5. He always called me little Jim in the letters he sent from America even though James was my second name.

Some things we learned at home

1. He was anti union and voted against the first unionization in retaliation for which the union threw his lunch pail, the one given him by the company, into the crusher.

2. He was very stressed when Uncle Donald was a prisoner of war. during world war II and they had no idea where he was.

3. He died of stomach cancer that was brought on by the stress (According to Jim).

4. He loved Christmas and the gathering that came with it.

5. He loved his entire family.

6.His daughter Edith said he was the best of fathers.

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my backyard– Robert now has local people joining his evening tour group in the hopes of seeing the latest white rabbit event. Last night only Robert’s white rabbit showed up and they were a little disappointed.
Somebody told Nancy that Mrs. Trumble has purchased a shotgun. I think she is getting ready for the next time she sees the white rabbit. One hope she knows that this is not rabbit season and that she has to have a licensee. In any case it might be dangerous to be any where near her place if she decides to start shooting. One hopes Eino will have a talk with her.
Tommy, the undertaker’s kid , is in trouble again or still. His dad caught him trying to sneak out last night when he was grounded because of the fireworks incident. He wouldn’t tell his dad where he was going. I suspect he’s helping Robert. In any case he is even more grounded than before.
The Pigeon Days committee has asked that people think less about the white rabbit and more about pigeons. Frank suggested a pigeon pie baking contest, or they think it was Frank.
The noise and the lights at the Chicago hermit’s house have both increased. The story Robert is telling could be used for the Liar’s Cup contest. It just gives you the shivers.
Mayor South would be up for election in the fall elections but she has clearly stated she won’t run. She is all through being Mayor when this term is over. Maybe Nancy would run. She sure could be elected.

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Betty went to the ELCW picnic. I checked on a source ( not Di-Tech Esther) for a loan for the Neenah building. In the afternoon we cleaned another part of the living room . We hope to finish it tomorrow. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Now the pain begins.

Saying for the Day: Sometimes one needs a second home just for the junk.

Well the painful process has begun.

We have picked out a house in Neenah .

We are trying to set up the financing.
That alone is driving us nuts.
Because it is a duplex we have to have 20% down.

We don’t have 20%.
The man I talked to was very nice but we still don’t have the 20%.
In the morning I will call the local bank and talk to their loan officer.
Nothing in life is easy.

We have begun putting the house into shape for potential buyers.
That is also a painful process.

The entry hallway is now clean and the floor waxed.

We have started in the living room.
Now the process forces hard questions.
Can we take this to the new house?
The question really is pack? Throw? Give away? Sell?

To understand how painful this is you need to know that we are pack rats.
We have boxes in the basement from our last move that haven’t been opened.
We hate to give up anything.
But now we must.

Tomorrow St. Vincent comes and takes away one recliner that we know there will be no room for.
It has to go.
How many other things will have to go as we continue to clean up and pack up?

I need one of those magic wands.
I wonder if there is a service out there that will come and clean and advise.
They would help decide on what had to go and give moral support.

I would use the service. If it wasn’t too expensive.

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my backyard-The Pigeon Days Committee is still taking suggestions for the festivities. I think they have ruled out the rabbit cook off, but everything else is still possible.
Another super market paper had done an article on the mystery of the multiplying rabbit. Most of the article is straight on fabrication but it may bring a few more tourists to Pigeon Falls.
Work on the “Lesser America” amusement park has been going very slowly. There seems to be some kind of problem with the designer . I hear he wants more pay. People were really hoping that the park would open by August.
We had a bit of racist nonsense in the last few days. A tall person of color, stopped at Nancy’s for coffee and a saffron bun. When he left somebody asked Nancy “What’s a person like that doing here?” Nancy didn’t like the attitude so she said it was the new high school basketball coach. That rumor quickly spread around the community and soon people were calling the School Superintendent to complain. He, of course had no idea what they were talking about. One guy even said he would pull his kid off the team if they hired that coach. Boy did he feel stupid when he found out it was just a rumor. It was really kind of funny. But it does show that even little towns like Pigeon Falls have their racists. I expect Pastor Marvel will have something to say next Sunday.
The way things have been going Robert is almost afraid to run his tour for fear of what will happen next. Will we get four white rabbits, each one 2 1/2 feet tall and wearing a pink sweater?

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Betty went to Tops. St. Vincent decided it didn't want our recliner. I put the recliner, a couch, rocker, DVD player and shelf on free cycle. Betty came home and we finished another part of the living room. Then she went and had her hair done. She is as beautiful as ever. Blogger stayed up so I got to all the blogs on my list tonight. I hate it when I can't leave a comment. Well I need a breathing treatment.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A big temptation

Saying for the Day: Money isn't everything and less may be more.

We reach into the artifact box and out comes a contract from a leading company that offers me a salary of $40,000.
Its there to remind me that God never called me to be rich.

At this point in our story of my journey to becoming a pastor I have my dad’s permission if not his blessing and everything is going well

I transfer from Michigan Tech to Northern and because of the extra credits I took at Tech I graduate in the middle of the year.
I could not enter seminary until the following fall so I had to decide what to do in that open time.

Just for fun I interviewed with a couple of companies looking for people with a mathematics background.
They were impressed and one offered me a job and a $40,00 salary.

My dad said you ought to take it.
You can go to seminary after a few years of making money.

It was a terrible temptation $40,000 now or $3900 when I graduated from seminary.
I knew I was being called but would God mind a little $40,000 side trip?

Two things kept me from taking the job.
I was afraid I didn’t have the strength of character to come back once I started living on $40,000 a year (lots of money then).
Secondly I was in love with Betty and didn’t want to leave her.

So I entered into a master’s degree program and stayed at Northern.

I have never regretted that decision .

Next week seminary shock.

News from Pigeon Falls– the little town in my backyard– The Pigeon Falls day committee put up a suggestion box. Somebody suggested they have a rabbit cook off contest and offered a recipe for deviled rabbit. Somebody else suggested a battle of the bands . Further suggestions included Pin The Tail on the Rabbit, and toss the bunny. There were something like sixty suggestions and they are all being looked at. It could be a real great Pigeon Festival.
Well last night was a wild one. The white rabbit showed up in three places at the same time. Robert’s tour group was waiting for the rabbit in fron of the fire station when it suddenly appeared on the roof of the Masonic building. Then it was on the fire station. Then at the end of the street. One could see the rabbit in all three places. Suddenly they were all gone. Robert swears he knows nothing about the rabbit on the Masonic building. In the morning Eino went up and looked and found what looked like wheel tracks and scratches at the roof edge. There were crushed bushes down below.
Mrs. Trumble wants to call in the army before there are as many white rabbits as pigeons. You know how rabbits multiply.
Now that the pigeons are back and doing their thing people are not quite as happy to see them as they were yesterday. Frank had to clean the pigeon statue twice today.
Nancy says people are trying out their liars club stories on her and there are going to be some pretty good ones this year. She hasn’t heard any as good as the pasty eating bear yet but there is lots of time.

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The winners of yesterdays JCPOINT drawing are ( little drum roll) Mimi and Friday's Child. Congratulations. You will soon have a pricless JC prize.
Lois on the Web has a picture of my house and Pigeon Falls in her latest entry. You have to scroll down to get to them but they are there.
Well I have felt a bit better today so I got some things done. I printeed out all the June blog entries for my computer hating sister who likes to read them. I mailed the blog cards and one navy statue . I am waiting for the regular mail address of the other one. Betty and I started the living room clean up. It is going to be a pain. I talked to Di-Tech about a loan and found out that the fact this is a duplex is going to be a problem. They want a 20% down payment. Life goes on.Well I need a breathing treatment.

Monday, July 10, 2006

And again we draw!!!

Saying for the Day: A comment a day keeps boredom away.

Another Monday has rolled around.
Another “leave a comment Monday.”

That means another JCPOINTS drawing.
You can not believe how I agonize over the prizes for the drawing.
Because of the prestige and honor that goes with being drawn the prize has to be special.
It also must be priceless ( without value).
I spend hours searching through store after store to find just the right prize. (Believe that and I have a little swamp land to sell you)

In any case in honor of the many Navy wives, who are part of our strange group of blogs, today’s prize is a little statue of a sailor pictured on the side.
This will remind you of those who sacrificed and are sacrificing for our freedom.
We have now gone from angels to sailors what will we do next week?

Later today Betty will do the drawing and I will announce the two winners tomorrow.
If you want to see the pool from which the winners will be drawn click here.

Remember there is one chance to be drawn for each JCPOINT you have. We have had a winner that had only two points so anything is possible. Good luck.

Because Betty is drawing she is disqualified from winning.

News from Pigeon Falls-the little town in my backyard– Their back!!! The Pigeons are back. Nobody knows why but they just came flying in today. There are not as many ( that’s good) but the town is filled with the sounds of pigeons cooing . You can see them sitting on the town hall. One old timer said its like Christmas and Thanksgiving all rolled into one. Everybody ( except Frank) is happy to see them. This just wasn’t Pigeon Falls without them. People are going around singing or humming the Pigeon Falls song.
Nancy said that there is a rumor that Tommy, the undertaker’s kid, caught Robert moving something to the roof of the fire hall and it wasn‘t a pigeon. He promised Robert, for the good of the town, he wouldn’t tell. He is doing pretty good on that promise but there has been a leak or two. Nancy is making sure she doesn’t share that information with tourists. Robert’s tours are fun let’s not spoil them.
The “real” white rabbit showed up out at the coaling station. It winked at Joe who was shoveling coal at the time. Then it hopped away. Life goes on.
The Pigeon Days committee is looking for some new events to add to the Pigeon Days festivities. Somebody suggested white rabbit chasing. A prize for anyone who gets a picture of the white rabbit.

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Well Betty did the drawing and we will announce the winners tomorrow. One has 145 points and the other 52 points. I spent most of the morning going through the e-mail I neglected while I was sick. There were over 300 entries. Most were a waste of time but several contained addresses for blog cards . I will mail those tomorrow. There was one other I feel bad about one of our blog friends wanted me to put in a link but it had to go in before June 9. I feel bad becaus eI would have been glad to do it. I really hate being sick. We got the hallway cleaned today. Poor Betty washed the floor on her knees. It is ready for people to see the house. Tomorrow we tackle the living room. It is my grandaughter's birthday today. happy birthday Bree. Well I need a breathing treatment.